Knowing When to Fight for Love and When to Provide Love

Knowing When to Fight for Love and When to Provide Love

Knowing When to Fight for Love and When to Provide Love

It happens that the modern era of encounters consumes us and we get lost in it. Because of the disorder that reigns in people’s heads and also on our own, we tend to have a hard time distinguishing good from bad. Perhaps this is the main reason why we end up in toxic relationships or fighting for people who really don’t deserve us.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is that we don’t know the difference between fighting for love and begging for love.

Some might say that the line between the two attitudes is fine, but I do not agree.

When we fight for love, it is we who decide.

We are the ones leading. We are the ones who are confident enough to pursue what we deserve and what we think is worthy of our time.

Love is a partnership and it always takes two to waltz. You always have to be two to love.

Fighting for love implies that two people work together to overcome their differences and resolve their differences together. These are two people taking responsibility for their respective roles in the relationship. You always have to be two. If one makes efforts, then it is not love – but torture.

But how do we know that our relationship is worth fighting for?

It’s simple. You work hard to be aligned with each other. You are never alone carrying the heavy weights on your shoulders. You are never alone in pulling your relationship up. Because what is “good” never needs to be forced.

Bidding for love is a sign of despair.

Bidding for love probably means that you are chasing something that was not meant to be yours from the start. Because if it had, you wouldn’t have had to run after it.

Supplying for love means that you dance alone to the sound of a melody that has been created so that we can dance together.

Hanging on to someone who doesn’t really want to be with you is like trying to grab hold of the sand. It will slip between your fingers no matter what.

If you have to beg for love, it is because the person you are running after is not able to love you as you deserve. If you run after someone, you are running away from yourself. And if that is the case, whatever you do, you will never be his priority. You will never have his attention, his time or his love. You will only kneel to never receive anything.

Never allow your fear of losing someone to make you commit to someone who does you no good. Or from someone you have to beg to love yourself.

If you have to beg someone for love or to stay in your life, it is a clear sign that they have nothing to do there.

Always remember that when a door is locked and does not open, as hard as you pull or push, it is not supposed to open and there is nothing good for you on the other side.

The wrong person will force you to beg for their attention, affection, love and commitment. The right person will give you all of these things because they love you.

If someone wants you, you will be their first choice without even having to request it. It will be this person who will fight for your love rather than forcing you to beg for their own. You should never be forced to force someone to want to be with you – that’s not how love works.

When you meet the right person, you will feel it. It will not make you unhappy and it will not keep you at a distance.

You know, it’s okay to fight for someone who loves you, but it’s not okay to fight for someone to love you. Learn the difference?

Rather than wasting your life begging for love that is not supposed to be yours, keep enough respect for yourself to understand that the world is too big and that you have too much to offer.

Remember that you deserve a good love, one for which you will not need to beg. Let that guide you when you are wondering if you should give it a second chance or leave.


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Knowing When to Fight for Love and When to Provide Love

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