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Be Proud of Your Scars, But Leave Them Where They Belong: In the Past

Be Proud of Your Scars, But Leave Them Where They Belong: In the Past

Forget the past to find happiness.

Happiness is a complex concept. A notion that we are unable to explain, quantify or even fully describe. This certainly explains why philosophers have been studying the question for almost 3000 years.

It is therefore impossible to say what happiness really is. However, we all know the misfortune and the difficulties. We have all gone through painful times and have endured multiple hardships.

So there is one thing we must consider: our relationship to the past. There are far too many of us living in the past, and that prevents us from fully enjoying the present moment and opening up to the future.

For these reasons, I believe that the ability to forget the past and to put it aside plays a big part in defining our happiness and achieving it.

Agree to renounce the past.

To renounce the past is therefore to choose a better future. Giving up old pain makes you happier. We all have to learn to let go, especially when it comes to our childhood.

We must learn to manage all the pains: those childhood painful memories, those which arise from our failures, etc. To be happy, we must no longer let our sorrows define us. Because we are much more than these.

We are much more than all our sufferings, even if they also participate in making us what we are.

To forget the past is not to pretend it never existed.

On the contrary, it is a question of accepting it, managing it and then putting it in a box that we will no longer open because it has already revealed all its secrets to us.

The past is always rich in instructions. It allows us to learn about ourselves, about others or even about the world in which we evolve. But once all the lessons learned, it is imperative to put it aside and open up to what awaits us, what the future holds for us.

The past is a source of wisdom, for sure. But to access it, we must also know how to digest the past and compartmentalize our life.

We must stop looking back.

You have survived many things. You have survived the malevolence of others. To those who hoped to see you collapse. To those who have tried to manipulate and control you. To those who used you and cowardly abandoned you.

You have braved storms, each more rabid than the other.

Your past is therefore rich in the lesson here: you are strong and courageous. You are able to survive everything.

And this is the one lesson you need to learn from and keep from your past. The rest does not count. The rest, you have to give it up!

Believe me, you must learn to live with your pain, but not let it rule your life. I know this is an extremely difficult balance to find, but I also know that you are largely capable of it.

Be Proud of Your Scars, But Leave Them Where They Belong: In the Past

Free yourself to live fully.

To give up the past and all the influence it can have over us is to live fully. Live better and in joy. It is opening up to happiness and allowing it to invite itself into our lives.

And this works in all aspects of life. This is where we realize that ultimately, happiness is a choice. So, you must not allow heartache to pervert your vision of love. Whatever happened to you, you have to keep believing it.

You must not let your desires and dreams dry up. Meet new people, reconnect with your lost friends. Above all, never let your past harm your present. You are worthy of happiness and you must make the choices that are necessary to achieve your goals.

You must free yourself from all the chains that hold you back and imprison you.

Understand that if some things end, it is for good reason. It’s because fate got involved. Sometimes it takes time, but I promise that with hindsight and with a little perspective, everything will seem logical to you.

You will understand why what happened to you had to happen to you.
Above all, you must accept your past. You must accept your childhood wounds for what they are: an important part of your life, certainly, but which must in no way define you entirely. Your parents don’t define you any more than the things they passed on to you.

Yes, it’s all part of you but it doesn’t make you what you are completely. You are more. You are a whole and this whole is much more than the sum of a few parts. You must free yourself from this burden if you wish to radiate and find peace.

However, you should not be ashamed of your past . You should not drag your wounds as if they were a prison. You have to be proud of what you have become, no matter how you got to where you are today.

Be proud of your scars, but leave them where they belong: in the past.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story, but leave it in the past.

Open yourself to healing by accepting yourself as you are.

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Be Proud of Your Scars, But Leave Them Where They Belong: In the Past

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