“Design Your Dream Life and Love One Goal at a Time”

Hey there gorgeous!! I’m Rosanna, The founder of Life and Love Diva. I’m a mom and blissfully married to the love of my life.

Welcome to Life and Love Diva, where your grandest life and love dreams come true.

If you’ve been looking for a roadmap, a solution to end your life and love struggles, if men appear confusing and you’re tired of making effort in the dating process and getting nowhere, then the Universe has sent you the right place.

If you want to better your relationship with your boyfriend, husband or long term partner, this is the website that gives all the valuable information you need.

You can never know too much about what relationship is and how it is affecting our lives, we just have to keep learning and experiencing.


Life and Love Diva is all about living life in full bloom and loving life with your Mr. Right.

My passion is to teach women how to live life in full bloom, become the best version of themselves, learn on how to become a high value irresistible woman so you can attract high value man of your love life.


My mission is to help women deal with the various challenges they face in their personal life, love, and relationships.

As women, we face several challenges in our relationships. The desire to improve our lives and the lives around us present great challenges.

Breaking out of that comfort zone can be quite difficult, especially if you are not sure where to start. Unfortunately, some choose to not face the challenges and prefer to give up and die in silence rather than talking to someone who could help them.

By learning to overcome the obstacles in my life, love, dating and relationships, I developed a passion for helping others as well as inspiring other women to improve their life, love and relationships.

Welcome to Life and Love Diva, my very own passion project filled with unique, engaging and helpful contents. Learn more about how you can become the best version of yourself, how to love yourself more, become a high value woman that men find irresistible.

I am looking forward to connect with you and help you build and design your dream life and love one goal at a time.

To your grandest success in life and love,

Rosanna Lundberg

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