There are methods of subtle seduction that you can use without coming across cheaply. Here's how to seduce a man and keep him forever.

How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Forever

There are methods of subtle seduction that you can use without coming across cheaply. Here’s how to seduce a man and keep him forever.

Years ago, I read the most absurd seduction tip of my life in a magazine. The woman was advised to lower her head slightly, to aim at the man with an eyebrow raised, to open her mouth slightly, to run her tongue over the red-painted lips and to rub her pap with one hand to rub a man to seduce.

Just at the thought of wrapping a stranger sitting in a café around my finger, I almost fell off my chair laughing.

No seriously! How do I seduce a man without making myself a clown? Fortunately, I have gotten wiser over the years and know that offensive pursuit is not well received by men. Nothing happens without doing anything. There are methods of subtle seduction that you can use to get him out of your mind without coming across cheaply and willingly.

Dare to seduce him. As the saying goes: “Who does not risk does not win” 


There are methods of subtle seduction that you can use without coming across cheaply. Here's how to seduce a man and keep him forever.

1. How to Seduce a Man: Make eye contact

In order to be able to send out flirt signals at all, seduction for women is first about making eye contact. Of course, just taking a quick look is not enough, it’s not that easy to start a flirt. But you should also not stare at your counterpart, pierce them with eyes or even take them off. 

First, throw a few stealthy looks at the man of your desire. If your flirt signals are returned, you can keep eye contact longer. A look in the eyes is often enough to arouse longings and the desire for more.

A subtle look at your eyes almost looks like an invitation. But be careful: Exaggerated winking can quickly do the opposite (“Hm, she’s definitely got a speck of dust in her eye, like the one that winks”).

2. How to Seduce a Man: A smile is always well received

In many surveys and statistics, one of the best starting tips still has a classic and charming smile. A friendly or happy facial expression quickly melts men’s hearts.

After all, it also signals that you are comfortable. Women with an optimistic look can score particularly quickly with men. Likewise, a relaxed and humorous atmosphere can accelerate the plan to seduce a selected man. But don’t try to be funny at all costs and deliver one pick after the other.

3. How to Seduce a Man: With a woman’s weapons

Of course, men are not blind – on the contrary! They are real eye animals. Targeting your female charms while seducing a man increases the chances of success enormously.

Take a look in the closet and ask yourself the question: What turns men on? With a sloppy look and high-necked turtleneck, you are guaranteed not to win a flowerpot.

Push-up bra or a subtle emphasis on the cleavage, on the other hand, can pleasantly heat up the hot flirt. With lipstick, eyeshadow, freshly styled hair and in a sexy dress, you can skilfully emphasize your preferences.

But here too, don’t overdo it! They shouldn’t look cheap or like a woman who is easy to have. Gaudy outfits or an offensive meat inspection scare off many men.

Only with the subtle use of your charms you can completely turn a man’s head and make him crazy. After all, they want to awaken the instinct of hunting in him first and not just indulge in prey that has long been conquered.

4. How to Seduce a Man: Random touches

People have always longed for physical contact. And men quickly get weak knees when touched. If the flirt is already in full swing, then pay attention to when a touch is appropriate.

This does not mean targeted fiddling! If you want to seduce a man, be discreetly close and touch him lightly on the arm or shoulder. Give the impression that this happened by accident.

In a very advanced stage of getting to know each other, the touches can then also be extended to massages in the head, neck and shoulder area. This is a very clear request for more physical intimacy.

5. Verbally stimulate his imagination

As a woman, you can intensify the seduction of the man through deliberately provoked head cinema. In a conversation or chat, stimulate his imagination verbally, without falling straight into the house.

If you have decided, for example, to go to the cinema together, offer them in advance to have a coffee or wine together afterward. The more options that flow into your flirt with the prospect of more, the more men feel animated in their hunting instinct. But avoid getting ambiguous. Because the right dosage is also important here.

6. Show serious interest

If you want to seduce a man, you shouldn’t play with him, but seriously show your interest. If you appear fluffy or unsteady out of uncertainty, then it does very little to men.

