How to Catch a Cheating Husband: Proven Ways to Go About This Endeavor in 2023

How to Catch a Cheating Husband: Proven Ways to Go About This Endeavor in 2023

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a few years. He’s the ideal description of a perfect man. To make you his, he popped the question, and you instantly said YES! As he slides the ring on your finger, you’re intrigued, and it feels as though you’re dreaming. 

Nostalgic memories.

However, after some months in your union of seeming bliss and joy, your husband starts showing some weird mannerisms when he’s with you. At this point, you can’t place a finger on the root of his coldness, and you may think he’s just feeling the pressure of starting a family.

Nevertheless, if he keeps giving you the cold shoulder, you should be concerned. According to a recent report, 20% of married men confessed to cheating. 

So, would you rather base emphasis on this statistic or make efforts to know if your husband is seeing a secret lover? If you lean towards the latter, don’t fret.

In this article, we’ll look at signs that confirm that your husband is cheating. 

Additionally, the subsequent paragraphs will also give an insight into alternatives that’ll help you catch him red-handed. 

So, are you interested to learn how to catch a cheating husband and know your stance in the union?

Why Do Married People Cheat?

Cheating in marriages is at an all-time high, and it’s no surprise that divorce values are on an upward trajectory also. Although studies point towards several causes of infidelity, note that scenarios differ. 

Regardless, they provide a framework to help us know why most married people cheat. 

Let’s look at the reasons why cheating has become a theme amongst married folk nowadays. 

Notable mentions include: 

  • Anger 

Some partners cheat because of anger. This scenario occurs when your partner is unhappy about the attitude you’ve been exuding lately. Anger can also come to the fore if you’re absent and don’t bother yourself with their pressing needs. 

Seeking an outlet to dispel pent-up anger can motivate your partner to facilitate an affair and become intimate with someone else. 

  • Self Esteem

Self-esteem, when low, can see a partner cheat to feel better about themselves. Having sex with someone besides your spouse can give you the feeling of emancipation and confidence.

These feelings are crucial bits in building up your self-esteem. 

Surprisingly, spouses who cheat due to esteem issues have loving partners that support them every step of the way. 

Regardless, their confidence levels are low, and to boost it; they resort to cheating. 

  • Lack of Love
is he cheating on me

In the early parts of marriage, both partners are crazy about each other. At this juncture, discussing with them via text or a phone call will see dopamine levels rise in your brain. 

However, some years into the union, these feelings die down, and you notice you aren’t into them. 

Since the relationship provides a sense of stability and family, you’ll be motivated to stay and ignite that spark of love again. Albeit a valid endeavor, falling out of love with a partner can lead to seeking solace in the arms of another person. 

  • Low Commitment

Individuals who find it hard to commit to their partners will most likely cheat. However, note that commitment might have different connotations for people. 

For example, some married people are afraid of committing despite loving their partners. Thus, they may seek an outlet to cheat. 

  • Need for Variety

People cheat on their partners because of the pressing urge to try something different. Typically, this might not stem from the other partner’s deficiency. Instead, it has to do with a person’s wants and desires. 

Although monogamy is the norm in most jurisdictions, most people aren’t ideal for it. Since they feel confined to a partner, the desire to cheat becomes pronounced.

NOTE: If you think your partner has thoughts bordering on polygamy, experts recommend discussing it with them. During this conversation, ask them how you can improve and what habits you can adopt. 
  • Neglect
signs husband is cheating

You can trace most infidelity cases to loneliness borne out of neglect. When this happens, a partner may feel undervalued and unloved. Consequently, they’ll want to experience happiness elsewhere (in someone’s arms). 

People think talking to their spouses and telling them about their day is enough. However, this isn’t enough as most partners demand emotional assurance. 

If you can’t offer this in your relationship, the chances of your partner opening up to someone else is high.

  •  Sexual Desire

Passion is essential for long-term relationships. Even if you and your partner are as “thick as thieves,” the lack of passion can lead to one spouse heading outside to satisfy their sexual cravings. 

Relationships start with numerous intimate periods. However, after marriage, sexual activities might reduce due to several commitments. 

