How to Catch a Cheating Wife: Tried & True Techniques

How to Catch a Cheating Wife: Tried & True Techniques

Cheating can mean many things. And depending on whom you ask, some types are forgivable, but some are deal-breakers. To answer it for yourself, you’d need to have first-hand information on your wife’s activities and a good idea of how to interpret them.

We’ve got you covered on these fronts. If she’s quite secretive and evasive, you can outsmart her and force an upper hand in the relationship. Someone has to hold her up to her assurances, and no one can do it better than you.

If she’s cheating on you, you can beat her to her game using her own tools – her social media, calls, texts, browsing activities, and undisclosed meeting locations, all handing you concrete evidence to draw rational conclusions.

We’ll equip you to handle your suspicions smartly and maturely. We’ll help you unpack everything happening in your relationship, so you can call her out about her web of lies and sleazy attempts to bend the rules.

Drawing the Lines: What Is Cheating?

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The line of cheating is getting blurrier by the day with a digital age increasingly flooded by dating apps, social media apps, and other new channels of communication. Sometimes, things can get really complicated. In fact, your wife could try to run circles around you, hiding behind seemingly innocent activities. But the truth is that she’s cheating on you whenever she fails to offer the trust, emotional support, and other benefits she promised to you and the relationship.

As a primer on how to catch a cheating wife, here’s a quick guide to help put you on notice whenever your wife is cheating on you in any way:

Emotional Affair

This is usually a precursor to sexual cheating, but it’s equally alarming. It happens when she grows fond of someone, is always happy to spend more time with them, and always invites physical contact – kissing, hugging, and cuddling.

This is usually when she rebuffs you with ‘Oh, we’re just friends,’ or ‘We’re just colleagues.’ But you just can’t deny that those two have something going that’s out of the ordinary.

Cyber Affair

A cyber affair is a modern sexual behavior involving an emotional connection with someone online. Since everything stays online and physical contact is hardly ever made, it’s easy to excuse or explain it away.

Though it might not seem like anything might come out of a cyber affair, the fact remains she’s investing the attention and emotions meant for the relationship elsewhere.

However, oftentimes, cyber cheating is a symptom of a deeper crack in the relationship. She’s probably feeling bored, lonely, or neglected. But it’s still no excuse for her to invest her energy elsewhere without first trying to fix her relationship.

Object Affair

Another form of betrayal to look out for is an obsession with a hobby, a passion, a job, or anything outside the relationship. In some cases, it’s pornography – and it usually seems innocuous until her appetite for real sex begins to wane.

At any rate, anything that draws her emotions and energy away from the relationship is a red flag. It probably wasn’t such a huge problem in the beginning, but then it gradually consumed her, drawing her in more and more by the day. Now, she invests all her mind, body, and soul into her obsession. Even worse, she keeps it all to herself and lets you have no part in it.

Physical Affair

This is the most blatant form of cheating. Your cheating wife is making out with someone else.

To some people, a physical affair isn’t just when sex is involved, but any kind of sexually arousing physical contact – kissing, cuddling, etc. The intent is usually what’s questioned, not necessarily the physical act. Their kisses and cuddles are sexually arousing. You can feel the connection growing stronger every time, and you know it’s only a matter of time before those two make out. Makes it necessary to start thinking about spying on your wife.

Financial Infidelity

Financial infidelity, another common variety of cheating, is a valid accusation if both partners agree to share their finances. It’s another manifestation of selfish, self-centered instincts.

A partner wrongfully keeps financial information from the other to prevent them from benefiting from it, or worse, to force them into debt or financial obligation they wouldn’t have willingly agreed to.

They could be trying to keep frivolous spending habits from their significant other – possibly denying their partner and the relationship some important finances.


As the name suggests, micro-cheating is a very subtle form of cheating that’s harder to detect. It usually happens when a partner isn’t fully committed in a relationship and tries to indulge in other sexual relationships without risking their primary relationship.

The lines could be drawn differently depending on who you ask, but micro-cheating generally involves things like flirting on social media and messaging apps, hitting on a waiter or junior employees at work, staying actively in touch with their ex., and attending events with someone of different sex.


Another form of cheating that’s easy to explain away, flirting, could just be a one-off fling or a regular sexual behavior. It happens when your wife engages in sexually charged activities with someone else, whether on a dating app, social media, or in her workplace. She could probably argue that it’s nothing serious and the intentions are innocent, but it’s probably a matter of time before things start getting serious.

10 Signs She’s Cheating on You

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Generally, what counts as cheating depends on the agreement you two have. You know how to draw better lines in your relationship, but how about determining when the line is breached? Your wife could do a good job keeping her cheating activities under wraps.

You don’t have to go paranoid, though. Instead, a few tell-tale signs can help ground your suspicions.

Secretive Texting

She feels uncomfortable sending certain texts in your presence. She tucks her phone away quickly when you walk in while she’s texting or leaves texting until odd hours of the night or when you’re not around.

