How to Create a Perfect Self-Care Plan With Ease

How to Create a Perfect Self-Care Plan With Ease

How to Create a Perfect Self-Care Plan With Ease

Looking for ways and ideas on how to create your self-care plan?

This month, self-care was an issue around here. And I brought it up because I believe it is something that makes a difference in the lives of many people. Even though several of them don’t realize it. So, let’s see how we can create a plan to bring more self-care into our lives?

Why is that?

It is that caring about yourself, brings a greater sense of fullness, of happiness. You enrich your relationship with yourself. And let’s face it, if you’re going to spend your entire life with yourself, this relationship needs to be wonderful, do you agree?

When you treat yourself with kindness and kindness, it inspires your body and brain not to give up even in difficult times. This helps to solve problems and find the strength to move on.

You start to believe in yourself more, you increase your self-esteem and your personal power. I say this because I myself am looking for lost time. I realized this truth and if I came to this world to evolve, I need to accompany myself, support me and help me in this task. If I don’t do it, nobody does it for me.

Self care is looking at you.

It is realizing what your body is saying it needs and working hard to give it to it. It is not a superfluous question, it is not bullshit, it is not selfish. I think it is very important to be aware that these 3 things are NOT.

Why isn’t self-care superfluous?

If your body is begging you for something, it will never be for nothing. Nothing our body asks for is too little or too much. We often give too much. If you feel like eating something, even if it is not so healthy, it is often just a symptom of something that is out of place.

Or else, a reward for an important feat … anyway, if you have a little of that reward, it won’t do you any more, it won’t kill you, it will only give you a small positive stimulus. The problem will always be in excess. But if he’s asking, there’s a reason behind it, for sure.

Why Self-Care isn’t bullsh*t?

If there is a real reason behind this need that is manifesting itself, then it may be the dumbest thing you can imagine, but it is important to you. And as I said, it is a symptom of something.

It may be due to your self-esteem, mental health or physical. So, it’s not very cool to make fun of your real and intimate desires. Because we are not here to talk about what would be correct, socially speaking, but about its truth. Forget the world outside and what it demands of you and focus on you.

Why Self-Care isn’t selfish?

Thinking about yourself, in the first place, can be very difficult for some people who usually always think, before, about their children, about their family, around the rest of the world … usually they forget that they need to be well, to be able to take care of others.

If you are unbalanced, everything around you will follow this song. It is your duty to be well, for you, always but also to be able to emanate this to those around you.

That said, my conversation today is with those who never look inside to identify what may be out of balance, and with those who already do it, but not constantly, it has not yet become a habit. OK?

The 7 Day Self-Care Challenge

My idea was to bring a 7-day challenge to generate small insights on how to incorporate a habit of self-care in your day to day and, little by little, expand it. Because, by creating the habit of taking care of yourself, you are able to be constantly attentive to your own body. So, sort of automatically, you already know what it needs.

I didn’t think of anything very expensive. The idea is that we don’t need much to feel happy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, but focus on the right activity.

Ah! You can switch everything too! It goes according to your need. The best thing to do is not to change your routine, but to fit the new habits in the middle of it. Combined?

I start my list on Sunday because, for most people, this is a day to prepare for the week that is starting.


So, shall we prepare? My suggestion is to start by taking a few minutes to think about what you want for this new week. It can be by area (health, work, leisure …), or what will be your top priority for these next 7 days. Choose even one of these areas to focus on and identify a clear objective.

And then plan your steps. What actions do you commit to taking to achieve your goal?

By defining an objective and an achievement plan, you are becoming aware of what you need to do (clarifying) and at the same time motivating yourself. It helps, which is a beauty, self-esteem, when you realize everything you’ve been able to do successfully.

And the idea is to do it as soon as the day starts, to enjoy her freshest and most relaxed mind, and her ability to make good choices, right now.

But as it is still Sunday, we continue to relax.

A tasty lunch with the family or with a friend is a good choice.

Cycle, run, walk or take a walk and have coconut water or a tasty ice cream.

But it would be interesting to sleep early, to wake up in the second super-willing.