This scenario might leave a partner unsatisfied and will invariably lead to infidelity. 

  • Situation or Circumstance

A partner serving the military or traveling out for work can result in cheating. 

Their absence might give a spouse the moral backing to cheat without the fear of getting caught. 

Although long-distance marriages aren’t ideal most of the time, spouses can “hold the forte” by implementing certain practices

Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating

Just recently, you noticed some strange behavior from your husband. At first, you think that it’s a phase that’ll pass within a day or two. However, his weird demeanor becomes constant, and you can’t help but feel that he’s cheating on you.

But how can you tell for sure?

These signs should confirm your gut feeling:

Communication Changes

You and your husband used to be all lovey-dovey over the phone. When he got home from work, he gave you a rundown of his day. 

Suddenly, he stops doing all these. No matter what you do, he doesn’t seem to budge. This scenario is an ideal example of what’s known as “stonewalling.”

Stonewalling is one of the major signs your husband is cheating. 

During this phase, he might exhibit the following: 

  • Deliberately ignores every word you say
  • Changes the topic to avoid tricky conversations
  • Leaves your presence suddenly, without reason
  • He creates silly excuses why he can’t talk to you
  • He doesn’t answer questions directed at him
  • He rolls his eyes or hisses when you confront him 
  • Ignores the topic at hand to apportion blame at you

Sudden Change in His Appearance and Hobbies

No one’s saying that your husband should take care of himself. Also, favoring new hobbies isn’t bad as variety is the spice of life. 

Nevertheless, you’d want to be wary as he exudes the following behavioral changes:

  • He dresses nicer and spends a lot of time by the mirror checking himself out.
  • He picks interest in a hobby he dislikes. He hushes you or changes the topic when you ask him questions about his newly found hobby. 

Changes in Your Sex Routine

As we’ve established, passion is the “bedrock” of every relationship. Slight changes in you and your husband’s sexual routine might not mean much. 

However, these changes indicate he’s seeing someone else:

  • Your intimacy level with him has dropped to an all-time low.
  • He’s introducing sexual styles that you’ve never witnessed during your time together.
  • Your sex life is disjointed and technically almost non-existent.
  • Your last medical checkup shows that you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and you haven’t slept with anyone except your husband.

Your Husband Acts Disinterested

how to catch a cheater

Your husband acting like he doesn’t have a care in the world can be a sign of many things. So, you’d need to discuss with him and ask the cause of his indifference recently. 

Nonetheless, these behavioral patterns are indications that he’s seeing someone else:

  • He’s bored of you, your kids, and his job.
  • He’s unable to execute the most basic tasks in the office and at home. 
  • He doesn’t give off a hint of jealousy, regardless of what you say to him.
  • Family birthdays and anniversaries don’t mean much to him. When he attends any, he’s always rushing to go back to his comfort zone (home). 
NOTE: These signs point toward infidelity. However, note that these behavioral patterns have links to clinical depression. To avoid apportioning unnecessary blame, have a hearty conversation with your husband and ask him what's wrong. A stitch in time saves nine!

A Change in His Usage of Technological Devices

Infidelity has become straightforward to execute due to the advent of technological creations like smartphones and PCs. 

These changes in technology use may denote infidelity in your husband:

  • His phone number doesn’t connect for several hours daily. 
  • He changed his smartphone and PC password and refused to share them with you.
  • He giggles while texting and sneaks outside to answer phone calls at odd hours.
  • He regularly clears his browser history to cover his tracks.
  • The fitness application you both share indicates “exercise” at weird timelines.
  • His social media profiles are inactive.

He’s Not Financially Stable as He Ought to Be

is my husband cheating

Marriage isn’t a bed of roses as there are seasons of plenty and scarcity. 

Regardless, these signs indicate that your husband is channeling his finances to maintain an affair:

  • You see inscriptions like Chanel and Dior on his monthly credit card statement. What gets you unsettled is the fact that you don’t have items from these brands. 
  • He refuses to give you money for your upkeep. 
  • He doesn’t plan events and vacations anymore. In his words, “he’s saving up.”

What Should You Check for to Catch a Cheater?

Would you love to know how to find out if your husband is cheating on you? If yes, you might want to check out the following:

Is There a Second Phone?

