10 Incredible Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

10 Incredible Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You.

If you are going to be asked this question. “What would a man would do if he really loves his woman?” What are your thoughts and opinions about this question? What are the things you think a man would do for you if he really loves you?  Wondering what would it be? So how do you know if he really loves you?

First, I would like to point out that not all men are always expressive about their feelings. Some men may love their woman, but nervous about expressing their feelings causing the woman in their life to be left wondering.

You may have been dating this guy for a while, and you feel like he is falling in love with you. However, you are not 100% sure if really loves you.

So when this is the guy you want and really like, you begin to wonder if he really loves you because he doesn’t seem to express his feelings, but fret not my dear reader, relax and keep on reading.

Because you are about to learn 10 incredible things he will do for you if he really loves you.

So let’s begin………..

10 Incredible Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

10 Incredible Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

1. A man who really loves you – Will Fight for You

Yes, he will pull the trigger and he will be the man who has the strong desire to fight for you. Have you heard these things before “I will climb the mountain for you, and I will reach the stars for you?” Well he will not literally do these things. Despite this, no matter what happens, he will always be by your side.

He will pursue his feelings for you.

Even there are hindrances and obstacles along the way, he will do everything he can to fight to keep the relationship strong for the both of you.  When he makes a promise to you he will keep it.

With my past relationship. It took me 10 years before I finally realized that this man had no willingness to fight for me.


It had been 10 years and yet he didn’t give the security I needed.  He was not willing to fight for me and the relationship we had.  

He always had a lot of excuses.  So I had to cut the cord and finally let him go out of my life. I came to the realization if the man really loved and wanted to be with me, he would have done everything he could have to fight for the relationship we had.

Here are signs that a man is willing to fight for you and pull that trigger just to be with you.

  • Long distance is not an excuse for you to meet him personally and most importantly to meet your family.
  • He will do everything he can to win your love and the love of your family.
  • No matter how busy he is, he will make sure to spend extra time for you.

2. A man who loves you – Is proud to introduce you to his family and friends

Certainly this man really likes you and loves you because he is not ashamed to introduce you to his family and friends. This man, is proud and happy to have you around. And he is happy to talk about you to his family and friends.

He is proud to have you in his life.

He is smiling and his eyes are laughing when he talks about you to his family or friends. It’s a fact that he can’t deny because he is so in love with you.

Okay, so let’s say your man is not expressive about his feelings. Yet, it’s not an excuse for him to not introduce you, especially to his family. Because if you are important for him and if he wants you to be part of his life, then he will share his life with you and that’s including sharing his family with you, because one day they will be your family as well.

3. A man who really loves you – Shares his future with you.

Whenever he shares his thoughts, visions, dreams, and goals, parts of these are YOU. He talks not only about his goals in life, but also his goals and future with you together. And, He will talk about future plans for both of you.

He talks about plans and actions he would want to do and sharing it with you. At the same time, he asks your thoughts and feedback about it, because he actually considers your advice and thoughts as well. Because he wants to build a future with you and grow together with you.

4. A man who really loves you – Supports your passion

When you want to pursue something that you are passionate about, he will always be there to support you because you are important to him and your happiness is his happiness as well.

A man who really loves you will be your solid rock and number one supporter when it comes to pursuing your goals, visions, and passions in life.

He loves seeing you succeed and grow as a better version of yourself.

He actually enjoys seeing you grow, bloom, and be happy while pursuing your passion.

When at times you are tired and want to give up on your passion, he will always be there to support you emotionally and lift your spirits high.

Your happiness is his happiness.

5. A man who really loves you – will never cheat on you

This is so obvious, a man who truly love his woman will never ever cheat. If there’s an issue between the two of you, he will initiate to fix this issue instead of looking for someone else he can talk to and ended up cheating on you.

He has a conscience and never cheats on you even in the hardest times of your relationship together. He values the importance of COMMUNICATION when issues arise.

6. A man who loves you – will not change you for who you are

If you think this man is trying to change you for who you are, or always insisting to change your dress style, or change your physical appearance to fit his taste and desires, then it’s a danger sign that he is into something and wants you to be somebody else.

A man who really loves his woman, will wholeheartedly accepted you for who you are and what you are. He is happy just to have you in his life with no conditions.

Also, he is happy to have your around and not being conscious of how people will talk about you being together.

He doesn’t care about what others think, because what matters to him is you being happy with him.

7. A man who loves you – will spoil you

Now you might be thinking this refers to gifts, shopping, or travelling, but that’s not what I mean. There are men who like to spoil their girl with all those stuff I just mentioned.  

If he is that guy, then be grateful and be appreciative, don’t take him for granted. However, don’t use this as you factor to know if he really loves you.

Don’t just settle and consider that material things are the only factor and definition of love. Because it’s more than that.

What I truly mean for “spoiling” here is that if he really loves you, he will make every effort to show how much he loves you and how important you are to him without giving any material things.

An example of this spoiling are:

  • Giving you a sweet and gentle massage when he knows you are tired and just had a bad day.
  • No matter how impatient he is, he has so much patience for you. He knows your flaws and moods and carries all of this, because he simply just loves you.
  • When you are in pain, he shows how much he cares for you.

8. He will actually make time for you

Being busy should never be an excuse if you love someone and if that someone is important to you. Isn’t it?

Yes, we can all be busy with our lives, like pursuing a profession, a career, family or mingling with friends. Of course these are all part of our lives.

However, no matter how busy we are, we should still make sure to spend some time to someone we truly love.

There are so many ways to let them know that we love them and they are important to them no matter how busy we are.

Like sending text messages, make a call at least once a day, or leave a messages just to let them know that they are in our thoughts no matter how busy we are. And a man will actually do any of the mentioned above if he truly loves you.

9. He will respect you

I believe being in a serious relationship and saying the words “I love you” is not enough. Yes, of course he might love you.  However, love without respect is not enough to make the relationship last longer and become stronger.  

A man who truly loves you will respect you at the same time. Love and respect is very essential in a relationship. Love alone without respect will not make the relationship better.

You can always love someone, but giving respect means a lot more.  So if this man truly loves you, he will also respect you in the relationship.

Here are some signs that he respects you:

  • He respects your privacy and space when you needed it.
  • He will listen to your feelings and not be judgmental with your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs
  • He kisses your forehead or hands (a guy who will kiss your forehead or hands with you shows that he wants to be deeply connected with you and that’s respect)
  • He shows respect not only to you but to your family as well.

10. He will make you feel that you are the most special person in this world

Again, I know some men are not very expressive with their feelings. However, if he really loves you he will make the effort to make you feel that you are that special person in his life.

A man may be not expressive, but he can at least he can make an effort to show you how much he loves you.

For example, a man who loves you will send you some flowers or any simple gift once in a while, even if it is not a special occasion like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day if you’re a mom, just as a reminder of how much he loves you.

So there you go, those are common factors to know if a man really loves you. However, if I’m missing something please let me know in the comments below, maybe your man is showing you a different way to make you feel that you are being loved.

Also, if you think none of the mentioned above is showing that your man really loves you, don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and I would love to hear your thoughts about this post. Thank you for reading!

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10 Incredible Things A Man Will Do If He Really Loves You

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  1. After an unfortunate occurrence on my par last year, the woman I truly love is coming back into my life. We have always talked at least twice every day, see each other at least twice a week and as much as I would love her over for dinner , she has me for dinner frequently – she has a foot problem that limits her walking distance. Life is definitely getting much better – we were girl, boyfriend but I am hopeful we will be again.
    I process all the 10 attributes mentioned in your article;e – well done.

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