Are you going out to work? Put on your most comfortable shoes and clothes that make you feel very beautiful. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. You are special enough to wear your best clothes.

Take 10 minutes out of your day to meditate. Sitting or lying down. Use relaxing music or a meditation app. If you have an essential oil nearby, use it together. Use that moment to empty your mind of worries and anchor yourself in the present. Take the opportunity to graduate for something good that happened to you today.


Today is a good day to spend at your favorite coffee shop and have a nice coffee. Do you prefer tea or hot chocolate? Great choice!

Try to create a journal. It can be on paper or in an application. Write why you are grateful for today. You are grateful, at least for the delicious coffee you allowed yourself to drink earlier, right? And what else?

It is also valid to write down all thoughts that come to your mind, for 20 minutes. Without filtering. Just write down every thought and feeling that occurs to you. This is a daily practice that, over time, helps a lot to understand some things. When we talk, it seems that that tangled feeling is getting settled. Ideas create a shape and it helps to understand what we are feeling.

Take a warm bath, put on comfortable clothes and go to bed. Feel how hot she is that she even seems to hug you.


Create a calendar of intentions for your next month. Write down the dates you would like to accomplish something important. Remember that leisure and fun are also important! Set yourself up to realize your wildest dreams. (No one but you needs to know your calendar and your desires.)

Clean your face, apply a facial mask, maybe, put a moisturizer on your body and massage your feet.

Now that you’ve relaxed, take a book to read in bed.


Try a digital detox. Choose a social network and see if you can stop following those who don’t make you feel good, or don’t add you anymore. Don’t be sorry or afraid to let go. Trust the process and it will do you good, soon.

Now put your cell phone or computer aside, a little bit.

Put your favorite playlist to play. How about trying a manual job? If you feel comfortable, you can go to the artistic side, make a drawing or watercolor, or else see if your house is in need of anything, and try to do it. It could be attaching a shelf or wrapping a box to organize offal inside.


Friday is a good day to review your tasks and adjust your backlog for next week. It is also the time to start disconnecting from obligations.

Let’s socialize? Call a friend and take the time to have a nice chat. Exchanging ideas, telling about your plans and listening to points of view that you haven’t thought of before can be wonderful.

Killing a relative is also good for you. Sometimes, in the rush of everyday life, we end up forgetting those who have always been part of our life, and who should be closer.

You can close the day by dancing! Or trying some yoga positions.


Remember to smile when you wake up, today is Saturday! Prepare a hearty breakfast full of delights that fill you. Savor the moment, because it is special.

Today is also a good day to take care of beauty: getting your nails done, a face mask, moisturizing your hair, waxing and whatever else helps you in this ritual of beautification and empowerment.

How about preparing delicious food for you (and who lives with you)? You can even make several extra portions of healthy foods and snacks to use over the next week. When you’re on the run or hitting that laziness, you’ll still be able to enjoy a healthy meal, effortlessly.

Celebrate the end of the day by toasting with a glass / cup / mug of a drink you love. (Wine? Juice? Flavored water? Hot chocolate? You choose!)

And it will never be too much to remember that this challenge is not for me. It is not a competition, but a compilation of tips for you to reflect on how to look more at yourself. You do not owe me explanations and satisfaction of your success, nor do you need to contest any of the indications, just because it is not for you. What I am proposing is that you are willing to take several moments for yourself and do some things to take care of yourself and / or please yourself. Only that. I just threw ideas into the air. Organized ideas. Only.

And yes, I know it is bold to think that a 7-day challenge can make you develop a new habit. But I believe that if you persist and, week after week, commit to doing something, you will already be on the right path. No pressure, no charge. You don’t have to punish yourself because you forgot, nor follow everything with iron and fire. Self-care is also respecting your limits.

As I said, it brought ideas to generate insights. You can even do none of this and discover another ways. It’s great! That is the goal.

The important thing is to always look and remember yourself. 😉

Check out this Self-Care Planner Printable that will help you create your perfect self-care plan

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How to Create a Perfect Self-Care Plan With Ease

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