You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here's how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

How to Attract a High-Value Man

You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here’s how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

What are they more than you? The beauty? Intelligence?

Not. Of. All. None of this comes into the equation, not even luck and good fortune.

In my honest opinion, a lot of women struggle to learn what really attracts men. They seem to put too much emphasis on their looks than what’s on the inside.   

Yes, physical attraction is part of solving the equation for attracting a guy, but to come up with the final answer, we (women) need to look at who we are on the inside. Personality can be a real mood killer when it comes to attracting a man. 

You get out what you put into it.  Take the time to make positive adjustments to your personality, and you will attract the right man in the end. 

I’ve got good news for you, you can have a wonderful guy with those wonderful qualities.  Yes, I know it’s easier than it sounds, but you can find him!

So today, I’m about to show how you can attract a high-value man into your love life. Also, you will not only learn what really attracts men, but what makes them really want to strike up a conversation with, ask for your number, and treat you to a really nice time out on the town.

You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here's how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


Discover the places where you can find and attract a high caliber and high-value man.

1. Start with surrounding yourself with quality people.

Surrounding yourself with kind friends and high-quality people is a great start towards finding a high-value man.

Having high-quality friends are a great chance to connect with other good quality people.  After all, you become like the people you surround yourself with.

2. Try charity events.

He is probably much less likely to be looking to meet someone at charity events; however, these places are highly likely to attract a high-value man who has their priorities set in the right place. 

3. Stop looking for dates at the places you might be looking at now.

If you are looking to meet a guy at these places: bars, parties, clubs, weddings, gym. Stop doing it right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all these guys in these places are less than stellar. It’s just that gyms are for working out, not dating.

4. Mingle at your church community.

Improving your spiritual health can provide a great opportunity to meet a high-value man with similar values and morals like you.  

5. Try asking a really good friend.

I know it sounds silly, but there is nothing wrong in asking for help. It’s a good idea to meet a guy within your social circle, who is of the same caliber as those you surround yourself with daily. 

Ask a friend and you may be pleasantly surprised what can happen.  Word of mouth is sometimes all it takes to get the ball rolling.

You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here's how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


High-value men appreciate high-value women, so here are 5 tips for attracting a high-value man who knows you’re a woman of real worth:

1. How to Attract a High-Value Man: Be confident.

Always wear your crown of confidence. I’m not saying you need to brag about how great your job is or how good your life is. 

Be confident, yet humble. Set your values high and know who you are as a person.  Never settle for less.  Confidence is the new sexy!

2. How to Attract a High-Value Man: Respect yourself.

This is the most essential part of finding a high-value man. You need to believe in yourself.  Convince yourself that you deserve a good man. You have to respect yourself and stop letting people take advantage of you.

Respecting yourself means you have to know your worth and do the things that make you happy.

Like dressing for the job you want, dress for the type of man you want, but remember it’s alright to let loose once in a while with your attire.  There’s always a time and place for dressing sexy.

3. How to Attract a High-Value Man: Know that it is always worth the wait.

Take things slow and don’t be too quick to jump in bed with him right away after your first date. Get to know each other for a while.  Let the relationship grow.

4. How to Attract a High-Value Man: Be yourself.

Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just to impress him. Pretending to be someone else will only work for so long, until eventually your real personality will surface. 

So be confident and be yourself and you will certainly attract the high-quality man who’s looking for you. 

5. How to Attract a High-Value Man: Practice living in your very special feminine energy.

Allow yourself to feel good and let his masculine energy connect with yours. Receive and exchange the power of special energy from men by letting yourself be open to him whether through facial expressions, words, or actions.

Show your feminine energy by giving him a simple sweet smile. Don’t be afraid to show your unique feminine energy, your radiance, and your authenticity

6. Recognize what’s really important.

Make sure that you have your priorities in line. Don’t get distracted by his looks.  Observe how he treats you as a person.

7. Know your standards.

Set your standards high and you’ll attract a man of the same caliber.  Never settle for less. You’re worth it. 

Don’t tolerate bad behavior and never let him disrespect you. So if a guy does something that makes you feel bad, let him know and stand up for yourself.  If he can’t accept that, then move on with your life. 

You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here's how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


Below are signs of a high-value man and characteristics of a high-quality man to look out for.

1. He values loyalty and commitment.

He is a man who knows how to value loyalty and commitment professionally, personally, and lovingly. He knows that it is very important for a man to keep his word and promises.

He is a man who’s committed to the special woman in his life and does not run around with other women.

2. He has a positive outlook on life.

A high-value man knows there’s always a light at the end of each tunnel. He is very optimistic and no matter how difficult the situation is, he always finds the light of positivity. 

He knows how to enjoy life even if life is hitting him hard. He finds ways to smile and laugh. Even if he has a bad day, he’s still grateful for the good things in his life.

He likes to enjoy life because he knows that life is too short and he doesn’t want to spend most of his days being upset and miserable.

He likes to enjoy being around his one and only woman and always looks for the positive in his relationship with the woman he loves the most.

3. He is not self-centered and seeks to understand women.

A high-value man is not self-centered and he always seeks to understand his woman. He will sit down with his woman and listen to her wholeheartedly. He listens because he wants to understand her.

He listens before he speaks. He thinks before he talks. He listens and speaks to his woman without judgment.

He doesn’t only think about himself, but he cares about his woman’s feelings and understands her. 

4. He sincerely loves putting an effort into a relationship.

When he is committed to a relationship with his one and only woman, he always makes sure that she is protected and safe. A high-value man enjoys making an effort for his woman.

He makes an effort without being asked by his woman. He texts or calls her when he is going to be late. He never fails to make an effort to make her happy, especially on their special occasions.

He always wants to make sure that his woman is pleased, not only in bed but in their relationship together. He makes an effort to know her likes and dislikes and makes a plan out of it.

5. He makes an effort to look the best he can.

This does not mean he is trying hard to look like someone else just to impress people.  Instead, he makes an effort to look neat, presentable, and respectable.

This does not always mean he always has to wear expensive suits, but rather a man who knows how to dress nicely according to occasions.

A high-value man practices self-care and self-love and knows his own style that makes him feel good about himself naturally.

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6. The women in his life, past and present.

Listen to how he has treated the women in his life, past and present. This can be his mom, sisters, or his relationships. 

How does he talk about them?  Does he bad-mouth them all the time? Does he constantly complain about them without accepting any the blame himself?  

7. Listen to how he talks to you.

Look for the signs and body language.  Does he show concern for your feelings and values?  Or does he support your ideas, dreams, and goals?  Does he love you for who you are, no matter the imperfections?

8. Look for how he treats others.

If he is respectful and nice to others, especially your in-laws, then this is a great sign of a high-value man. Pay attention to how he treats people, especially those less fortunate than him.

If he is naturally and genuinely nice and respectful to these sorts of people, then he is certainly a high-value man. 

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You want to attract a man into your life, but not just any man! Here's how to attract a high-value man and establish a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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  1. This article was really great. I think you didn’t word this the best way though

    “Pay attention to how he treats people especially those beneath him like homeless people, waiters, or kids.“

    Beneath him?? Not respectful. Just wanted to point that out.

    1. Hey Sarah, Thank you for very much for bringing that part of the article to my attention. You’re correct. I didn’t word it very well. I meant those less fortunate than him. When I was typing that part of the article, I was reminded of a past date of mine. This person was very rude to the waiter at the restaurant and really looked down on the homeless with disgust. It was at that point in time, that I knew he was not a high value man and I decided to move on with my life. I will go back and edit that part. Again, thank you very much for pointing that out to me and thank you for taking your time to read my article.

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