How to Live a More Fulfilling and Happy Life

How to Live a More Fulfilling and Happy Life

How to Live a More Fulfilling and Happy Life

Do you want a happy life?

I used to have the following idea of ​​life: school, university, job, marriage, children, retirement, grandchildren, death. I thought as long as you were more or less successful in one of these phases, you were doing everything right.

But: life can be so much more!

Life can be climbing mountains, fighting hunger, or developing a new habit. Living can mean passing on knowledge, raising children, protecting animals, delighting people with delicious food and much more.

What I want to say is: life can be anything you want.

Because you fill it with life.

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Do not exist but live

As soon as we are born, we exist in this world. But that doesn’t mean that we are really alive. You can also spend your whole life in the routine outlined above and never go beyond the stage of mere existence.

You will of course regret that . But then it’s usually too late.

Do not make the same mistake as many other people and fail to live.

What are your dreams, visions, and desires? Where do you want to go? What do you want to leave to this world? What do you really want to have experienced?

Take responsibility for your life . Because it is up to you to shape your life yourself. You decide what a happy life looks like for you.

Don’t let your life leave you.

“ To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all ”- Oscar Wilde

In everyday life, we are often so busy fulfilling our duties that we don’t get embarrassed to deal with the really important questions of life.

It could also be uncomfortable because you have to ask yourself questions like, “ Do I want to stay in this job at all? “,” What am I particularly good at? ” ,” Am I still happy in this regard? “

It is easier to do the laundry during the day, to make calls on the phone, to earn a living, to shop and to practice forgetting to watch TV in the evening.

And so months and years go by in no time and at some point you ask yourself: “ And that’s it now? That was the big life that everyone always talks about? “

Because at some point the awakening comes inevitably.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: The Happy Life Formula: How to Build Your Life Around the New Science of Happiness

Out of the routine into a happy life

It has been scientifically proven that people often change their lives from scratch after life-threatening events :

  • They will then align themselves more with their own values than with those of society.
  • You focus more on the present .
  • They show less interest in material, fame and money and a greater appreciation of nature and everyday things (e.g. the sunset or hugging a child).
  • They are less worried about other people’s opinions and more willing to take risks



Because it has become clear to these people that our time on earth is limited and that life is a gift .

“There are two great days in a person’s life: the day we were born and the day we discover what for.”  – William Barclay

Take responsibility for your life

So what do you want to do with the time that was given to you? Who do you want to be?

You were born with certain skills. You have certain interests that maybe no one else has. Make something out of it.

That’s your life!

Do not live the life of your parents, fellow students or neighbors. Of course you also have responsibility towards your fellow human beings. But you have the greatest responsibility towards yourself.

Are you dissatisfied with your apartment? Then move. You don’t like your job or just stay in your relationship out of habit? Then change it. Are you stuck in a toxic relationship that’s keeping you unhappy? Then free yourself. Otherwise you will waste valuable time. Lifetime . And it won’t come back.

A happy life means fulfilling your heart’s desires . Whether this is a trip to Iceland, the leap into self-employment, settling an argument with your girlfriend or learning to cook French cuisine. If you have any, now is the time to do it. Do it before it’s too late.

Then, when you are old and wrinkled, you can look back on a happy life lived and not on a list of omissions.

I think most of us want a happy life . But that’s not enough. We have to make a conscious decision to do so. Because a happy life is often not compatible with the comfortable routine that we have built up.

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How to Live a More Fulfilling and Happy Life | Life and Love Diva

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