How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become the Best Version of You

How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become the Best Version of You.

Are you on a journey to discover your inner self and find ways to keep motivated so you can become the best version of you?  Then you are in the right place.  In this post, I will provide helpful tips to help you realize and discover your true inner self, and maintain that motivation need to complete your journey.

I was once like you. 

I had trouble finding my inner self and the most difficult part was the motivation to keep going so I could reach my goal to become the best version of me.

Yes, it wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight.  It’s a long process and takes dedication to keep that motivation.

Below are my tips of finding your inner self and keep motivated to reach your goal. If you follow these tips, you will be surprise how amazing it is to become the best version of you.

How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become the Best Version of You

How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become the Best Version of You

1. Ask!

Ask yourself what is it that you want to reach in life?  Assess and ask yourself what you CAN do and what actions are you going to implement in order to make it happen.

When I was young, I always dreamed of becoming a nurse.  However, I had trouble staying motivated and keeping up the drive to finish my nursing degree.  

I knew this was going to be a tough journey for me. 

So what I did was ask myself those questions above.  I prepared myself and developed a plan to keep motivation going.

2. Set specific goals

First, ask yourself what are the specific goals that you need to accomplish.  Once you establish those specific goals, you will need to create a plan to reach those goals.  

When you create a plan to reach your goal, you are in a sense developing a map so you will not lose your direction along the way during your journey.

Remember, your thoughts are very powerful.  Envision yourself accomplishing reaching your journey’s end and accomplishing that goal.  Feel it in your inner self as if you are in this new life.

3. Believe

I know sometimes, believing in yourself is not always easy.  Sometimes, it’s easier said than done.  However, if you mentally prepare yourself and develop that positive mindset to keep believing in yourself, then you will be on your way to discovering that new life you are seeking.  

You have to believe that you can do many great things in life, and you are capable of reaching your full potential.

Don’t just imagine that you can do it, but strongly believe in yourself that you will do it.  Feel it inside you and embrace the change.  It’s time to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

If you start believing in yourself and feel it in your inner self that the new positive actions are coming into your life, then it will happen. That is how powerful

our mind is.

4. Stay positive and be grateful

Our mind is a very powerful tool that can produce amazing things. Remember this quote to stay positive: “I can and I will overcome any obstacle that gets in my way.”

The moment you wake up every morning get into the habit of practicing gratitude.  Either write or say three things that you are grateful for in life. When you practice these habits, you will soon discover your positive inner self and embrace the new life you deserve.

Remember, that staying positive does not mean everything will turn out the way it should be. 

We can’t control how certain things happen, but we can control our responses to them. 

By keeping positive, you are teaching yourself to turn a negative experience valuable lesson learned in life.  You’ll see that everything will be OK no matter how things turn out.

When you are plagued with negativity, practice these habits to avoid or stop it immediately.

  • Think quickly of positive things that happened in your life.
  • Listen to your favorite happy music that will make you dance, smile, or laugh.
  • Talk to your friends that will lift your spirits high.
  • Start thinking of the opposite of the negative thought.
  • Do things that make you relax and release a happy hormone (painting, yoga, meditation, exercises, play with your dog, or anything that will make you happy.)

I know it’s never easy, and like I said this is not going to happen overnight. You need to practice and block out the negativity in your mind, and the negativity from other people.  

Remember, life is already toxic, so stay away from toxic and negative people.  Instead, stay close to positive, optimistic, happy, and successful people. The positive vibration will attract the best in your life and your best inner self.

And lastly, the only way to motivate yourself to become the best version of you, is to BELIEVE in yourself.  

Do not let the negativity of life stop you from finding your inner self, and become the best version of you and reach the happiness and success you deserve.

Remember that nothing happens by coincidence.  It’s not about mere luck. You have to believe in yourself.

Here are some tips to motivate and keep believing in yourself.

I hope you will find these tips helpful and motivating.  Lastly, remember this quote on your journey for finding your inner self and becoming the best version of you.

“Unleash your inner tigress so you can attack life’s challenges with a high level of fierceness.”

“Unleash your inner tigress so you can attack life’s challenges with a high level of fierceness.” – Rosanna Lundberg Click To Tweet

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How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become the Best Version of You

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How to Discover Your True Inner Self and Become The Best Version of You

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    Positivity is something I am really trying to become better at. I know how powerful it is and how much happier I feel when I am being positive, but it is so easy to fall back into negativity out of habit. I find that by reading and listening to others talk about positivity, it reminds me that I need to keep trying to break the old bad habits.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Malinda, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes, it’s hard to break into the habit of negative thinking and it’s inevitable. I’m glad this post has give you some lights to see the positivity in life. And, I hope this will help you and guide you to slowly overcome your habit of negative thinking and become the best version of you. 💗

  3. Avatar

    When it comes to bettering yourself. Everything starts and ends with you. I had to learn this and it has took many years for me to grasp the concept. But now that I have. I have more confidence in myself. And im able to gather strength from places I wasn’t able to before. Great Post as always

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