Your husband might decide to play it safe by buying a second phone to keep his affair away from you. Doing this saves him from making errors and messaging the wrong person.

Alternatively, your husband might purchase a new SIM card that he uses to contact his lover. Although he may be careful to swap SIMs without you knowing, there’s a chance that he might accidentally leave it out someday.

All you need to do is collect the SIM card and insert it into your phone if this occurs. Now, you’ll see the details of his escapades.

Scanning Digital Receipts

Receipts are now digital, and they’re sent through email or text. If you can access your husband’s email profile, you might see tickets concerning goods and services you’ve never heard of before. 

Now, it’s up to you to go through and determine if there’s another woman in his life. 

NOTE: Digital receipts don't only appear as emails and texts. You can also spot your husband's payments via payment merchants like PayPal, Groupon, and Venmo. 

Track GPS

how to catch my husband cheating

Even Uber taxis are reliant on the Global Positioning System (GPS). So, why shouldn’t you be? 

If you think your husband is going around town with a secret lover, you can track his location history via GPS. Thankfully, this activity is straightforward. 

If your husband’s a Google user, you can employ the Previous Destinations functionality to track his previous locations. This process is similar to the “Google Timeline” feature on Android devices.

However, if your husband uses an iPhone, the process is slightly different. Here, head to the “Settings” app and click on “Privacy.” Now, go to Location Services.

After that, click on “System Services” and “Significant Locations.” Now, you’ll be able to spot their movements 24/7.

Search Each Letter of the Alphabet

Although cheaters are thorough in their bid to cover up their affairs, they may leave some trails behind. If your husband doesn’t have a passcode on his PC or phone, you can execute a quick snoop and search each alphabet letter. You never know. Something that confirms his infidelity might just pop up across the screen. 

Go Through the Trash

Digital files are never gone for good, even if you delete them. Once you erase an item from a computer, they head straight to the Recycle Bin. 

These files will remain here until you’ve cleared them.

Thus, if your cheating husband isn’t on the tech-savvy spectrum, you can go through his trashed files and get rock-solid evidence of infidelity and related acts. 

Monitoring Social Media Accounts

According to a survey, 47% of Facebook users claimed they’d emotionally cheated on the social platform. 

This statistic was based on a sample size of 5,000.

Monitoring your husband’s social profiles to ascertain infidelity is vital with these figures in view. Here, you’ll see all his sent and received messages. 

If he’s cheating on you, you’ll get the hint via his social media accounts.

Check Unusual Meetings

how to find out if your husband is cheating

Were you going through his device’s calendar and encountered the “Meeting with Rosa” reminder? If yes, now’s the time to bring your investigatory capabilities to the stage. 

On D-Day, bid your husband goodbye like nothing’s amiss. After he leaves, follow him closely to the venue. You can see if it’s a work-related discussion or an affair he’s been watering for a while. 

Learn more: 17 Signs He Is Interseted In Someone Else

Catch a Cheating Husband With the #1 Spy Application

The “is he cheating on me” question is one on the lips of every wife with concerns about her husband’s acts. If you’d like to get perspective on his activities without hassles, the #1 spy application – mSpy – is available to offer you respite.

Coming into the spying arena in 2011, mSpy has left no stone unturned in its drive to be the best spying app worldwide. With over 30 features in its unique résumé, mSpy has become the go-to monitoring medium in 180 countries worldwide.

Talk about a reputation that goes beyond borders!

You don’t have to wait long hours to get up and running with the mSpy application. If you’d like to know how to catch a cheater, mSpy gets you in sync with their acts within 5 minutes. 


You don’t have to sell landed properties to afford mSpy. For perspective, this spyware has three packages in the mix, including:

Let’s look at the mesmeric capabilities of the #1 spy application – mSpy.

What Can You Track With mSpy?

Would you like to answer the “is my husband cheating” question remotely and stealthily? If yes, mSpy has you covered with these add-ons:

  • GPS Location

Do you want to see your husband’s movements aptly depicted on a map? mSpy has you covered. Using this spy app, you can get in sync with the locations your husband has visited recently.

