How to Find Out if Someone Has a Tinder Profile : 3 Methods

How to Find Out if Someone Has a Tinder Profile : 3 Methods

This question comes across many people’s minds: how to find out if someone has a Tinder profile?

Perhaps you want to check if your significant other is using the popular dating app, or perhaps you’re curious about that coworker who won’t stop talking about Tinder. Dating apps are on the rise, and Tinder is no exception. More than 50 million users use the app every month.

Finding someone on Tinder without their consent or knowledge can be difficult – but not impossible! A bit of patience and research can go a long way in spotting signs he will cheat in the future. This post will explore three methods to finding someone on Tinder: mSpy app, URL search, and a Fake page.

How to Check if Someone Is on Tinder With mSpy

mspy tinder monitoring

Is there a way to see if someone is on Tinder? Yes! mSpy is the best method available. As a powerful smartphone tracking app, mSpy allows users to track their friends and family’s activity on Tinder easily. ‘

The app provides up-to-date insights into what they are doing, making it more reliable than other methods. The top favorite features include:

  • Access to all Tinder chats and contacts
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Ability to view photos, videos, messages, and other multimedia files that have been shared through Tinder
  • Option to set up activity alerts
  • Recover deleted messages
  • Control apps and programs used on the device

Ready to get started with mSpy? It’s easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official mSpy website and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Select the target device (iOS or Android) you want to monitor and complete the setup process.
  3. Log in to your mSpy account from any browser, desktop or mobile device, and start monitoring their activity.

With mSpy, you can easily keep track of your loved one’s Tinder activity and uncover the truth.

Is There a Way to See if Someone Is on Tinder:  URL Search

If you don’t want to purchase mSpy, you can still find out if someone you’re looking for is on Tinder by searching the URL. The URL of a user’s profile is usually located in the address bar when logged into their account. If you know the person’s name or username, you should be able to search for it in a web browser and see if there is an associated Tinder profile.

How to check if someone is on Tinder: 

  1. Open your web browser and type in ‘’ where the username is the name or username of the person you are looking for.
  2. If a profile appears, they have an active account on Tinder.
  3. You can click through and view their profile to find out more information about them.
  4. Be aware, though, that you won’t be able to see any matches or messages if you don’t have access to their account via mSpy or some other third-party software.

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How to Know if Someone Is on Tinder With a Fake Page

How to know if someone is on Tinder

The third method how to know if someone is on Tinder involves creating a fake page of your own. This way, anyone who searches for your name or username will come across the fake page instead of any real accounts that may exist.

  1. First, go to the Tinder website and create an account with your desired username and password.
  2. Select a profile photo that is either generic or resembles the person you are trying to find on Tinder. Make sure it’s not too close of a match, or it might be difficult to know if the person is active on the app.
  3. In the bio section, fill out some basic information about yourself such as your age, interests, and location. All other fields can be left blank or filled out with generic information, such as a fake career or hobbies.
  4. Once you’ve created your profile, it’s time to start searching for your target user!

Are They Active on Tinder? How to Check

Are you wondering how to find out if someone is on Tinder? Don’t worry, there are a few methods how to trick your boyfriend into admitting he cheated! Whether you’re just curious or have been waiting for a match, it’s time to find out if they’re still swiping. Here are five ways to tell if your target user is still active on the app.

Method One: Spy App

The first and simplest way to determine whether someone is active on Tinder is through a spy app. Spy apps like mSpy allow you to track your target user’s activity, including when they open and close the app and when they last swiped. This gives you valuable insight into whether your target user is still actively using Tinder.

Once you log in to your mSpy account, head to the ‘Social media’ tab and select ‘Tinder.’ Here, you’ll be able to view the user’s recent activity and conversations.

Pro Tip: Did you open 'Tinder' but cannot find any single message? Don't worry! mSpy recovers deleted messages for you. Go to keylogger, and find out the deleted messages. With a convenient search tool, you can quickly look up the target user’s conversations.

Method Two: Location Updates

If you’re in the dating game, you know it can be difficult to tell how to know if someone has a Tinder account. Fortunately, there are some signs you can look out for that can provide insight into a person’s activity levels.

One of the most reliable ways to do this is by looking at their location updates. For example, if they have recently moved to a different geographical area – even a different city or state – it could indicate they’ve successfully landed dates and met people in new locations.

While it could mean they’ve just been changing their city settings to search for potential matches, if the location changes coincide with other suspicious changes in profile information, it could be a sign of increased activity on Tinder.

This kind of detective work can give you valuable clues about where someone stands in terms of actively using the app and might help to inform your own interactions with them.

I felt my boyfriend was on Tinder, but I could never prove it. One day, I noticed that his profile listed a different city than the one he told me he was currently in. I had a hunch that this could be a sign of recent activity on Tinder, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I signed up for mSpy, an app that tracks location data with incredible accuracy. After a few clicks, I could see his exact address and determine that he had been in the city listed on his Tinder profile. He had lied to me about his whereabouts!

Allison, 25

Method Three: Profile Bio & Avatar Check

Another how to know if someone is on Tinder is to pay attention to their profile. Have they posted any new photos? Are there any recent updates to the About Me section of their page?

If you last saw something new a few days ago, this user has likely been inactive for some time. Additionally, if someone’s bio is purposefully vague or completely left blank, the user may have stopped using Tinder altogether.

Moreover, it’s also worth taking a look at their avatar. If the user has recently changed their profile image, this is usually an indication that they are still active on the app. If, however, their profile picture remains unchanged for a more extended period of time, likely, the user hasn’t been active for some time.

Method Four: Recently Active

How to Check if Someone Is on Tinder

Checking a user’s recently active status on Tinder is an easy way to tell whether they are currently on the app. Before acting, navigate to the person’s profile and look for the green dot next to their name. How to know if someone is on Tinder? If you see green dot, that means they were active in the last 24 hours, indicating that they are likely using Tinder to search for matches.

The green dot will disappear after 24 hours of inactivity – anytime the person has neither opened nor used their account since the prior day. It may also happen if someone had deleted their account or blocked your access to viewing his/her profile.

By regularly checking for the status of this green dot, you can determine whether someone is still active on Tinder. Additionally, remember that people often use more than one platform when looking for potential dates, so even if they’re not using Tinder anymore they could still be dating online elsewhere.

Method Five: Match Check

If you’re curious whether someone is still using the app, you can use a simple trick to find out. All you need to do is “swipe right” on them, and if it’s a match, then they are still swiping. This is because when two people swipe right on each other, it signals that they want to communicate.

In addition, if someone has recently been active on Tinder, their profile will appear higher in other users’ lists of potential matches – indicating the user’s level of activity. That’s a great way how to find out if someone has a Tinder profile.

Furthermore, if you see people who have right-swiped each other’s profiles but haven’t yet connected in any way, then this could indicate that they are respectively considering potential matches but haven’t made up their minds yet – potentially meaning that they are still actively using the app.

Therefore, by using these simple methods, you can quickly get a good indication of whether someone is currently an active member of Tinder.


Dating apps like Tinder open up a whole world of possibilities for connecting with new people. If you’re wondering if someone is active on Tinder, several clues can help you draw your conclusion.

The most effective way to know if someone is active on Tinder is by using a third-party app like mSpy. mSpy can track a person’s Tinder activity and other social media accounts.

In addition to using mSpy, you can also look for signs of activity on the person’s social media accounts and perform an online search. If you find recent picture updates or Tinder-related posts, this can indicate that the person is using the app. 

Other signs might include a sudden change in their profile picture or biography. Additionally, if you come across conversations about Tinder in their DMs, this could indicate that the person is active on the app.


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