How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone for Free: Alternatives That Guarantee Stealth and Efficiency

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone for Free: Alternatives That Guarantee Stealth and Efficiency

You feel like your boyfriend is head over heels for you. Well, the signs are there. Just last week, he took you to his parent’s house and introduced you as his girlfriend. 

You grinned from ear to ear. At this juncture, you think you’ve found the ideal boyfriend. Who knows? He may decide to take things further and make you his wife. 

However, some weeks after meeting his parents, your boyfriend’s attitude towards you changes. At first, you feel as if his coldness is due to a work-related issue. 

Although this may be true in some cases, mood swings should wear off. If your boyfriend continues on this path for an extended time frame, something is wrong. 

Research confirms that 53% of single women admitted getting another individual to leave their committed relationship. Thus, it might be time for you to get your wrinkled “Inspector Gadget” suit ironed to know if your boyfriend is cheating or not. 

Fortunately, the introduction of technology has resulted in the creation of tools effective in spying-related tasks. This article will peek at the best alternatives for getting the job done.

Do you want to resolve the typical “how to spy on my boyfriend’s phone for free” query and know where you stand in a relationship?

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Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

Are you interested in knowing how to go through your boyfriend’s phone without him knowing? Regardless of your reasons, you can monitor his phone 24/7 and see what he’s been up to by:

Using Spyware

When you hear of spyware or spy apps, you may think of something negative. Nonetheless, these apps aren’t all doom and gloom, and you can use them to view your boyfriend’s call logs and messages stealthily. 

Albeit revolutionary in its formation, you don’t need a Harvard Computer Science degree to use spyware.

Although many spy applications are available on the Internet, their inner workings are somewhat similar. To kick-start, your tracking journey with spyware, install the app of your preferred service on the target device. 

Once you’ve completed installation, you can see what’s happening on your boyfriend’s smartphone 24/7. Since the top spy applications have an add-on tagged Stealth Mode, they’ll trawl data in the background without your boyfriend knowing. 

Spy apps help you monitor your boyfriend’s texts, calls, and multimedia files. Although these are available on a ton of spy applications, some alternatives go the extra mile with these functionalities:

  • GPS location tracking
  • IM app monitoring
  • Web browser blocker
  • Application blocker
  • SIM card locator
  • VoIP call recording
  • Screen Recorder
  • Keylogger and
  • Lots more
NOTE: Although device monitoring via spy apps might seem like the best way to spy on a cheating boyfriend's texts and calls, ensure this activity is permitted in your region. If it's not and you're caught, the possibility of a legal debacle is HIGH!

Spy for Free

Most girlfriends ask the “how to check your boyfriend’s phone for free” query. Thankfully, you can monitor your boyfriend’s smartphone for free. However, note that the available methods aren’t 100% effective. 

The first way to check your boyfriend’s cell phone is by sneaking it off him when he’s unaware. Although it may be challenging if he’s with his phone 24/7, you can take advantage of periods where he’s sleeping, watching an important game, or feasting with friends.

However, note that you might encounter issues if your boyfriend’s device is passworded. 

Albeit for iOS devices, another medium you can use to track your boyfriend’s device is via the iCloud platform. 

To begin this activity, you need the iCloud credentials on your boyfriend’s iOS device. Once you have it, head to the iCloud site and insert these logins. Upon signing in, you can access his phone’s data and GPS location. 

Despite the efficiency of this option, it’s pretty useless if you don’t have your boyfriend’s Apple logins. So, if you want to monitor your boyfriend’s smartphone stealthily and remotely, your best bet is spy apps. 

DID YOU KNOW: If your boyfriend's iOS smartphone has 2FA enabled, you won't be able to track his device until you get the code sent directly to him. So, even if you have his Apple ID, disable this option to hack away without breaking a sweat. 

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

boyfriend spy app

As seen on its website, mSpy doesn’t want you “relying on a hunch.” This spy application is as comprehensive as it gets, with over 35 spying functionalities. 

With the mSpy application, everything your boyfriend is doing in the dark comes under scrutiny instantly. 

Supported in over 180 countries, mSpy ranks as one of the world’s most renowned spyware. Getting started on the app doesn’t present any challenge, and by following the steps featured on the site, you should complete this process within 5 minutes. 

Now, you can spy on him and get a hold of the information you want without delay!

If you’re asking “how to sync my boyfriend’s phone to mine,” mSpy is the ideal fit for this endeavor. The app’s Control Panel sends you a fresh wave of data from the target’s Android or iOS device every 5 minutes. 