Keeping a Secret Phone

Found a second secret phone in her drawer or closet? And noticed she never uses it in front of you? She gives you total access to her regular phone only because all her dirty secrets are on the secret phone she’s desperately trying to keep from you.

Changing Passcodes to Shared Accounts Unnecessarily

She suddenly feels the need to protect her phone from you, changing her passwords and becoming more restrictive in lending it out to you. She always clings to her phone wherever she goes and freaks out when you go near it like it’s a ticking time bomb about to explode.

Going MIA

If suddenly, your wife is frequently going MIA, it’s probably high time to learn how to see my wife’s text messages for free. She takes longer than usual in her routines, staying longer at the gym, coming back later than usual from work, etc. She tells you she was stuck in traffic, ran into an old friend, etc. But sooner than later, she’s probably going to run out of excuses.

Carrying Spare Clothes

So you find spare clothes in her handbag or glove box often, and you just can’t figure out why she is always changing clothes on the go. Finding out who my wife is texting can help you find out where she goes wearing different clothes.

Changing Schedules Frequently

So now, she’s not afraid of shuffling things up now and then. She’s probably trying to throw you off her scent and make it more difficult to track her. With that, she can throw in a secret rendezvous with her lover and find an easy alibi.

Suspicious Expenses

Some of her spending habits probably fizzled out when she settled in with you – none of those expensive night-outs with friends, massive shopping sprees, and expensive gadgets. But if she’s suddenly reviving those habits, better find out the real motive behind it.

Dwindling Sex Drive

Signs of emotional disengagement usually show up first in the bedroom. Her mental space now swarms with new fantasies; she’s barely paying attention to her old affairs. One too many times, she’s shrugging you off in bed.

Or it could be the extreme opposite, and she’s now becoming more creative and energetic in bed like she’s been suddenly hit by a jolt of sexual energy.

Deleting Her Browsing History

Do you always find her browsing history completely erased? That’s a tricky one because it clearly shows she’s smart about how she handles her affairs. However, spying on a cheating wife online can help you find out what she’s trying to hide.

Suddenly Picking up New Habits

If she’s suddenly taking an interest in new hobbies, don’t be fooled by the innocent look on the surface. It could be a rather ominous sign – she’s probably been inspired by a new admirer, or she’s probably using it as a front for a new affair. 

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How to Catch a Cheating Wife on a Phone? 

Now that there’s a strong possibility that you may be on to something, here are some reliable ways to back up your suspicions. Note that these methods require physical access to her phone. But if she has her phone under lock and key, we’ve lined up easy-to-use tools to track a cheating spouse on her phone remotely.

Check Her Calls and Text Messages

The first place to look these days for evidence of a cheating wife on the phone is her calls and text messages. She’ll probably be smart enough not to leave incriminating texts behind, but she could slip up now and then. And when that happens, you’d want to be there to catch her. So you can also forward her text messages to your phone using software or her phone settings if possible.

Note the numbers she calls and texts frequently and try to establish their identities and why they’re communicating quite frequently.

Check Her Social Media

Several studies show that cheaters often use social media for their illicit affairs. They could meet their secret partner and keep in touch with them on the platform, or they could meet offline and use social media to communicate.

Either way, checking who my wife is messaging on Facebook and other social apps can offer reliable intel on her secrets. It could also help you save your relationship from social media in general, as reports show social media can be toxic to relationships. Watch out for when she goes fooling around on social media out of boredom.

Check Her Internet History

She could also leave a trail on her browsing history that can provide solid clues. She’ll probably be smart enough to delete any suspicious website from her history, but she could slip up now and then. So it’s always worth checking out her browsing history.

Sometimes, the evidence may not be obvious, but you shouldn’t take anything lightly. Is she looking up hotels and lodges? Note them down. Is she ordering men’s accessories you don’t ever get to see? Don’t just ignore them. Her browsing history can tell you a lot about her suspicious expenses.

Track Her Location

If she’s been going MIA and giving incoherent excuses, it’s probably high time you tracked her location. Putting a tracker on her car requires hardware, and she will probably miss out on places she goes without her car. It’s best to track her using her cell phone.

You can find my wife’s location for free using tools like Google Maps, Find My Device for Android, Find My iPhone, and Find My Friends for iPhones. And in the following sections, we’ll highlight a software solution that allows you to track her through her phone number.

Check Her Media

You should also check her photos and videos if you can access her phone. Pornography may not be a big deal for some, but it could be a serious red flag for others. However, you can try approaching her about any suspicious media content you find on her phone.

Check the media content on her social media too. Is she sharing and receiving explicit content with anyone? Now, that’s surely not an innocent joke. 

mSpy – The Best App to Catch a Cheating Wife

mSpy spy app

mSpy has helped countless partners catch up to their cheating spouses. With mSpy, you don’t have to beat around the bush when tracking your wife’s phone; you have a ton of tracking tools delivering concrete proof of your wife’s activities at the click of a button.

mSpy provides comprehensive coverage of all your wife’s activities in totally stealth mode. Also, you can rest assured of a seamless user experience, with solid customer support always ready to help you stay on track in your monitoring campaign.

mSpy reveals all her incoming and outgoing calls, including time and date stamps, call duration, and even recordings. You’ll also get comprehensive coverage of her text messages, from SMS to social media messages and even hidden app messages.

