Four Reasons Without Him Is Actually Your Best Time Ever

Four Reasons Without Him Is Actually Your Best Time Ever.

Most of us women always think of others emotion than ours. All we want is a one solid family and for this reason, we think of the mistreatment by our partner as a challenge and part of the relationship and we chose to not to think it is actually a struggle.

We chose to be quiet and keep in our selves the burdens that we have been carrying and pretend we are fine, just to have a harmonious relationship.

However, things happened beyond our control. Even if want to keep it because they are precious and have been a part of us, they go and what is left in us are memories.

During this time, at first we are down which is a normal reaction. Of course, who would be happy if someone part of your life had left you?

But I believed, you will be fine with the help of your friends and families and your constant prayers.

Here are four reasons without him is actually your Best Time Ever.

Time to Grow

Now he has left you, it is now your time to grow and no time to argue. Do the things you wanted to do long before.

Enroll in a baking class, Yoga or join a volunteer community. These activities will give you knowledge that you can use in the future such as up your own business or will help you land a job as you need to earn your own income being a solo mom.

Most of all, boost your self-confidence which was lost little by little while living in the four corners of your house.

Time for Yourself

Let us be honest. We, women have this sense of responsibility to our family that we focused to the extent that we forgot ourselves and I believed this includes you.

Like you, you do not have time to go to a saloon to rebond your dry hair or no time to exfoliate your blemished face once in a month. For you, you are busy mom taking care of your children and your demanding husband, and doing household chores.

A routine you have been doing since you started your own family. Plus, it will just cause you to spend money (according to your mind) so you better keep the budget for the family needs.

Now, you are single so pamper yourself. Go to an expensive with quality service beauty salon. Color your hair and nails too, Buy for your self-beauty treatments.

Four Reasons Without Him Is Actually Your Best Time Ever

Making yourself feel and look beautiful is not to flaunt you are better without him but hey, it is your right long before. It is now After all; you are a hardworking mother so you deserved all these wonderful treats. Funny but true from my experience.

When I became a single mom and no one is helping me financially, I can now go to a saloon and buy basic womanhood stuff like lipstick or lotion which I do not own before. Just like you, I do not think of myself.

Time to Sleep Well.

Yes, romance is a part of healthy relationship however, there are times you are tired. You are not in the mood but your husband demands intimate time from you.

So you end up fighting otherwise, you will end up doing it for the sake of a wife’s responsibility and no fancier thoughts.

When I became a solo parent, one of the first freedom I feel was the comfort of sleeping alone- I now own the bed and no one will disturb me unreasonably.

Time to Heal

Admit this- you have been hurt by him if not physically, by verbally. Since you are a good wife and you love your family, you keep your hurts inside.

Now he has left and even if the sweet memories were only 20%, it still lingers on you. Perhaps, you will remember those times when he was in good mood and cracked jokes or those intimate moments at least. However, it is now time to heal yourself from the hurts he caused you.

Remember, you are God’s creation that is supposedly to be loved and not abused. Your life deserves a better, happy time and not the time of anxiety.

Why prong the agony when happiness is a choice, so choose to be healed and be happy.

Four Reasons Without Him Is Actually Your Best Time Ever

Why am I sharing this?

I was once like you. I know the feeling of being like living in a cage and deprived from my own small happiness in life.

So he left you?

Rejoice and believed everything happens for a reason. Go out from your shell and shine, it is your time. God loves you. 

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Four Reasons Without Him Is Actually Your Best Time Ever

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