You won’t be handing over your prized possessions to afford mSpy. For perspective, you have access to three plans:

NOTE: If the mSpy app doesn't suit your requirements, you can apply for a refund. However, you must request within 14 days of subscribing, as per the app's Refund Policy
mSpy spy app

What Can You Track With mSpy?

mSpy ranks as the “one shoe fit all” spy application, as it caters to numerous spying endeavors. However, here are some mSpy capabilities that should come in handy as you monitor your boyfriend’s Android or iOS device.

Top mentions include:

  • Phone Calls and Call Logs

Is your boyfriend making calls at odd hours, and he tells you it’s “Bob at Work” when you confront him? mSpy’s on the ground to tell you whether he’s being truthful. 

With this spy application, you can see all incoming and outgoing calls on your boyfriend’s smartphone. You’ll also get the timestamps and duration of each call. 

That’s not all: mSpy goes further with its “Incoming Call Restriction” add-on. This feature allows you to restrict calls from an unwanted mobile number. You can set these limitations from your dedicated Control Panel. 

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Did your boyfriend say he would spend a night out with the boys, and you think he’s lying? With mSpy in the thick of things, you can know his whereabouts in real-time. 

It doesn’t end here. If he’s been visiting weird places recently, mSpy gives you insight into his past locations and the timeline he spent at each spot. This spy application doesn’t just provide a generic naming of the site. Rather, you’ll get a detailed description of the coordinates and address. 

There’s more! mSpy has a “Geofencing” function in its résumé. Thus, you can set “danger areas” on your boyfriend’s Android or iOS smartphone. If he enters any of these restricted spots, you’ll receive an instant notification. 

  • Media File Viewing

Is the only passworded application on your boyfriend’s device the “Gallery” app? Using the mSpy app, you can view your boyfriend’s media files in a “jiffy.”

Upon mSpy installation, you can view his pictures and videos alongside their timestamps. Now, you can easily connect the dots to your boyfriend’s weird behavior.

NOTE: Although you can view media files on a target's Android and iOS smartphone through mSpy, you'll need to jailbreak the latter device. 
  • Text Messages

Does your boyfriend grin from “ear to ear” while typing on his virtual keyboard? If your answer is positive, you may want to read his texts – a specialty area for the mSpy application. 

This spy application grants you access to the sent and received messages on your boyfriend’s smartphone. If there’s an image in a conversation, mSpy will retrieve it for you without hassles. 

What’s better? You can see detailed data on unknown numbers. Therefore, you know where to look if you feel your boyfriend has affairs with someone else. 

  • Installed Application Viewing

Do you think that the applications on your boyfriend’s phone might lead him to cheat on you? The mSpy app is available to help you set restrictions on apps you deem negative to your relationship. 

On your dedicated mSpy “Control Panel,” you’ll see the applications on your boyfriend’s device listed alongside their name tags. Now, click on the application you’d like to restrict and hit the “Block App” button.

It’s that easy!

  • Monitoring Social Media Apps

Although social media made instant messaging a thing, it also made cheating easier to execute. According to a recent report, one-third of American adults said they have a social media profile their partners don’t know.

With this statistic in view, you might want to snoop on your boyfriend’s social media accounts. Fortunately, mSpy grants you unrestricted access to his profiles on channels like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, and WhatsApp. 

So, if you’d like to view his messages, multimedia files, or links, the mSpy app is available to help you out. 

  • Web Browsing History Monitoring and Blocking

mSpy gets you in sync with your boyfriend’s activities on the Internet. With this spying service, you can see what sites your boyfriend visits 24/7. If you observe that he’s always visiting an unethical site at odd hours, you can use mSpy to restrict his access to these sites.

  • Keylogger

Would you like to see what your boyfriend types all day long? Well, it’s possible with mSpy. mSpy’s “Keylogger” add-on allows you to see all keystrokes made on your boyfriend’s iOS or Android cell phone. 

Keystrokes are logged onto your mSpy “Control Panel” in meaningful phrases. You’ll see their timestamps, and the application is featured. 

Talk about a spy application that makes the impossible possible!

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s iPhone

mspy iphone spy app

As we’ve stated, installing the mSpy application on the target’s device is seamless. Nonetheless, for iPhone or iOS smartphones, there are two installation forms:

  • Jailbreak
  • Non-jailbreak

Jailbreak Mode

To use mSpy’s jailbreak on an iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Jailbreak the target device. This process might be a tad tasking. Nevertheless, you should get yourself all sorted with easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials available.
  1. Download and install the mSpy application onto the target’s device.
  1. Upon installation, the mSpy app isn’t visible on the iOS device. Now, you can kick-start spying activities on your boyfriend’s cell phone.
NOTE: As it stands, you can't jailbreak specific iOS versions. So, before using this medium, ensure a functional jailbreak solution is available for the target's device.

