How to really take care of yourself and to learn to fall back in love with yourself. Learn to take care of yourself without feeling any guilt.

6 Graceful Exercises to Improve Self-Love

Self love and self-acceptance is a constantly evolving path. Here are 6 must know self love exercises that will make your life happier and healthier.

Self love and self-acceptance is a constantly evolving path. Self love and self-acceptance takes time and it is not easy every day.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to get up in the morning and say to yourself “Today I am 100% happy and I love myself.” Self love and self-acceptance is a constantly evolving path.

And to move forward, you need to find your little tricks that will help you feel good and come to terms with yourself. Here are six self love exercises that helped me and that I hope will help you too! I could have added a seventh, “come to terms with your closet”, because I’m sure the right clothes can help you feel better about yourself, but that’s too broad of a topic.

Before I begin, I remind you that I am not a therapist, and if my words can help you, they will not necessarily do everything. Do not hesitate to consult a professional if you need support.


6 Graceful Exercises to Improve Self Love

Self love and self-acceptance is a constantly evolving path. Here are 6 must know self love exercises that will make your life happier and healthier.


In recent years, I have made meditation a daily practice (or almost, of course I happen to skip days, and sometimes several in a row, it is not perfection that counts ). I practice mindfulness meditation and I know it really helped me reconnect with my body . I use the Headspace app for this, and each guided meditation begins with a “body scan”, an exercise that does a lot of good I find in learning to improve self love.

How it works ? 

The body scan, or body scan, is exactly what its name suggests: the fact of mentally scanning your body, from head to toe. You settle in comfortably, you take a few deep breaths and then you close your eyes. You then focus on yourself and you mentally go through all the parts of your body, one or more times, without judgment, only by neutrally observing how you feel right away.

Why does it feel good?

By doing this exercise regularly, you get into the habit of asking your body “hey, how are you?”. You give importance to your well-being, and you recognize that your body is there, as it is, and that it is part of you. For a long time, I saw my body as something that was not me and this practice helped me to assimilate it.


Reconnecting with your body is an important step in learning and improving your self love. But the catch is that you can find yourself too focused on your body and forget everything that you are outside of your physique. Certainly, your body is there and you deserve to love it as it is. But you are not just your body, you are much more than that.

How it works ? 

Take your journal, a piece of paper, a new notebook, open your notes application, a document on your computer … in short, anything you like to write on and list everything that makes you who you are. Everything you love about yourself, everything that others see about you. And beware, everything deserves to be noted. 

There are no small qualities, everything that makes you is good . If you have a very successful apple pie, it is a quality, as much as having made a donation to an association. In this list, there is no classification, everything is equal, because it is this all that makes you yourself.

Why does it feel good? 

You are a human being and therefore a complex being. What makes “you” is full of things, from the smallest to the largest, and you are not just about your weight, your bulges, your stretch marks, your scars, your cellulite. 

You are much more than that, and to learn and cultivate self love, you have to love yourself as a whole. This list is there to remind you. You can update it from time to time or rethink everything you wrote down on difficult days.



It is not an innovative concept, but it is an idea that always does good. The gratitude journal is great for helping you see the good things in life and make you happy with what is around you.

How it works ? 

The idea is simple: every day, write down three things that you liked during the day. Again, it can be very small things as big: the blue sky, your dessert, the last episode of your favorite series, having slept in the morning, having completed a difficult file.

You can also be grateful for things you take for granted, like being able to walk, hear, talk, have food or running water, because not everyone is so lucky and it doesn’t hurt to be call back.

Why does it feel good? 

The gratitude journal helps to practice positive thinking, and that’s a big step in learning self love. I’m not saying you always have to be positive. Life is complex and the negative has as much room as the positive. But being able to see the smallest things and being able to be grateful for everything you have is what can help you go through difficult times and feel better about yourself.



How many people, you may be harsher with yourself than with others. You demand a lot from yourself, you don’t let anything go, you impose difficult things on yourself, you have violent words, and you blame yourself for weeks at the slightest “misstep”.

One of the difficulties in the relationship with yourself is to succeed in pushing yourself, to move forward, to progress, to achieve what makes you want, without self-flagellating at the slightest failure or without demanding too much of yourself.

And that’s how instead of accepting your faults, your imperfections, and even seeing them as strengths, you find yourself on toxic diets, blaming yourself when you eat a piece of cake, to impose a sport on yourself that you hate, to tell yourself that you are ugly and that you are worth nothing.

You’re not going to stop all these “bad” habits with a snap of your fingers, but if you want to change that, you can already forgive yourself first.


How it works? 

Start by writing down things you remember that you imposed on yourself, or that you said to yourself. You don’t have to write everything down at once, you can of course do this at several times, especially if it requires emotional effort. Think back to how you felt, then ask your forgiveness. 

You can use self love affirmations until you feel better, or find your own way of forgiving yourself.

Why does it feel good? 

Forgiving yourself is essential if you want to reconcile with yourself, it allows you to start on a new basis, to ease the pain of the past. Personally, saying “thank you, I love you” helped me a lot to unlock some things and to feel more serene with myself.

That said, be careful: if you feel very bad at yourself or at a difficult time in your life, this exercise, like the others, may not be because you need it. To immerse yourself in your past and your sufferings, it is better that you are accompanied by a professional. 

Personal development helps you flourish but does not replace medical help when you need it (and there is NO shame in needing help, so don’t hesitate to get help).


You must not wait to be in adoration before your reflection before you begin to tell yourself that you love yourself. Self love is not about being beautiful all the time, not crying and always having self-confidence. 

It means accepting yourself as you are, being OK with your faults, taking care of yourself in good times as well as in difficult times. It is learning to say “I love you” in all circumstances, even when it is hard to love yourself.

How it works? 

Nothing could be simpler than saying I love you. Look in the mirror (or not!) And say the magic words. Do it as often as possible, when it’s going well, and when it’s not going well, when you need a boost in morale and when you feel pretty.

Why does it feel good? 

Perhaps your first “I love you” will lack conviction. But slowly, these little words will take more and more force. It is important, I think, to say “I love you” even when it is hard to believe, as we would with an outside person (when you are angry with a loved one for example, it does not prevents you from continuing to love him. It’s the same with you, you don’t love yourself only in positive moments).



I already told you about the importance of the words you use towards yourself . The choice of words, the tone, the symbols behind it, all that matters a lot, and it shapes how you feel about yourself.

How it works? 

Pay attention to how you talk to yourself and how you talk to others.  Do you use violent words or images, things you wouldn’t dare say to someone close to you? 

If you find yourself having harsh words about yourself, don’t feel guilty, don’t blame yourself, don’t criticize yourself any more. It is quite normal. But correct that thought, either by saying “I love you” or by doing something that makes you feel good. 

You have to try to behave towards yourself as if you were your best friend, the person you love the most in this world. Would you consider telling this person everything you say to yourself? How would you behave with her?

Why does it feel good? Your best friend is you. The person who will follow you all your life is you. So you might as well be nice to yourself. Telling you that you are the most important person in your life is a first step to accepting yourself and loving yourself (and of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to give importance to other people and respect everyone!).

Self love and self-acceptance takes time and it is not easy every day. The bottom line is that you are a whole. You have great days, and others or on the contrary where everything goes wrong. It does not matter, your weaknesses does not mean that you are not “good”, and what you perceive as physical “imperfections” are not: the perfect body does not exist, and these are all your peculiarities that make you a fantastic person.

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Self love and self-acceptance is a constantly evolving path. Here are 6 must know self love exercises that will make your life happier and healthier.

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