The “Geofencing” function of mSpy allows you to set restricted zones on the map. If your husband ventures into one of these areas, mSpy will notify you instantly. 

  • WhatsApp and Other Messengers

Instant Messaging (IM) apps make cheating easy as your husband can converse with his secret lover within milliseconds. 

With mSpy pulling the strings, you can see all received and sent messages on messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook. This spy app will also sieve out the multimedia files embedded in these exchanges. 

  • Text Messages

Do you want to read your husband’s SMS in real-time? If yes, mSpy is the perfect app to make this endeavor a success. mSpy “SMS tracker” will give you access to your husband’s SMS texts.

Also, if your husband decides to play smart by deleting implicating texts, the mSpy app will retrieve them.

Brownie points!

  • Call Logs

Does your husband sneak out of the bedroom to answer odd-hour calls? With mSpy in the mix, every covert action comes to light as you can see his incoming and outgoing calls. 

What’s more? You’ll see the timestamp and the duration of each call. If you’re interested in taking things further, mSpy grants you access to the mobile number of each contact.

So, if you want to know how to tell if your partner is lying about cheating, this mSpy feature should come in handy. 

  • Internet Browsing History

Do you think your husband is visiting sites considered inappropriate? You can get an overview of the web pages he visits and the timeline he spends on each. With mSpy, you can halt his access to sites you consider harmful.

NOTE: To access this feature on Android, ensure the target device runs on Android 4 or higher.
  • Screen Recorder

Want to get hold of your husband’s smartphone without touching it? mSpy’s Screen Recorder feature takes center stage. 

This add-on takes a screenshot when your hubby’s cell phone’s screen changes. Thus, you can see everything he does on his device as long as it’s active.

  • Media
cell phone cheating signs

Wives with the usual “is he cheating on me” query are always advised to check their husband’s media files. 

Thankfully, mSpy has you covered in this department.

Once your husband saves any picture or video on his device, mSpy automatically logs them into your unique “Control Panel.” 

Now, you can know if he’s taking sultry selfies with a secret lover or documenting his time at the office. 

DID YOU KNOW: mSpy has a "demo version" that gives you an accurate depiction of your Control Panel upon subscription. This add-on is indeed helpful as it shields you from the regularization process. Thus, you can just pay and hack away!

How to Install mSpy?

Learning how to catch your husband cheating with the mSpy application is easy. To get your monitoring acts up and running, follow these installation steps:

  1. Create an Account

    Head to the mSpy website and tap on the “TRY NOW” icon. Now, insert your email address and click the T&C checkbox below. 
    Proceed by tapping “TRY NOW” once more.

  2. Pick a Subscription Package

    After selecting the target OS, it’s time to choose a plan that suits your spying timeline. Now, proceed to make a payment via your preferred merchant. 

  3. Commence Spying and Rest Easy

    Once your payment is confirmed, mSpy will send you a confirmation email containing your logins. 
    Install the app on the target smartphone and log into your mSpy dashboard using your logins. 
    Once you’re in, you can see all your husband’s calls, texts, multimedia files, and lots more!

Catch a Cheater With eyeZy

spying devices cheating husbands

mSpy ranks #1 in the spying market. However, if you’d like to try spyware with futuristic specifics, it might be time to cast your sights on the eyeZy application.

Granted, eyeZy’s “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet” tagline might come off as a tad bold. Nonetheless, looking at its feature list should hint that this spy application wasn’t developed to compete with mediocre entities.

eyeZy gets you up to date with its brilliance right from the installation process. Users have a Friendly Installer available to guide them through the complexities of this procedure. If you have questions during usage, eyeZy has 24/7 support available. 

Guess what? Responsiveness reigns supreme in this vital department. 

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, you don’t need to set up a GoFundMe page to afford eyeZy as it integrates these affordable plans:

NOTE: These subscription plans are only available for newbie eyeZy users. Renewals will see you pay the full subscription amount. 

Quickly, let’s see what eyeZy has up its sleeves!

What Can You Track With eyeZy?

A lot. However, you’ll need these capabilities to catch your cheating husband red-handed:

  • GPS Tracking

Using eyeZy, you can see your husband’s whereabouts on a detailed map in real-time. You can tell if he’s with the boys or seeing his lover at a 5-star restaurant. 

