The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

What is your perception of long distance relationships and how to maintain a long distance relationship?

The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

What is your perception of long distance relationships? Like most, you should be thinking that they are difficult to maintain and you are not at all wrong. 

So how to maintain a long distance relationship?

Many couples make the decision to maintain a long distance relationship without the necessary bases, and from the beginning they jeopardize their stability; This is why they don’t last.

However, that does not mean that it is impossible. It all depends on you, your commitment to your partner and how you visualize your future with him or her.

Long distance relationships have pros and cons.

For example, if you are a very busy person it could be beneficial. Since you will get enough space to take care of your stuff. But, if you are the type of person who needs love and attention all the time; It will be very difficult for you.

Find below 8 strategies that will be very useful to learn how to maintain a long distance relationship.

8 Strategies to maintain a long distance relationship

The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

1. Create clear rules to manage your expectations.

Both should be clear about what they expect from each other during a long distance relationship.

Setting some basic rules will keep them on the same page. For example, is your relationship exclusive? Is it okay for the other person to go on dates? What is your level of commitment?

It is better to open to each other about all these things.

2. Knowing how to be positive.

Knowing how to be positive is practically an obligation. Not only for a relationship, but for any aspect of your life.

Although it seems a very obvious statement, many couples make the decision to continue relations from different cities or countries; simply for not losing the other person. But deep down they know that the relationship is not going anywhere.

The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

If you have a serious relationship and you really love your partner, physical absence will not be an impediment to maintain or even improve a relationship.

If you know that the separation will be for a limited time and that this is the person with whom you want to share the rest of your life; You will respect the relationship and do everything to maintain it.

It is totally up to you how you want your relationship to grow. Both must be totally positive and commit to maintaining the importance of the relationship.

3. Trust is essential.

The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

If you don’t know how to maintain a long distance relationship, you should start with trust.

Trust is a vital factor that you should keep in mind, especially when you’re not with your partner, you don’t know what he does, where he is, who he goes out with; etc.

For some people it becomes a martyrdom to have no control over their partner. If this is your case, you started badly. A relationship does not mean having possession of the other person and much less controlling it.

You will know that you are with the right person if you feel calm at all times.

If you have not been given any reason to distrust do not invent them!

Mistrust is one of the most common relationship killers. Not only from those at a distance; of any relationship.

There may be insecurities. Like your partner can find someone else, because they are far away.

You need to believe your partner that he will not see another person, as you both promised each other. Insecurities can spoil your long distance relationship. If you are loyal to your partner, think they will be faithful to you.

Remember that you don’t get anything by losing your peace of mind.

4. Maintain constant but not excessive communication.

It is very important to be in contact with each other through calls, emails, webcams, chat, etc. Technology now allows us to be in permanent contact.

Maintain constant communication with your partner, without suffocating it. As in any relationship, there must also be spaces. However, it is important to show interest in the life of the other and be aware of the most important events.

It is not prudent to be excessively “intense” and possessive. It is not necessary to communicate 12 hours a day to maintain the relationship.

Many couples think they need to compensate for distance by doing more. This is not true. On the contrary, it could make things worse.

Remember, less is more. 

It’s about finding the right times to talk and the right ones to give yourself your space.

Knowing what is happening in your partner’s life, both in good and bad times, is key in any relationship. Stay informed. This will make you both think of each other every day and give you the feeling of being together.

To understand how to maintain a long distance relationship, you must find a balance.

5. Intimacy will not be physical but it can be virtual.

Since we are talking about communication and the right times to do it, you should keep in mind that these are the only spaces of “contact” that you will have with your partner.

And we cannot deny it, our body has needs, after all we are human beings. Take advantage that technology can give you a hand.

It is true that there is nothing that compares to physical contact. However, playing a little with your partner through a video call will help ease your needs a bit and create expectations for the next meeting. Don’t be ashamed to do it, many things do!

Use these video calls for anything you can think of. There are couples who cook together, bathe together, watch movies and even sleep together. All through video calls.

6. Plan a surprise.

Plan surprises often. Any detail you have with your partner will make him or her feel close to you.

Send flowers, gifts, or cards; It will always be a good detail. For some people this is a bit cheesy. However, distance will make things cheesy, not so much.

7. Only do it if you consider your relationship to be serious.

If you really want to learn how to maintain a long distance relationship, you must take it very seriously. To your partner and the relationship.

Both must maintain the relationship as a high priority. Always receive calls and respond to messages. At least do everything in your power to do it.

Never stop expressing your feelings to each other.

8. Plan for the future.

Remember that a relationship cannot be maintained long distance forever. Or you or your partner must yield to live in the same place. If none yield, discuss the possibility of starting a life in a new place. This should not be a problem if there is true love and the relationship is a priority.

On the other hand, the only way to keep the relationship alive is if they have goals and dreams together. That’s why planning is so important.

A long distance relationship has its limits and these limits are determined by the future dreams of a reunion. If you do not visualize being with your partner in the future, you may lose the motivation to continue.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to maintain a long-distance relationship will not help if you are not sure about moving forward. Otherwise, it is better to finish.

The relationship must be a priority, and you must be emotionally intelligent to compensate for the gaps of physical absence. If there is love and willingness to continue, the obstacles will be easier to pass.

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The 8 Little Known Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

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