160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

These affirmations for your husband will bring positivity and happiness into your marriage. Affirmations can encourage, motivate, and inspire the person.

I’ve personally seen the difference it can make to my husband. Affirmations are one of my husband’s love languages. It gives him a driving force to turn his negative thoughts into positive ones.

As a wife, I believe we have the immense power to show our husbands how capable they really are.  We have the power to encourage and build them up to something amazing. So if you are looking for ways to empower your husband, then take a look at these affirmations.

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

1.Thank you for being a loving husband.

2. I’m happy you’re a very supportive husband

3. I love you very much.

4. I’m glad you’re my best friend.

5. I will always want to be with you.

6. You are special to me.

7. Everyday is a gift for having you.

8. I love waking up seeing you.

9. I always love going to bed with you.

10. You mean the world to me.

11. You’re the best for me.

12. I’m so blessed to have you.

13. I’m so lucky I found you.

14. I’m the luckiest woman in the world for having you.

15. I need you.

16. I want you.

17. Without you I would be lost.

18. You are my rock.

19. You are my power.

20. I’m glad you are the foundation of our family.

21. Thank you for being a great husband.

22. Thank you for being a responsible dad.

23. Thank you for always loving me.

24. Thank you for always understanding me.

25. Marrying you was the best thing I ever did.

26. I really like you.

27. You are the best husband ever.

28. Thank you for making me feel safe.

29. You make me feel loved always.

30. You’re the best husband. 

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

31. We are a perfect team. 

32. With you is my favorite place to be.

33. Thank you so much for fixing things for me.

34. I really appreciate all your hard work.

35. You make me feel loved, when you listen to me.

36. I’m proud you’re my man!

37. I’m happy you’re my protector.

38. You’re awesome!

39. I respect you very much.

40. Thank you for being an excellent provider.

41. Thank you for working hard.

42. You’re so smart.

43. I believe in you.

44. I trust you.

45. You make me feel like a wonderful woman.

46. I love being with you.

47. Thank you, that was really nice of you.

48. You are strong and I love it!

49. You’re a hard worker.

50. You are responsible.

51. You are kind.

52. You are an amazing person.

53. You know very well how to make me happy!

54. I feel safe with you when you hold me tight.

55. I love your sense of humor.

56. Thank you taking me out.

57. I enjoyed being with you.

58. Thank you for thinking of me.

59. You’re an awesome lover.

60. Your secrets are safe with me.

61. Thank for being considerate.

61. Forever, I’m yours.

62. Thank you for leading our family.

63. Thank you for taking care of our family.

64. I’ll go wherever with you.

65. You are my home.

66. It’s so much fun being Mrs. (Insert name)

67. You’re ideas are so brilliant!

68. I’m so excited with your ideas!

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

70. I love how steady and stable you are.

71. Thank you for doing the house chores.

72. Thank for baking for me.

73. Thank you for cooking my favorite meal today.

74. It’s so much fun to work with you.

75. What a great job! That looks fantastic!

76. I’ve learned a lot from you.

77. Thank you for teaching me.

78. You are so handsome!

79. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

80. Thank you for being an unselfish person.

81. Our son/daughter/children is/are fortunate to have you as their dad.

82. You’ve made me a better woman because you’re my husband.

83. You will always have me and my heart.

84. There is no one like you ever.

85. I am one blessed woman.

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

86. I always love being by your side.

87. You are my best partner in life.

88. You are the best team partner.

89. We do great things together.

90. You look great!

91. You were so amazing last night!

92. I’m a one-man-woman.

93. I’m always by your side.

94. You are my priority.

95. Our marriage is my priority.

96. You have helped me a lot to achieve my goals.

97. You have a lot to offer.

99. Thank you for being a faithful husband.


Thank you for being a responsible father.

101. Thank you for going to work even if you don’t feel like it.

102. Thank you for putting our family first.

103. I appreciate you for prioritizing our family.

104. You are my answered prayer.

105. You are in my prayers everyday.

106. Wherever with you is my favorite place to be.

107. I’m grateful our son/daughter/kids has/have such an amazing role model.

108. I love just simply being with you.

109. I’m happy being with you.

110. Thank you for being a gentleman.

111. I love you always and forever.

112. I want us to grow old together.

113. You’re an excellent kisser!

114. I’m thinking we should go to bed soon…

115. You make me feel like an amazing woman.

116. You’re my rock.

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

117. You are my hero.

118. I trust you to do the right thing.

119. I trust your judgement.

120. You are such a thoughtful husband.

121. I have confidence in you.

122. I appreciate how much you respect me.

123. Thank you for caring how I feel.

124. Thank you for listening to me.

125. Thank you for giving me time for myself.

126. I wholeheartedly trust you.

127. I’m proud you’re my husband.

128. I’m proud to be your wife. 

129. Thank you for inspiring me to be the best I can be.

130. Thank you for encouraging me to work on my goals and dreams.

131. Thank you for giving me confidence.

132. I appreciate that you totally respect me.

133. Thank you for trusting me.

134. Together, we can weather the storms.

135. I’m with you always.

136. I admire you for standing by the truth.

137. Your sense of humor makes me happy.

138. I’m glad I married a man with integrity.

140. You are my dream come true.

141. Thank you for taking action.

142. I will always be faithful to you.

143. I will always honor you.

144. Your enthusiasm makes me excited!

160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

145. You’re a man of conviction.

146. You are truly amazing!

147. Thank you for respecting my beliefs and opinions.

148. I love how you make me feel safe and secure.

149. Thank you for always being concerned about my feelings.

150. Thank you for making me satisfied and happy!

151. I love your eyes.

152. You look so strong. 

153. Looking at you makes me happy and excited!

154. I love your new shirt!

155. You look so sexy today!

156. I love your touch.

157. I’m very proud of you.

158. You can do it!

159. I know you can figure things out.

160. You are not alone, I’m with you through good and bad times.

If you are looking for more ways to empower and show more love to your husband, then please check out The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman

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160 Affirmations Every Husband Wants to Hear

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