Being attractive is more than just physical appearance. You would think that characteristics like being hot, pretty, and sexy are all specifically related to physical appearance, but they are not.  It’s more than that.

It is actually the way you talk, dress, carry yourself, love, act when you are around others, and the people you choose to surround yourself with.

If you choose to exercise, eat right, live life in full bloom, then we don’t need science to prove to anyone that you are happier, healthier, and more attractive.

Someone who has a positive outlook in life and takes good care of themselves, is very attractive to others. Their inner beauty and positivity radiates and sends strong vibes to other around. 

Below are 10 ways that science can be applied that will make you more attractive to men.

1. Confidence is the new sexy.

If you are a regular reader of mine then you know by now that I always emphasise the importance of  CONFIDENCE. It’s the key ingredient for everything you do in life. If you want to be successful professionally, and in your personal love life, then you always have to wear your crown of confidence. 

Build up your confidence. 

You can put a lot of hard work into your physical appearance, but if you lack the confidence on the inside, it will be for nothing. Eventually, who you are on the inside will come to surface.  Lack of self confidence and negative self talk, will flush all the hard work you put into building up your physical appearance down the drain. 

Stop negative self talk and focus on building up your confidence. Attractiveness is more than just physical appearance.  It includes charm and flirtiness in conjunction with confidence and a great personality.

When you choose to live a healthy and happy life, simply add in a dose of CONFIDENCE to make you a stronger man magnet!

2. Display that pretty smile:)

Stimulate his brain with your beautiful and sincere smile. 

Smiling will stimulate his brain in so many ways.  When you smile sincerely at him and show those pretty pearly whites, he will melt for you.  

We know that when someone smiles at us, they are very approachable and welcoming. It releases the stress tension if you notice someone is smiling at you. So a man will be more likely to approach a woman who gives him a beautiful smile.

With your sincere and  flirty smile, he will feel more confident and comfortable to talk to you.  A beautiful smile speaks volumes about a person. That might sound a bit odd, but it’s true! A smile can indicate interests.  If he thinks you like him, you are certainly to appear more attractive to him!

Some people forget to smile when they are nervous, but remember he can be as nervous as you too. 

A study found that men showed a 60% increase in wanting to date a woman with whiter teeth. So make you sure your teeth are healthy and white. A whiter, healthier, and brighter smile will melt a man’s heart and make you even more irresistible to men.

3. Wear red.

Studies show that women wearing red are more attractive to men. 

Kayser, Elliot, and Feltman (2010) evaluated the effect of women wearing red on the feelings and behavior of men. In two experiments, men were asked to interact with women wearing a red shirt, or one of another color (green or blue). Men talking with women in red asked more intimate questions and sat closer. Overall, women wearing red were more sought-after and seen as more attractive.”

Red seems to be a psychological trigger into something biologically in men. Maybe because they are drawn to rosy cheeks? Or a woman’s pouty, red, luscious lips? 

Some experts will advise you to wear a red dress or wear red lipstick. From famous people like Marilyn Monroe to Rita Ora and many more, the red lipstick has been very popular and used by women for decades as a means of attracting attention.  Men will look at women 2 to 3 times longer when a woman is wearing red lipstick. Wearing red lipstick will make you stand out among the rest.

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4. Wear solid colors.

Since we are talking about what to wear, solid colors are more attractive to men than patterns. A solid color dress or shirt will catch men’s attention more than a pattern.

Some women tend to layering things and use patterns, so it goes against what we might pick out. 

Try it for yourself. Test this out one evening by wearing a solid color and observe to see if men notice.  You may be pleasantly surprised. 

5. Scent is sexy.

While preparing for your appearance, don’t forget your perfume. Our smell is connected to our emotional and memory centers in the brain. So that’s why a scent can bring back an old memory, or even trigger an emotion.

Having a nice perfume is a finishing touch on sexiness and classiness. It really pulls men in when you smell nice. But remember to not put too much on, or it will ward him off. Too much perfume can be a huge turn off for men so be careful not to put too much. You’re attracting men, not repelling them. 

Men want to be high on love not from the overpowering scent of your perfume.

6. Keep your hair healthy and long.

Long and healthy hair shows fertility and this might be the reason why men are genetically drawn to it. Also, younger women tend to have longer hair than older women, so it’s a sign of youthfulness and can be more attractive to men.

Maintaining longer hair shows that you care about yourself both inside and out.  You take the time to maintain it. Men love women who like to take care of their bodies.

So longer hair is a way to unleash your feminine energy.  

Researchers writing in the Scandinavian Journal of Psychology find men are more chivalrous to women with long hair.”

7. Subtly copy his body language.

This is a weird tip but another one that works on the subconscious mind of any man. You will become more attractive to a man by mimicking his body language. It will make you seem more likable. But of course you want to do it in a manner that doesn’t make him think you are making fun of him.

Make sure it’s not noticeable so it won’t make him feel strange about you that might make him to run away. You have to make it a subconscious effort. He will feel more attracted to you without even knowing why.

Men don’t usually analyse why they are attracted to a woman. They just believe it’s a kind of thing.  Either they feel or don’t. 

Keep this strategy in mind and notice the things he does. Wait a few minutes, and do something similar. Notice if he does certain gestures like touching his hair, the way he sits, and other types of body language he displays. Also, keep in mind, he will do some things that are just normal for a guy, but not for a woman.  

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8. Men are attracted to feminine voices.

Men are attracted to the feminine characteristics of a woman. In other words, they like feminine women, who know how to carry themselves, dress nicely, and wear their hair. 

Most of all, they love the sound of that soft feminine voice. A voice that has a soothing and calming effect. A voice that can make a man forget about all his troubles and worries.  This increases the magnetism between you two. Just relax and let your naturally soft and soothing feminine voice flow like water in a gentle stream. 

9. Hips don’t lie.

Women who walk with a swaying gait are more likely to catch a man’s attention.  Researchers from Texas A&M University say that women who walk with a swaying gait are more likely to catch a man’s eye and attention.

You don’t need to walk like a supermodel, but take longer strides placing one foot in front of the other like you are walking a straight line for a subtle and sexy sway.  Still not sure how to do it? Remember, we live in the digital age. Utilize resources like Google and Youtube.

10. Reward a man with laughter.

I know you have heard many times that laughter is the best medicine. It does wonders for the mind and body. 

“Research from the University of Kansas has found the when two strangers meet, the more times a man tries to be funny and the more a woman laughs at those attempts, the more likely the woman is interested in the man. When both laugh together, it’s an even better indication of a romantic connection. The findings were among the discoveries made as part of a study looking for a connection between humor and intelligence.”

Yes, it makes sense and that shows him that you like his sense of humor. 

There you have it! I’ve given you these 10 proven ways to make yourself magnetically attractive to men. Try these techniques and let me know how it goes for you! Have fun on your next dating experience. But remember ,if things don’t work out well for you, don’t feel dismayed, he is not the only man in this world!

You have a lot of options and you deserve the best! Just have fun, don’t rush and live your best life possible and the universe will attract the right high value man for you. 

Discover How To Understand & Attract Any Man.

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