If, on the other hand, you take him seriously in what he says or does, and fully engage in his conversation, you create a basis of trust in which the seduction can only gain momentum.

7. Compliment him

Nothing is more balm on a man’s soul than serious compliments. Assume that men are likely to get little of this in their everyday work. The longing for recognition and confirmation is therefore particularly great.

An honest compliment in connection with flirt signals can open the door for you to take a man’s heart by storm. What turns men on very quickly: pats for their ego.

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8. How to Seduce a Man: Be confident

If you stage yourself as a needy or dependent mouse, it quickly awakens the protective instinct of many men. However, this does not make you particularly seductive.

Most men like self-confident and strong women who are convinced of themselves. If you want to seduce a man, show him what you want and that you will get it. But don’t be too dominant. Unpacking the whip will put you off. Men do not want to be totally disempowered when seduced.

9. How to Seduce a Man: Stay mysterious

Even if you are a trustworthy person, do not spread your life story like an open book. Women who act mysteriously have a particularly magical effect on men.

This arouses curiosity and a desire for more. According to the motto “Leave them wanting more”, you avoid the danger of being pandering or even pushy and increase the chance of wrapping it around your finger.

10. How to Seduce a Man: Kiss him

Depending on how advanced the flirting or getting to know each other is, it will be time for the first kiss at some point. It signals your final readiness when you want to seduce a man.

It is no longer just men who have to take the initiative here. Do not be too hectic, however, but feel your way around the man carefully. Depending on the situation or position, you can take a gentle journey across your forehead, cheek or neck towards your lips.

The time is decisive. It should be a moment when your intimacy can take up more space. When you say goodbye, in a situation of togetherness, or when it is particularly romantic, a kiss can even make him fall in love with you.

Stimulate his appetite when you want to seduce a man!

There is no one-size-fits-all way to best seduce a man. Which signals and stimuli you have to use depend on your counterpart, but also on the situation.

Always pay attention to the exact dosage of your seduction art. The main goal is to stimulate his appetite and awaken his hunting instinct. Only use the means with which you feel good.

You shouldn’t turn into a man-killing femme fatale, but still remain completely yourself and authentic. It is better to perform a subtle seduction before – as mentioned above – you run the risk of becoming a clown.


How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Forever

Seducing a man is easy.

Spending a night with a man is easy.

Transforming the first night into a long-term relationship is the real challenge!

It is enough to take a look at the many causes of break up to realize that it is not simple.

To keep your partner, you must, therefore, make efforts but it is also necessary that the latter does.

It takes LOVE and a set of elements to resist the routine problem of the couple.

There are many factors for the success of a long-term relationship.

The first is to be yourself from the seduction phase and at the start of the relationship.

If you hide your true character at the start of the relationship, it will come out in the medium term and your guy could then discover your horrible faults.

Likewise, if you make a lot of effort at the start of the relationship and then relax, your partner will be disappointed with your behavior.

To make a relationship last, you also need good communication. That is to say, knowing how to listen to your boyfriend but also understanding their language of Love.

Positive personality is a huge impact on long-term relationships. Being positive or negative depends on your nature which generally depends on your childhood and your past.

You can’t change at all but you can move in the right direction.

Example: I am positive in nature. On the other hand, I have a tendency to complain about. I make a lot of effort to mitigate this characteristic of my behavior. When I feel the need to whine, I try to hold back. Result: I feel better because I did not let my negative side express itself. It’s good for me and my husband. It is a virtuous step. The more you get used to doing it, the less it becomes an effort.

To make a relationship last, you have to talk openly about how you feel if it weighs on you. Talk about it in a sincere and simple manner rather than through criticism, judgment and the search for conflict.

For that, you have to know how to put aside your ego and your pride. It is also necessary to know how to give without calculating, in particular by differentiating the desire to love and the need for love.

Be aware, however, that sometimes all of these conditions are not enough and it will take a lot of love on both sides to keep the relationship going.

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How to Seduce a Man and Keep Him Forever

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