10 Signs He Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You

10 Signs He Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You.

How do you know if he is just settling for you so he can at least have someone in his life, but he isn’t really in love with you?

It can be devastating when you find out that your boyfriend/partner, who you consider the love of your life, doesn’t really love you and their feelings for you is not really genuine.

That feelings sucks doesn’t it? 

We all want to be with someone who will truly loves us and enjoys spending their life with us, and is not doing it out of the fear of being alone.   

Do you feel like you are in that type of relationship right now? 

Being in a relationship can be complicated. 

It takes a lot of effort and hard work; however, if both couples truly love each other, no matter how difficult the situation or relationship struggles they are facing, they can work things out together. 

On the other side, if your significant other is only acting and faking his love, he will eventually get tired and the act will come to a close.  He will eventually show his true colors and move on to someone else. 

This kind of deception can be traumatic and leave you feeling distrustful of anybody you may begin a new relationship with. 

It may make you question their motives for doing the things they are doing for you in that new relationship.  If he truly loves you, it won’t matter what he’s going through at the time. 

He will continue to love you unconditionally.

If the guy genuinely loves you, he will want you to be part of his life. He will enjoy making plans for your future together.  And he will want you to be part of all his journeys in life.

He will want you to be part of any major decisions that he might have to make in his life or in the relationship. 

10 Signs He Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You.

10 Signs He Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You.

1. He is not interested in the many aspects of your life.

If a guy is really in love with you, he will want to know everything about you, even the small details, and even the things that might not be interesting for him.

Someone who is just settling will not make any effort to learn who you really are and shows no signs of interest of what is going on in life from day to day.

2. He tries to change for who you are.

If he is only settling for you, he will often try to change you into a different person.  Is he always comparing you to someone else?  

For example, he is always criticizing you about the way you dress, the money you make, and the level of education.  He is comparing all these to one of his friend’s significant others.

3. You are not free to express your feelings and opinions.

A great relationship doesn’t have to feel like you are afraid to express your feelings, thoughts, and opinions. You should feel free to express what is going on in your mind and in the relationship. 

If he often tries to stop you from expressing your feelings, or seems to show little interest in your feelings, then this may be a sign that he doesn’t really love you. 

If he really loves you, he will care about your concerns.

4. It seems that sex is the only time you both have a connection.

A healthy sex life in a relationship is great; however, if it is the only reason for you two to have a connection as a couple then he might be only settling for you.

If there is no other deep connection for the two of you, then it is absolutely a big sign that he is only settling for you.

5. You are responsible for all the plans in the relationship.

He doesn’t seem to care to work things out with you. You often feel like you are the only one who’s making the plans for the future of your relationship together.

If he doesn’t care at all about making plans with you, then you are probably just there to fill the void he had when he was single.

6. You are not his priority.

If he really loves you and desires to be with you, then he will make time no matter how busy he is.  If he constantly makes you feel like you are not his priority then he might have just have settled for you.

He might only need you when it is convenient for him.  You’re just there to fill the void in his life.


7. You often feels like something is missing in the relationship.

You are never completely happy being with him and this is making you feel like something is missing in the relationship.

If he doesn’t seem like he is genuinely happy with you,  just simply then it could be the fact that he doesn’t really love you and just settled for you instead.  After all, to him it’s better than nothing. 

He’s rather have someone than have no one, even if he doesn’t really love you.

8. You can’t have a deep connection with him.

Having a deep conversation with your man is something that connects your souls together.  If you can’t have a deep and meaningful conversation with him, then he is only settling for you and he isn’t really in love with you. 

9. He is your number one critic.

When you want to pursue something that you are passionate about, he will always try to drag you down and criticize you. A man who absolutely loves you will not attempt to take away what you makes you happy.

If he really genuinely loves you, he will always be your number one supporter and will always lift your spirits high when your are pursuing your passion. 

10. He makes broken promises.

He does not recognize and know the significance of keeping a promise.  So if he repeatedly makes broken promises, then he could be only settling for you. A man, who keeps his word is a man who truly love his woman.

So there you have it! I’ve presented to you 10 signs that your boyfriend or partner in life did not really choose you, but rather he just settled for you when the relationship he imagined did not happen.

If you think any of these signs above are happening in your relationship, then stop fooling yourself and re-evaluate your relationship with him. 

If you still want to give it a chance, then talk to him and let him know how you feel and if he still doesn’t recognize your feelings and don’t want to work things out with you, then it’s time to let him go and move on with your life.

This kind of relationship is not worth fighting for.

Always remember, you are worth it. Keep fighting and don’t give up on your dream of finding that special someone to share your life.  They’re out there. 

Never just settle for anyone who doesn’t love you the same. Life is too short for that. 

It’s never too late to find your soul mate and the one who will truly love you and not just settling for you, and following the tips on this book will help you to have to a healthy relationship and the happiness you deserve.

The Love Magnet Rules: 101 Tips for Meeting, Dating, and Keeping a New Love 

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10 Signs He Isn’t In Love And Is Just Settling For You

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