Since eyeZy also has “geofencing,” you can set danger spots. If he enters any of these areas, eyeZy will notify you immediately. 

  • View Call Logs

eyeZy gets you up to speed with your husband’s calls (incoming & outgoing). You can also view the details of those he’s contacted recently.

  • Call Blocking

Do you want to block the mobile number of his secret lover? This activity is hassle-free with eyeZy. Just head to your dashboard and set the ball rolling.

  • Access Messages

Want to see your husband’s text messages without him knowing? eyeZy makes this a possibility. You’ll see all his texts and their timestamps using this spy app. 

  • Access to Popular Messengers
how to tell if your partner is lying about cheating

If your husband uses IM apps to facilitate meetings and other endeavors with his mistress, eyeZy will give you a detailed insight into their discussions. 

Thankfully, eyeZy covers the popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram. 

  • Access Media

If you’d like to learn how to catch a cheating spouse, one place to look at during your search for proof is their media files. 

With eyeZy, you can view your husband’s videos, GIFs, and images remotely.

  • App Blocking and Monitoring

eyeZy gives you an overview of the applications on your husband’s device. You can see how much time he spends on each application. Also, you can block an app if you feel it’s affecting your marriage. 

  • Website Monitoring and Blocking

Is your husband visiting inappropriate sites, and you’d like to nip the prospect of a possible infidelity act? You can use the eyeZy app to see his browsing history and restrict his access to specific applications.

  • Logging Keystrokes

If your husband showcases one of the cell phone cheating signs, like locking his apps, you can get a hold of these passwords with eyeZy’s “Keylogger.”

Besides getting his password, you’ll also see what he’s typing on other applications 24/7.

  • Remote Lock and Wipe

Have you tried everything possible to make your hubby forget about his secret lover? You may want to try eyeZy’s “Remote Lock and Wipe” feature.

Once set in motion, every file on your husband’s phone vanishes.

NOTE: eyeZy has a "refund policy" available. However, note that you're only eligible for a refund within 14 days of subscribing to the service (new users only).

Spy on Your Cheating Husband With eyeZy

To get started with the eyeZy app, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an eyeZy Account

Head to the eyeZy site and click on the “Try” button. Now, fill out the form that appears and proceed.

Step 2. Choose a Device

Choose the target OS you’d like to monitor. If you can’t settle for one to several variables, tap the “Decide Later” button.

Step 3. Choose a Subscription Plan

Select a subscription package that suits your budget. Now, using your preferred merchant, make a payment.

Step 4. Start Monitoring!

Once you’ve made payment and installed eyeZy on the target device, log into your account via a web browser.

You’ll have access to your husband’s messages, calls, multimedia files, and web history. This dashboard is updated every 5 minutes, so expect to be in with his activities 24/7.

Overcoming Infidelity

how to catch a cheating spouse

Overcoming infidelity is no mean feat. Although some couples can move past this ugly scenario, others might not. Also, there are instances where annulment is the best option.

Before you access the inner workings of your partner’s infidelity and what caused it, consider your needs first. Although this might seem easy on paper, reality will hit hard as you may find it difficult to deal with the fact that someone cheated on you. 

If you were the unfaithful party, make concerted efforts to end the affair and ask forgiveness from your spouse. Understand that it’ll take time for them to get this event out of their heads. Therefore, giving them space during this will work just fine. 

The timeline for overcoming infidelity differs as people are different. However, communication is crucial during this period. You may also need to consult a therapist to help with the healing process.

Overall, there’s no definitive way to overcome infidelity. Nonetheless, forgiveness and a rock-solid commitment to the relationship are bound to stabilize the rocky ship.

Final Thoughts

Does your husband’s recent demeanor point towards cheating? If yes, you might want to get solid proof of his escapades before pointing accusing fingers.

Although we’ve recommended some mediums to get a hold of his cheating activities, spyware like mSpy and eyeZy rank high for 100% effectiveness. 

Catching someone you love cheating is heartbreaking. Regardless, we hope your journey towards redemption is worth the hassle.

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