15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples.

What does it take for happiness to continue to thrive in a relationship?

There is no such thing as the perfect couple. Even the happiest of couples have their differences, but it’s those differences that make the relationship unique.

These differences should be looked at in a positive light. 

To keep a relationship thriving and happy, a couple has to work at it. You want your relationship to evolve not de-evolve, and to do that requires effort.

Below are common habits of happy couples that can make a difference in your relationship.

15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

1.   Going to sleep at the same time.

During your early stages of your relationship, there wasn’t a day that went by that you two didn’t go to be together at the same time. 

You both couldn’t wait to hit the sack together. And it wasn’t because you were both exhausted from a hard day’s work;).

Even as your relationship continues, it still feels good when you snuggle up against your partner at night. 

2.   Sharing common interests.

You don’t have to share an interest in everything as a couple. It’s perfectly fine.  Focus on the interests you share and when you have some alone time, concentrate on those personal interest of yours. 

This may spark an interest in your partner and make it one more interest you have in common.

3.   You’re never too old to hold hands.

It’s not just for a couple of crazy kids in love.  It is good for couples young and old. It’s a reminder of that bond you two have with each other.  It’s one of the simplest acts of showing someone you care about them. 

4.   Trust and forgiveness.

Trust and forgiveness are essential if your relationship is going to survive.  You are going to have disagreements and arguments throughout your relationship. 

It’s important to work together to resolve it. However, if you at the point where there seems to be no resolution in sight, forgive and continue on with your relationship.

5.   Focus on the positives in your partner. 

15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

You’re in this together.  You are a team. You’re there to lift them up when they fall down.  You’re the shoulder they can lean on in time of need. It’s all too easy to focus on the negatives in a person. 

Focus on the positives in them. Encourage them. When it comes to the negatives, help them overcome. Helping your partner overcome their negatives, with strengthen the relationship bond.

6.   Start and end the day with a hug, kiss, call, or text.

No matter where you are, check in with your loved one.  In this digital age, there is no reason not to. No matter what the method of contact, start and end the day with a simple “I love you” and “How are you feeling today?”

Also, it never hurts to drop a line in throughout the day.  Lastly, if they are having a bad, be prepared for them to feel less than enthusiastic about the great day you might have had.


7. Pleased to be seen together.

Happy couples are proud to be seen together. They are not really showing off, but rather they are just genuinely happy being affectionate to each other.

8. Don’t let outsiders ruin your relationship.

If you are having issues in your relationship, work it out with your partner. Stand together.  Be careful of those who think they can fix your relationship.

Make your relationship a priority and know that it is always worth working together. No matter how difficult the situation your relationship is facing, if both of you are always willing to work things out together, then it will always be worth in the end.

9. Practice self-care as individuals.

The first step to having a healthy and happy relationship with someone else is to have a happy and healthy relationship with yourself. Do not depend solely on the happiness  of your partner.

Instead make certain that you love yourself first and then you can give that love and happiness to your loved one.

Sometimes your disappointments in your partner can be a  reflection of your own disappointments. So if you love yourself first, it will give you the positive vibes and create joy in your relationship.

10. Value intimacy in your relationship.

Intimacy doesn’t always have to mean sex. Attraction and pleasure in sex are often mistaken for love. Happy couples know that intimacy is what makes a relationship last.

Intimacy on a deeper soul level requires genuine communication, wholeheartedly openness about relationship concerns, sadness, fears, hopes, dreams and happiness.

Intimacy makes both couples know each other on a deep soulful level of their relationship.

11. Respect each other.

15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

Love is not enough in a relationship. Happy couples don’t just love each other, they also respect each other.

Respect is essential in a relationship. Respect your partner’s beliefs, opinions, culture, and never compare your partner to anyone else.

12. Know that time is love.

No matter how busy you are, make certain that you will still let your partner know that you love them and you think about them.

Happy couples don’t neglect their relationship no matter how busy their schedules are.

13. Practice effective communication.

Share your feelings and your thoughts to your partner, and listen to your partner with a whole heart and sincerity. Your partner is not a mind reader, so don’t expect that he knows what you want and what you’re thinking. If there are issues, talk it out in a calm manner.

Don’t try to read your partners mind and don’t assume they can read yours. Effective communication is very important in a lasting relationship and for happy couples.

Communication doesn’t always mean about speaking. Effective communication also requires active listening.

You listen before you speak.

Listen so you can respond to your partner.

Listen so you can understand your partner’s feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams.

When you are communicating with your partner, don’t just open your ears, but open your mind so you can understand your partners concerns and opinions without judgement.

14. Always be open, honest, and don’t play games.

Happy couples don’t play with each other’s hearts and heads. They don’t cheat and lie to each other.

Never mess with your partner’s feelings just because you are not sure of your own feelings.

15. Practice the happy golden rules in your relationship.

Happy couples practice these 15 golden rules in their relationship.

1.   No room for selfishness.

2.   Give and take.

3.   Appreciate each other.

4.   Cheer each other.

5.   Celebrate each other’s accomplishment.

6.   Encourage each other.

7.   Empower each other.

8.   Support each other’s dreams, visions, passions, and goals.

9.   Challenge each other to be the best they can.

10.  Grateful for each other.

11.  Don’t try to change each other, instead they accept each other.

12.  Don’t play the blame game.

13.   Apologize to each other immediately.

14.   Practice patience for each other.

15.   Care for each other and the relationship.

So there you have it! I’ve given you these powerful habits of happy couples. I hope this has inspired you to continue to nurture your relationship with your partner to become a happy couple.

However, by compiling this list I’m not saying that these are the only ingredients for a happy couple. I’m simply giving you some insight on some common habits that can make all the difference in your relationship.

Did I miss any habits you and your partner practice as a happy couple?

Are there any specific habits that have made you and your partner become a happy couple? I’d love to hear from you!

Please leave a comment below and let me know what’s been working for you! 

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15 Powerful Habits of Super Happy Couples

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