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Have you ever wish you could go back in time and recreate all of the feelings you had for each other on the first date?

Then keep on reading and I’ve got few ideas, and tips that could help you get a hold of that old feeling.

The fact is, life can take its toll and sometimes we simply grow a little old with each other and it’s essential to strive at bringing our vibrant selves back to the forefront.

Our physical selves will certainly continue to grow older, it does not imply we have to let that happen on our emotional level as well. And yes, there will be some days when things are regular and become a routine. However, I believe we can constantly attest for a little excitement from time to time.

And I have come up with this ideas. I consider it to be something that you can use once in a while.

The Date in the Making …

I was assuming an enjoyable thing to do when things get a little boring, is spend a couple of days away from each other. Now, before I go any further, I don’t think it’s a bad idea. This is all tailored toward adding a little fun and spark in the relationship, if you’re up for a little experience and adventure.

Both of you might be getting along famously, but if you’re trying to find a little more celebration this can be it.

Here’s how I have it all in mind…

You can take a seat with your husband and team up on which among you will certainly invest several days away from house. If you have a family member around this can be the choice you take or if financial isn’t an issue you can spend a couple of days in a resort or hotel.

As soon as you’ve come to an agreement, then it’s time to put the plan into an action.

Okay, so let’s say your husband decides to be the one to spend a couple of evenings at a hotel.

Right now, you might be asking yourself why he needs to leave the house at all.

Well, there is one essential reason that this is an excellent idea. As soon as the both of you separate and spend some time away, working without each other for several days makes the anticipation of seeing each other again will make a lot more interesting and exciting again.

Both of you are able to reconnect with the reality of spending time away from each other. Things will take place in your day that you’ll be able to talk about later, and other way around.

An additional factor is that it causes recognition and appreciation from each other.

Other times, we take each other for granted, however when we hang around away from each other, it’s a lot easier to realize how important that person to us.


Now that you’ve both determined and decided on the fact that he will be leaving for few days, the next action is to spend couple of days without any initial contact or calls from each other.

I think about one day is a too little, two days maybe just right amount of time, or three days to be just right. But how many days is actually up to both of you in the end.

However, for an emergency purposes, he may at least give you the contact number of hotel he’s staying at, to make sure that you’ll have the phone number where you can find him in situation if an emergency takes place.

This way, he’s not required to offer you the name of the hotel or the place he’s staying. Simply a contact number you can reach out with him if need be.

Since he’s gone and the house does not feel quite the same without him, consider the following creative ideas to transform this situation into a unique adventure packed of romance and excitement…


For all those days you spent alone without him …keep them in mind, because they will certainly work to your advantage. Because on day three, it’s his task to call you up on the phone, and ask you out on a date.

When you approve, you can settle on a time, and it’s his task to come and pick you up on your date.

The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your First Date That Will Spark and Recharge Your Relationship Again

While he’s been away, your house has actually been quiet, and I think it’s not fun. But now, you’ve got something enjoyable to look forward to. Like coming together again, or shopping for a new dress for your date with him!

That’s right, while he’s attempting to charm you … you can impress him with your new look or new dress.

You have not seen each other for three days and he’s planning on taking you some place neither of you have actually been before. Where? Or a surprise?

That’s his choice. But anywhere you’re going … you must dress to impress and excite him so that when he shows up at your front door he’ll be presented with his reward for all of his effort– A magnificent beauty at his side!

So it’s essential to go shopping for something he’s never ever seen you in. Something you’re definitely certain he would enjoy. Just like what you did on your first date.

Remember how you prepared and excited you were on your first date together, and this is the moment that you can re-spark your relationship again.

Possibilities are both of you have quite a bit to discuss, although it’s just been three days you’ve been away from each other. Three days apart can create a great deal of feelings when you love someone and you’re used to them being around.

Throughout your date, it’s a perfect time to show what those feelings are and how much you value each other. There are particular things each of you bring to the table of your marital relationship.

And, maybe during the time you were being away from each other…you got to see how much he offered you each day.

And more of that…for the last few days, things may have happened in your life that he would normally see. Well, this moment he had not been there. So, why not catch him up? This a great chance to create an excellent conversation, similar to the common date scenario.

When both of you have actually enjoy the evening together, maybe had some chemistry on the dance floor. Besides that, he’s captivated you with his dashing great looks and charming smile.

The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your First Date That Will Spark and Recharge Your Relationship Again

And the date night is almost done, both of you decide it’s time to go home.

You had a wonderful night and you reconnect on the way back home.

At least home is where you think you two will be going, until he invites you back to his place (the hotel). And yes, you accepted.

And, at the hotel, both of you talk for few hours and at somehow find that old familiar feelings and chemistry attracting both of you once again.

The concept of the hotel cannot only be used as a method for both of you to spend three days away, but also an interesting and exciting motivation if you desire that one-night-stand appeal with your husband – by going back to his place (the hotel) which was the importance behind you having no idea of where he was staying.

If you know of where he’s staying, it’s all a total mystery, and the suspense of that can add a more enjoyable to an already exciting and adventurous night.

The exciting part of it is that a lot of it is such a wild card.

Both of you have surprises to look forward to and the beauty of reconnecting and re-establishing intimacy in a new way while you choose your own exciting adventure!

Above all and with these ideas, just remember whatever you both agree to re-spark and reinvent your first date, it requires TRUST to each other and everything will go smoothly according to your plan.


Do you have any other ideas to reinvent your first date with your husband? I would really love to hear and learn your ideas! Share in the comment below.

Have fun on your next date night with your husband!

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The Ultimate Guide to Reinvent Your First Date That Will Spark and Recharge Your Relationship Again

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