The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts of Going on a First Date.

When you are going on a date with a guy you have never met before, whether he is someone you met on a dating website or a blind date set up by one of your friends , you might feel a little nervous and worry that things might not go well. Don’t worry too much, because it’s a normal feeling! 

I know first dates can be both exciting and nerve wracking! But what it’s important to remember is that first dates don’t have to be stressful and even if it doesn’t turn into a second date, that’s OK!

So you are about to go on a first date with someone new and you are looking for some tips on what to do. Do you feel like you are stuck on what to do on a first date and you want to leave a good and lasting impression? Then keep on reading because I’m about to give you these powerful tips today on what you should do and not do on your first date.


The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts of Going on a First Date

The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Going on a First Date


1. Smile when you meet your dating partner.

2. Be confident and take charge of the date while remaining respectful and easy going.

3. If you are stressed about your date, remember that it is only one date, and try to relax and unwind. Before your date, use a few minutes to practice some breathing techniques to remain calm.

4. Be on time. No doubt, we know the entire stylishly late philosophy still exists; however, on a first date, you’ll greatly improve the situation if you show up on time.

5. Be mindful of your body language and non-verbal communication. When we first meet someone, we tend to judge them on their physical appearance and body language, so be aware of it!

6. Honesty. Be honest about who you are, your expertise, and what you like. Do what comes natural to you, instead of attempting to be what you think your date will like.

7. Show some interest. Pay attention to your date and when you are listening, ask small questions. These questions should be sincere if you are truly interested.


8. If possible, leave something physical for your date that will remind him of you.

9. Keep yourself cool and casual.

10. Make sure you are up to date with current events or major news before your date. So just in case if the conversation gets boring, you have something already planned to talk about.


11. During your date, put work aside and other negative things in life. Focus on getting to know your dates personality without worrying about the troubles and stress of your daily job or life in general.

12. Offer to pay. When the check comes, state you will pay for it or share the bill, as this is common courtesy. If your date prefers to pay, offer to cover the tip.

13. Let him talk and be a good listener. Avoid talking only about yourself.

14. Small talk is not so easy to do by everyone. Some people joke all the time and chuckle in order to hide their discomfort. You do need to show a sense of humor, but remember to be serious when you have to.

15. Clean your teeth meticulously before going on a date. Nothing is more appalling than bad breath and dirty teeth.

The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Going on a First Date

16. We all try to look our best on a date, but if you have an outfit mishap like a run in your stocking, ignore it and enjoy your date.

17. Watch your table manners. Sipping your drink noisily or  eating loudly can be a major turn off for your date.

18. Even if the smallest thought of having to dance horrifies you, do something about it. Everyone should know a few basics steps and hit the floor. When your date is on the dancing floor and you are timidly sitting on a couch, you are definitely losing some points there.

19. As much as you’d like to be open, set some limits. If your date touches you without your consent, you must not accept this.

20. Compliment your date on his appearance, but be sure to do it with the utmost honesty.

21. If you run into some of your date’s friends, be kind and nice to them, instead of feeling that they have invaded your space and wasting precious moments with your date.

22. If you are really getting into the moment while on your date, show it! Don’t be just the nice girl next door with a friendly attitude.  Show your date that you are really enjoying the moment.

23. Apply  your make up in privacy. Use powder room and not a place where he sees you.

24. Be safe. On most first dates you are going out with someone who you don’t know very well. Make sure you let know someone about your date.

25. Have an open heart.  You never know when you’ll meet your prince.

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26. Do a little soul search. Be honest about what kind of partner you are really looking for and what kind of partner you can be as well.

27. Show your strengths. Your date wants to see what’s good about a potential partner. It’s okay to talk about your positive characteristics as long as you are bragging about them.

