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107 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself to Change Your Life Around

107 Deep Questions to Ask Yourself to Change Your Life Around

Tired of living your life waking up everyday repeating the same cycle?  Do you want to take on new challenges and turn your life around? And now you are looking for ways to start living your life in a bigger, meaningful, and more fulfilling way?

It was once said:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  – Socrates

If we want to start living our best life, we must first get to know ourselves on a deeper level. Know who we are, know what we want, know our visions and goals, and learn our life purpose.


77 Amazing Ways to Love Yourself More

What does it mean to love yourself? 

I know you’ve heard many times about loving yourself. You maybe even heard it “Self-love is not selfish”

But how do you really actually love yourself?

Do you constantly criticize yourself, put too much pressure on yourself, worry too much about so many things that you forget to love yourself?

Do you feel like you are giving too much love in your relationship and it’s leaving you with no time to love yourself?


77 Daily Affirmations to Boost Your Self-Confidence

When they are repeated over and over, affirmations are great ways to boost your self-confidence and self-worth.

Self-confidence is the fundamental element of success in any walk of life. We know that successful people always wear their crown of confidence in anything they do.

Confident people have the courage to take action on their plans, visions, and goals. They create very powerful habits that help them accomplish many great things and in turn leads them achieve for success and happiness.

So do you struggle with your self-confidence?

101 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman

101 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman

Do you believe that some people are born gifted and naturally smart?

Depends how you view it.  

There are those that have the ability to learn new material fast and pick up a new skill rather quickly.  Some would say that these people are born intelligent and gifted, while others may say that they are just wired that way.

Intelligence is a powerful skill that requires hard work and discipline. 

So what does it take to be an intelligent woman you ask? 

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