Non-Jailbreak Medium

To use the non-jailbroken mSpy version to spy on your boyfriend’s iOS device, follow these steps to the “T”:

  1. Buy a mSpy subscription. 
  1. After payment, install the mSpy app on your boyfriend’s iOS phone.
  1. Enable the “iPhone Backup” option. Now, head to the “Settings” area of the tracked iOS device and click the “Backup Now” button.
DID YOU KNOW: You can install mSpy on an iPhone remotely. However, you need the target's iCloud logins to make this a reality. 

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Android

mspy android spy app

The “how do I put spyware on my boyfriend’s phone”  query is one made by most girlfriends. If your boyfriend uses an Android cell phone and you’d like to see what he’s up to 24/7 with mSpy, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a New mSpy Account

To create a mSpy account, head to the site and tap “TRY NOW.” Immediately, the mSpy site redirects you to a page to input your email address. 

After inserting an email, click on the T&Cs box and tap the “TRY NOW” button.

Step 2. Select the Target OS and Purchase a Subscription Package

Choose the target OS you’d like to monitor. Since you’ll be spying on an Android device, click on the ideal icon to continue. 

Now, you’re ushered to a pricing page that features all mSpy plans. Select an affordable variation.

Step 3. Install the mSpy Application on the Target’s Android Device

Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation email from mSpy. Afterward, install mSpy on the target Android cell phone. Now, use the “registration code” in the confirmation email to set mSpy up.

Step 4. Commence Monitoring Activities in Full Gear

Once mSpy is up and running on their devices, it’s time to log into your dashboard. Immediately you’re logged in; you’ll have access to all your boyfriend’s texts, calls, and multimedia files.

Easiest Way to Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Device With a Spy Application

spy on boyfriends phone without touching it for free

eyeZy is another top-notch spyware that’ll let you hack your boyfriend’s Android or iOS cell phone with relative ease. Tagged as the “most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet,” eyeZy lives up to the billing as it has a myriad of functionalities in its résumé. 

If you have a query along these lines – what app can I use to spy on my boyfriend – the eyeZy app is an ideal choice as it works in 100% “Stealth Mode.” With this add-on, you can spy on your boyfriend without him knowing. 

eyeZy is as secure as it gets. For context, this spy app has bank-grade encryption available. Therefore, expect trawled data to be safe from unlicensed third-party entities. 

eyeZy claims that its subscription plans cost less than a cup of coffee. Well, this spying service stays true to its words with these packages in the mix:

NOTE: The prices listed above are discounted by 30%. However, note that you'll pay the full subscription value for renewals. 
eyezy spy app

What Can You Track With eyeZy?

A whole lot. Nonetheless, if you want to start spying on your boyfriend’s phone, these features should work the trick.

Top mentions include:

  • Keylogger

Getting to see what someone’s typing in real-time may seem like rocket science, right? Well, not with eyeZy in the driving seat. With the spy application, you can see what your boyfriend’s typing 24/7. 

Does eyeZy end things here? Not quite.

The spy application also lets you set keywords on your boyfriend’s device. Once it detects a variation during a conversation, the app notifies you immediately.

Talk about encompassing!

  • Social Networks
how to check your boyfriend's phone

Do you think your boyfriend’s cheating? The first place to check is his social media accounts. Due to the ease and convenience provided by these applications, most cheaters use them to facilitate secret affairs. 

Worried about the social media platforms you’ll be able to track with eyeZy? There’s no need to fret as this spy application provides coverage over top alternatives like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts, Kik, Tinder, and Telegram. 

Do you crave extensivity on all fronts? eyeZy should be your go-to plug. 

  • Screen Recorder

We aren’t at Hogwarts, right? However, eyeZy gives us a feeling that we’re in this magical city with its “Screen Recorder” function. 

With cheaters clearing their trails by deleting chats and SMS messages, eyeZy operates in the background to take screenshots at intervals. So, even if your BF tries to deny sending that raunchy SMS, you have evidence to nail him accordingly. 

Cheaters can run. Nonetheless, with eyeZy in the thick of things, they’ll quickly run out of track. 

  • Text Messages

Are you looking for the best boyfriend spy app to grant you full access to his messages? Think eyeZy. 