28. Do what makes you happy and your happiness will lead to meeting good people.   Have fun and enjoy your life.

The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts of Going on a First Date

The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Going on a First Date



1. Never compare your date with an ex. Not on the first date and never afterwards.

2. Don’t feel embarrassed about bathroom breaks. It is something natural and do it whenever you need it.

3. Don’t kiss your date unless he gives the right signals. Becoming intimate too soon will cause total failure.

4. Avoid taboo subjects on a first date, such as getting beyond intimate, religion, controversial laws, feminism, death and so on.

5. Don’t mention the reasons why your ex-partners have left you. You will inspire pity.

6. Don’t try to find too much about your date’s job, career, or finances during the first date. You may come across as money and power hungry.

7. A small talk about the weather can be a good beginning of a conversation, but it should not exceed a minute.

8. Don’t show up with a friend at a date without the other person’s knowledge and permission.

9. Don’t expect to jump in the sack together after the first date. Just don’t.

10. Avoid talking about past relationships. Do not talk about your ex’s, your dating history, or any details about past relationships. This is not first date material!

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11. Don’t keep checking your phone. Checking your mobile phone on a date can make someone feel uncomfortable, like they may feel that they are not important enough to get your full attention, especially on a first date! Put your mobile phone on vibrate and check it only when you are alone.

12. Eye contact. Wandering eyes may show a lack of interest. However, too much eye contact can seem creepy and might be a turn off for your date. So just keep your eye contact natural.

13. Don’t drink too much. This is a big one and often a common mistake that causes a good date to go bad and can be a huge turn off.

14. Don’t be obsessed on your appearance. Who needs to waste valuable date time hurrying to the bathroom to brush your hair, re-apply your lipstick, or check the mirror like clockwork? Use your time to make robust conversation and really get to know your date.

15. Don’t try to make him do something he is not comfortable with. Play inside your date’s comfort zone.

16. Don’t impress your date too much. Don’t dress to impress. Just be natural and wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Don’t try to impress your date too much because it can backfire. Do not go crazy with what you wear and how you act.

The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Going on a First Date


17. Avoid long pauses and awkward silences at all costs. Have things planned out to talk about in case this happens.

18. Keep away from the boring discussion. “So… what would you like to do? I don’t know…  what do you want to do?” Don’t discuss this without first having a plan or list of ideas.

19. Don’t stalk your date on social media or through text messages after the date. Even if the date went really well, try to give some space after a date and be casual about your feelings. No need to go overboard!

20. Don’t play with your hair too much. Like moving it far from your eyes or pulling it pointlessly over an uncovered patch. Try to leave your hair alone.

21. Don’t wear shoes or clothes that you can’t walk in or anything else that you don’t feel comfortable in, or that don’t fit you right. I know you want to look your best, but a first date is not the time to try those new 6 inch heels or the super tight dress that is on the verge of ripping.

22. Never look at another person or flirt with him when on a date. It is a sign of disrespect.  Once you have decided to date that particular person, you should pay attention to him and no one else during the date.

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23. Don’t wear too much perfume. Intoxicating those around you with your “aroma” leaves a bad taste, and you will leave a poor impression. You want him to be high on love not high on your overpowering perfume. You want to attract, not repel.

24. Don’t criticize your date’s outfit or appearance. If you don’t like the person, just keep your impression to yourself and don’t meet him again.

25. Don’t talk about your finances. You want him to get to know your personality, values, beliefs,  but not your income earning potential.

26. If you have children, stay away from boasting about them. If the relationship is going great, then your date will be given the opportunity to know more about them.

27. Avoid talking about how lonely or miserable you are. You don’t want to look desperate.

28. Don’t discuss health issues or any physical illness you may have. First dates are not the place to talk about these issues.

There you have it! I hope these tips of dos and don’ts of going on a first date will help you prepare for your next exciting date experience. But remember, if it didn’t turn out well, then don’t feel devastated. He is not the only man in this world and always remember that you deserve the best! Just live your life to the fullest, love yourself, have fun, and you will certainly attract the right high value man into your love life!

Your Turn!

What is on your list of dos and don’ts of going on a first date?

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The Ultimate Dos and Don'ts of Going on a First Date. Here are the ultimate tips of dos and don'ts of going on a first date.

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