A man of high value is someone who knows how to treat a woman right. He is a dream come true for every woman. He is the man who knows exactly how to take care of his woman and make her happy.

So, are you tired of dating the same guy who just takes you for granted over and over again? You might feel sick of it and think maybe in today’s society it can be hard to really find a high value man who will treat you right. But believe it or not, they are not so rare. You just have to know what you really want in a man and know yourself well. 

But first, you have to be a high-value woman to attract a high-value man in your life. Being a high-value woman means you know yourself well. You are confident for who you are and also know how to treat  a man right. When you love yourself first and know how to take care of yourself first, then this is the time that you are ready for a high value man. 


So in order for you to attract a high-value man into your love life, you must first see yourself as a high-value woman.

Today, I’m about to show you what powerful qualities of a high value man to look out for if you want to be treated the right way. 

Top 18 Interesting Traits That Define a High Value Man Who Will Treat You Right

1. He values loyalty and commitment.

He is a man who knows how to value loyalty and commitment professionally, personally, and lovingly. He knows that it is very important for a man to keep his word and promises. He is a man who’s committed to the special woman in his life, and does not run around with other women.

2. He has a positive outlook in life.

A high value man knows there’s always a light at the end of each tunnel. He is very optimistic and no matter how difficult the situation is, he always finds the light of positivity. 

He knows how to enjoy life even if life is hitting him hard. He finds ways to smile and laugh. Even if he has a bad day, he’s still grateful for the good things in his life. He likes to enjoy life, because he knows that life is too short and he doesn’t want to spend most of his days being upset and miserable. He likes to enjoy being around his one and only woman and always looks for the positive in his relationship with the woman he loves the most.

3. He is not self-centered and seeks to understand women.

A high value man is not self-centered and he always seeks to understand his woman. He will sit down with his woman and listen to her whole heartedly. He listens because he wants to understand her. He listens before he speaks. He thinks before he talks. He listens and speaks to his woman without judgement. He doesn’t only think about himself, but he cares about his woman’s feelings and understands her. 

4. He sincerely loves putting an effort into a relationship.

When he is committed into a relationship with his one and only woman, he always makes sure that she is protected and safe. A high value man enjoys making an effort for his woman. He makes an effort without being asked by his woman. He texts or calls her when he is going to be late. He never fails to make an effort to make her happy, especially on their special occasions. He always wants to make sure that his woman is pleased, not only in bed, but in their relationship together. He makes an effort to know her likes and dislikes and makes a plan out of it.

5. He makes an effort to look the best he can.

This does not mean he is trying hard to look like someone else just to impress people.  Instead, he makes an effort to look neat, presentable, and respectable. This does not always mean he always has to wear expensive suits, but rather a man who knows how to dress nicely according to occasions. A high value man practices self care and self love and knows his own style that makes him feel good about himself naturally.

6. He is respectful and well mannered.

Isn’t it sexy if a man is a gentleman, respectful, and well mannered?

A high value man knows how to respect and treat everyone around him with politeness and kindness, especially to his woman. He doesn’t take advantage of the woman and pressure her, because he knows it is always worth the wait. He respects her decisions and choices. 

7. He knows what he wants and clear with his intentions.

He is not confused about what he wants. He does not play with a woman’s feelings. He is clear that he wants a high value woman who will empower, inspire, encourage, and motivate him to pursue his dreams, visions, and passions. He knows that he wants a woman who will enjoy being part of all his journeys in life in a more meaningful way. And when he finds that woman, he will tell his feelings to her with clear intentions. 

8. He is proud of having his woman on his side.

A high value man is never ashamed to introduce his woman to his friends, especially to his family. He enjoys showing you around to his friends. He will never want his woman to feel left out. It shows in his facial expressions how proud and happy he is to have you around him.


9. He knows exactly how to entice a woman.

He is simply adorable and sexy when he smiles. He is every woman’s fantasy. He knows how to make her smile and laugh.He knows how to look at her passionately and talk to her sensually so she is dying to get him alone. 

He knows how to make a woman fall for him, but he won’t use that to take advantage of her. He only make a woman fall for him if he really wants her in his life because he values a genuine relationship and an authentic love.

10. He never insults a woman who rejects him.

A high value man will never insult a woman if she rejects him because he knows how to respect a woman and he understands that a woman of value can choose. If she rejects him, he will move on easily because he understands that a woman has more options and he will never let the rejection get to him because he knows his worth too.

11. He is organized and tidy.

He doesn’t like his surroundings to be messy.  He always makes sure that his things are de-cluttered, because it also declutters his mind. He likes things organized and clean. He likes to do the house chores and clean his own stuff.

A high value man doesn’t wait for his woman to tell him to clean and make things tidy because he knows that the relationship is a shared responsibility,  even when it comes to doing the house chores. 

12. He’s fun to be with.

Even if he is an introverted person, he’s never boring for his woman. He knows how to make her laugh and is a fun person to be around. He knows how to make her happy and makes sure that his woman is having a fun time with him.

13. He knows that communication is very essential in a relationship.

A high value man doesn’t play the silent game. He listens and communicates clearly and effectively. If there is something wrong with the relationship, he will sit and talk it out and listen before he speaks. He listens and speaks without criticizing his woman. Instead he listen so he can speak and work things out better and effectively.


14. He is confident with a heart.

Isn’t it sexy if a man is confident and kind hearted at the same time? A high value man is confident but not boastful. He is confident with the humble heart. He knows what he wants and he speaks his mind with politeness. 

15. He never makes broken promises.

A high value man is a man of his  word. He won’t play games and say things that he knows he can’t commit. When he makes a promise, he will make sure that he can make it no matter what. When he make plans, he will certainly follow through. When he plans to have a date with his woman he will make sure that everything is set and follow through because he values promises and commitments.

16. He makes the conversation interesting.

He is simply a great conversationalist. He shares his experiences but doesn’t brag about them. He is open minded. He is not afraid to ask questions and answer questions. 

17. He is not desperate.

A high value man doesn’t chase, he attracts. He knows how to carry himself as a gentleman that sends  no vibe of desperation. He is not desperate to chase women, because he knows he can attract the right high value woman into his life. He knows his worth. 

18. He is responsible.

A high value man takes responsibility for his decisions and actions both professionally and personally. He does not party all the time and leave his woman hanging high and dry. He does not play the blame game. 

So there you have it my dear! I’ve given you these 18 powerful traits of a high value man you should know about, so you stop ending up with a low value man who will just keep leaving you high and dry. I’m not saying that these are the only qualities of a high value man. There are many more traits of a high value man.  I’ve only given you the top ones that came up most often and the ideas so you can know a high value man better. 

Remember a high value man still exist, you just have to be clear with the desire in your heart and the universe will attract the right high value man into your life. 


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