This spy app let you in on your boyfriend’s sent and received messages. 

eyeZy also gives you an insight into the timestamps of these messages. What’s better? The eyeZy application gives you the contact information of those texting them.

Talk about convenience in all ramifications!

Is he truly with the boys at the newly opened restaurant or a hotel with a secret lover? Using eyeZy, everything comes to light, including his real-time location.

You can access his coordinates on an understandable map on the eyeZy application. eyeZy’s AI also notifies you when your boyfriend enters suspicious zones.

With eyeZy, the world is at your fingertips!

  • Browser History

Do you think your boyfriend’s visiting weird websites at odd hours? If yes, you can get your gut feeling sorted with eyeZy. This spyware gives you an overview of the web pages he has visited recently. 

Although there’s a possibility that he’s checking out the new gossip blog, he might also be visiting a dating site. If the latter is the case, eyeZy allows you to restrict him from related platforms.

So, while he hires a technician to fix the Wi-Fi, no one knows that you’re the cause of the restriction.

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s iPhone

eyezy iphone spy app

Although iOS devices are known for their top-tier safety features, spy applications like eyeZy cut through their defenses like a “hot knife going through butter.”

To start spying on your partner’s phone (iOS), follow these steps:

  1. Visit the eyeZy website, create an account, and purchase a subscription plan.
  1. Log into your eyeZy dashboard and insert your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials.
  1. If your boyfriend has 2FA active, input the code sent to his device. 
  1. After entering the code, head back to the dashboard and start spying-related acts without hassles! 

If your wife has a jailbroken iPhone, establish physical contact with her phone and install the application. After you’ve done this, you can track her cell phone stealthily and remotely 24/7!

Spy on Your Boyfriend’s Android Device

eyezy android spy app

If your boyfriend uses an Android smartphone, there’s great news! You can view his activities with eyeZy.

How do you get started? By following these steps:

  1. Head to the eyeZy site and create an account. 
  1. Select an OS (Android) and a subscription plan that tailors your needs.
  1. After a successful payment, get the target’s cell phone and install the eyeZy application.
  1. Log into your dashboard and track the data bits of your choosing.
NOTE: Some spy apps advertise remote installation on Android devices. However, note that it's impossible to track an Android device without physically accessing it to install the spy service. We advise steering clear from these fraudulent apps entirely. 

How to Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone for Free?

how to go through your boyfriend's phone without him knowing

Have you been searching for how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without touching it for free? 

If yes, there are some alternatives you can try out:

Notable mentions are:

iCloud Recovery Method

If you don’t have your boyfriend’s iCloud logins and you want to access his files, consider the iCloud recovery method. To get started, head to the iCloud website and click the “Forgot Password” icon. 

The service will send a new passcode. However, you’ll need to access your boyfriend’s email address to see it. 

With this code, you can commence spying activities on his device. 

Hire a Hacker

Ready to spy on your BF’s phone for free? Consider hiring a hacker for their coding prowess and ability to navigate the defenses of smartphones easily.

However, except the hacker is a close friend, you must dole out the big bucks to hire their premium services. 

Verizon Text Message History

One of the world’s finest networking entities, Verizon, has inadvertently created a medium you can use to spy on your boyfriend’s device for free, albeit partially. 

By opting for a family plan and adding your boyfriend’s device, you can use the “Admin Panel” to see who he’s calling alongside the duration of each conversation.

What to Do If You Find Out Your Boyfriend Is Cheating on You?

spy on him

Discovering your boyfriend is cheating on you can be heartbreaking. However, if the deed has been done, it’s time to begin your journey towards redemption.

To ensure you’re in 100% control, take these actions:

  • Seek counsel from friends you can trust
  • Cry or scream. Do what you can to release the pent-up anger and negative emotions. 
  • Forgive yourself. Understand your boyfriend’s infidelity wasn’t your fault.
  • Avoid all social media channels for an extended timeline. 
  • Heal and take appropriate care of yourself.
  • Forget everything and move on.
DID YOU KNOW: 70% of couples break up in their first year together. Nonetheless, if they get to the five-year milestone, there's a 20% probability they'll break up. 

Final Thoughts

Is your boyfriend cheating on you, and you’d like to get rock-solid evidence to confront him? If yes, it’s time to set your sights on spyware like eyeZy and mSpy. With tons of features in their résumé, these spy apps ensure your monitoring endeavor is convenient and gets you the desired results. 

If your boyfriend cheated on you, now’s not the time to give in to your insecurities. You’re a gem, and soon, he’ll realize what he’s lost. Regardless, we hope your journey towards redemption is smooth sailing.

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