You can also track her online activities using the keylogger, keyword alert, and remote screen recorder. These tracking features can provide updates in real-time, by the minute, hour, or day. mSpy even lets you read deleted messages. Her messages will be copied and stored on your dashboard when it’s recorded on her device, and you can look them up anytime, anywhere, even long after she’s deleted them.

mSpy works across all Android phones and iOS devices, but for very old devices, you may need rooting or jailbreaking. You can get all of this starting at $48.99 per month or $27.99 monthly for the three-month plan or $11.66 per month for the yearly plan. 

 How to Install mSpy?

With mSpy, it takes just a few easy steps to bust a cheater:

Step 1. Get your mSpy account at the mSpy official website. To do that, you need to enter your email and choose a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2. Check your email for the confirmation mail containing details of your new account and follow up on the instructions offered there.

  • For Android phones, you’ll need to handle her phone briefly to make a few quick changes and load a quick download and installation link.
  • For iOS, you might only need to enter her iCloud credentials on your dashboard.

Step 3. After completing the setup, the rest is as easy as flipping your phone and hitting up the category of data you want to check up on your dashboard.

Find My Wife’s Location for Free and Secretly With


With, all you need is your wife’s phone number to track her whereabouts. No bogus hardware or software requirements. You don’t even need to download anything on your own phone – everything can be done totally from the web, on any internet-enabled device.

Simply enter her phone number on your user dashboard, send her a decoy message that activates the tracking permission on her phone, and you’re in.

You can track her down anywhere she goes. Even where there’s no mobile network, you can still get her location updates to the last inch. can track any phone number in the world and works on any phone so long as it has the tracked mobile number in it. That includes the oldest phone models as well as the latest android and iOS devices.

And the entire operation will be kept a secret. Your wife won’t have the slightest clue you’re tracking her phone number. You’ll never need access to her phone, and you won’t be dealing with any installation process that could jeopardize your plans or leave her phone vulnerable to security threats.

You can learn how to catch my wife cheating with for just about a dollar for a one-day trial. Then you can opt for the monthly subscription once you confirm it works just fine. The monthly plan starts at $48.99 per month, and you can track as many numbers as you want. Plus, there’s a money-back guarantee so that you won’t be risking your money on this one.

How to Install

As earlier noted, you don’t need to install any software on your phone or your wife’s to use Everything can be done on your browser.

Step 1. Run on your dashboard and sign up for your user account. You can either opt for the free trial or pick up a monthly subscription.

Step 2. Enter your wife’s number on your user dashboard, then select the decoy message to embed the tracking link in. You can craft a custom message to make it more convincing.

Step 3. Once you send the decoy message and your wife clicks on the link, you’ll have her location info live and direct on your web dashboard.

eyeZy – Spying on Cheating Wife With State-of-the-Art Technology

eyezy spy app

eyeZy has quite the edge over most other spy apps out there, thanks to AI capabilities. With eyeZy, you won’t have to think too long and too hard about barebone info – you’ll have all the details you need plus an AI-powered analysis report to help you make quick, well-informed conclusions about her.

The AI-powered Social Spotlight weaves together info from all her social media activities to give you a clear picture of what she’s got going. The Phone Analyzer, Plan Breaker, and Keystroke Capture use AI to collect, analyze, and report her calls, social media, schedules events, etc. All of this works in stealth mode, allowing you to track my wife’s phone without her knowing.

eyeZy also has wide compatibility and works on all Android phones with versions 4 or later and all iOS devices with iOS 7 or later.

eyeZy’s pricing is in the lower-medium range. The monthly plan goes for $47 per month, and the three-month plan is $27.99 per month (less than $1 per day). You’ll pay just $9.99 per month with the 12-month plan.

How to Install eyeZy?

eyeZy guide

eyeZy has multiple installation modes suited to a variety of tracking purposes. You can use either the jailbreak/root or the non-jailbreak/non-root routes. Here’s a quick breakdown of the steps:

Step 1. Sign up for your eyeZy account with your email, then select a suitable subscription plan.

Step 2. Check for the confirmation mail in the email you provided. This comes with a link to the Friendly Installer, an installation wizard that offers a quick walkthrough of the installation steps.

Step 3. Begin tracking your wife’s messages by heading on to your eyeZy dashboard and scrolling to any specific category of activity.

Final Thoughts 

Cheating is one of the worst forms of betrayal. It could bring an instant end to a relationship built over the years. It’s usually a hard pill to swallow, but when and how you get to find out about it can determine the impact.

With this guide, we hope to equip you with all you need to know to figure out when your wife is cheating on you quickly. So now, the ball is in your court.​​

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