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5 Real Signs That Your Love Story Has Started Badly

No matter how early your Love story begins, you cannot be sure it is the right choice.

No matter how early your Love story begins, you cannot be sure it is the right choice.

The stories of love end badly, in general … But what about their debut?

Can we distinguish a beautiful love story, the one that will make you happy in its early days, from the one that will spoil your daily life and make you waste precious time?

How a love story should start is the purpose of this article.

A love story for life is (almost) over

We can make an analogy between the field of work and the field of romantic relationships.

In the past, we entered a business, and we could hope to stay there all our life. Today, more and more, we will have to change companies several times in our career.

In Love, evolution is similar. And where a man or a woman could know only one Love in their life, this is no longer the case, with a few exceptions.

The duration of current relationships is getting shorter and a long relationship can end much faster and easier than in the past.

When we find Love , we can no longer hope to stay with our whole life, as we might have initially wanted.

Incompatibilities of character, change of life, ease of looking elsewhere, and independence, mean that the life of relationships has decreased and that the causes of breakups are common.

The bottom line is that no matter how early your Love story begins, you cannot be sure it is the right choice.

You have to accept the fact that many parameters come into play in the success of a story, that people change, and that situations evolve.

However, we can quickly detect if our history smells of hot sand or if the path will be tortuous…

No matter how early your Love story begins, you cannot be sure it is the right choice.

Here are 5 signs that your love story has started badly.


It is the basis of all relationships.

If you have feelings for someone who doesn’t have feelings for you, it won’t work.

And yet, many people attach themselves unilaterally.

When we are in this type of relationship, we close our eyes and we are convinced of our feelings. We believe in it and we want to stay at all costs with this person. And then it is easy to justify our stubbornness by saying “I love it”. But it’s stupid and it doesn’t work, and I speak knowingly.

It is when history is far from us that we manage to step back and realize it. It’s normal to make the mistake once but not to reproduce it systematically, isn’t it?


There may always be exceptions to the rule, but make no mistake. A relationship that is complicated from the start rarely turns into a beautiful love story.

When you know that a story that starts in a great way can end in a bad way, why try to start with problems directly? To test the reverse scheme?


We have our whole life to find subjects of dispute with our partner, why start from the beginning?

If this happens to you from the start of the relationship , this is not a good sign and do not expect it to improve over time.

These problems may go away temporarily, but they will come back at one time or another, and not necessarily at the right time.

Note that if this happens to you systematically with all your partners, you are probably there for something…


When you are young, you have the excuse of not knowing what you want in life, as much when you are over 30 years old, this should no longer be the case.

He doesn’t know what he wants (or she doesn’t know what she wants)? When this is the case, it is best that you know exactly what you want in your love life, otherwise it is as if you are looking for your way by being guided by a blind person.

The goal is not to judge people who don’t know what they want, because it can happen to all of us at some point in our lives. But the result for you is to make you waste time and stay in the fog and uncertainty for many months or even years (and I am still speaking knowingly…).

Whatever the age, if after a year, the person with whom you are still does not know if he wants to build something with you or if he wants to go a long way with you, put away your things in a nice suitcase and go find happiness elsewhere.

You deserve to be happy and loved, don’t forget it.


Attention girls: dark brown is good for an evening or a week, but to live everyday, you will not last.

It has charm, a mystery that makes you crack but you can not understand it? It is the day he leaves with your best friend that you will understand what he thought.

Of course, we are not all good communicators or extroverted personalities (especially men), but if you cannot communicate or understand it, you will have the impression of stepping on eggs during your whole relationship.

So, this is not a good sign and if you want to continue with this man or this woman, he will show you good communication.


The beautiful story of Love is one where there is reciprocity. First of all in feelings, this is the basic condition of any story. But also in the desire to be with the other, even if we do not know where it will lead us.

It is also a story where you feel good every day. Everything seems simple or natural and you don’t get stressed. We are confident and the relationship is based on honest and sincere exchanges.

If your story doesn’t look like this, doesn’t that mean it won’t work but at the cost of what efforts?

Love stories usually end badly, so we could at least start them in the best way.

Not all stories are created equal.

It’s up to you to choose your own and ask yourself if you should continue or stop your relationship if it doesn’t suit you…

And if your story ended badly, I recommend the article: how to forget your ex.


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No matter how early your Love story begins, you cannot be sure it is the right choice.

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