“A confident woman is prepared to weather the approaching storm.” – Rosanna Lundberg

70 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman

What does it take to become a confident woman? 

Do you consider yourself a confident woman? 

Or do you need a boost in order to become a confident woman?

So if you are here reading this by now, you must probably need some motivation to get you started on your journey to become the most confident woman you can be.

Self- confidence is the most essential element you need to carry with you all the time if you want to become successful in all walks of life.

Confident women are always one step ahead of the game because they have the self-confidence to make it happen. 

They know what it takes to make it.

But what is it about these women that makes them confident?

How did they develop their confidence? 

Becoming a confident woman requires courage to get out of your comfort zone. And I know that getting out of the comfort zone can be quite challenging. However, let me assure you, you are not the only woman who may be suffering from low self-esteem.

There are many things you can do to boost your confidence and achieve all your visions and goals whether in personal life or love.

Whether you are an introvert, an extrovert, or somewhere in between, it can be difficult to step out of your comfort zone. However, a confident woman knows that amazing life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

In this article I will give you powerful habits of confident woman that will inspire and motivate you to unleash your inner tigress so you can attack life’s challenges with a high level of fierceness and become successful in any field of life.

These habits of a highly confident woman will help you:

  • Motivated to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Inspire to become a more confident woman.
  • Boost your self-esteem.
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70 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman

1. She has the courage to express her feelings.

2. She accepts her mistakes.

3. She learns from her mistakes.

4. She knows when to say NO.

5. She listens before she speaks.

6. She’s able to express herself in the community.

7. She is approachable.

8. She draws attention with good humor.

9. She knows that there is always light at the end of each tunnel.

10. She use positive words in her conversations.

11. She is the source of positivity to the people she surrounds with.

12. She is the source of motivation to others.

13. She inspired people with her success.

14. She knows how to share her knowledge and success to others.

15. She doesn’t put other people down.

16. She has clear goals.

17. She knows what she wants in life.

18. She loves herself.

19. She is a goal oriented and achiever.

20. She make plans and take actions.

21. She tracks her plans accordingly.

22. She knows how to dress accordingly.

23. She displays confident body language.

24. She has a good understanding of her own personality.

25. She embraces her own unique qualities as a woman.

26. She knows her own strengths and weaknesses.

27. She continuously improve herself.

28. She is patient.

30. She creates her own success without tearing others down.

31. She doesn’t compare herself to others.

32. She knows when to take a break and unwind when she needed.

33. She focuses on the positive side of life and leave negative behaviors.

34. She surround herself with positive people and positive things in life.

35. She understands the importance of self-care.

36. She knows that self-love isn’t selfish.

37. She practice gratitude.

38. She reads books that will help her excel her confidence.

40. She listens to inspirational audiobooks. (P. S. You can get a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial + 2 FREE audiobooks!)

41. She listens to motivational and inspirational podcasts.

42. She reads self-improvement books.

42. She reads self-improvement blogs.

43. She knows that learning a continuous process, so she keeps learning every day.

44. She surround herself with confident and successful people.

45. She believes in herself and her full potential.

46. She knows that she is capable to do great things in life.

47. She is courageous and a risk taker.

48. She don’t gossip. Instead she prefers issues that will be a good benefit.

49. She does not try to please people.

50. She pursue her visions and goals.

51. She celebrate others success.

52. She focuses on success and learn from her mistakes.

53. She does not hesitate to defend her own thoughts. 

54. She is fiercely independent.

55. She educate herself before making important decisions.

56. She is not afraid to try and fail.

57. She is not afraid of being true to herself.

58. She listened more than she speaks.

59. She faithfully and honestly support other women.

60. She knows her purpose in life and embrace them.

61. She enjoys spending time alone.

62. She does not let the social media dictate her physical appearance or behavior.

63. She refuses to take anything too personally.

64. She handle criticism positively.

65. She ask empowering questions.

66. She empowered people around her.

67. She share her talents to others.

68. She stands for her values and principles.

69. She challenged and conquer her fears.

70. She is confident with a humble heart.


Wow, don’t you feel more confident just by reading this amazing list? 

You don’t need to have all these habits to be confident, but you would be very hard pressed to find a confident woman who didn’t have some of these habits for sure.

Here’s the challenge:

Take one thing from this list and make it a habit.

Challenge accepted?

“A confident woman builds her foundation of success one brick at a time.” – Rosanna Lundberg

70 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman
“A confident woman builds her foundation of success one brick at a time.” – LifeandLoveDiva Click To Tweet

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70 Powerful Habits of a Highly Confident Woman

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