17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

Learning to relax our mind is essential in order for us to live a life that we have always envisioned. A relaxed and calm mind can lead to better life choices and decisions. 

17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

Do you feel anxious right now? Do you feel like your mind is racing a mile a minute? 

I know feeling anxious is not fun when it becomes too much and feels uncontrollable. It can lead to frustration and several triggering factors that can lead to more stress and mental health issues.

It’s normal that we feel anxious from time to time. Like going for an interview, taking tests, or going on a first date. 

Learning to relax our mind is essential in order for us to live a life that we have always envisioned.

A relaxed and calm mind can lead to better life choices and decisions. 

I know it can be hard to relax your mind when you’re having an anxiety attack or feeling nervous about something.  So today, I’m going to share with you some mindfulness activities and strategies to help you calm your mind. 

If you follow these mindfulness activities, you will not only gain a better understanding of what really matters in the present moment, but you will achieve the many great benefits. 

These include but are not limited to learning how to practice mindfulness in your daily life to soothe your anxiety, relax when facing difficulties in life, decision making, helping your body and mind to relax, and helping you to alleviate negative thoughts.

Below are 17 helpful mindfulness activities to help you when you feel anxious or stress out in your daily life. 

17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

1. Nature walking

17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

Connecting with mother nature can make a huge difference in our mood and help us relax our mind and decrease tension, stress, and anxiety. 

Have you ever noticed how amazing you feel after a nature walk? Even when you have to force yourself to do it? 

Here are some fantastic benefits of nature walk.

  • Improves memory and immunity 
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Makes you happier
  • Controls depression 

Let your brain gently feel the wind in leaves and the sound of the waves that will revitalize your mind, body, and soul. 

2. Recite positive affirmations for mindfulness

Giving yourself positive statements will give you strength to combat your anxiety and negative self-talk. Daily positive affirmations will help you create balance, prosperity, and overall health in your life. 

Give it a try one day at a time and you will notice the difference it can make in your life.

Below are some positive affirmations for mindfulness that you can start saying to yourself today.

  • I choose to create happiness in my life.
  • I wholeheartedly love myself.
  • I accept myself and for who I am.
  • Everything is amazing and well in my life.
  • I open my heart to love and happiness.
  • I am worthy.
  • I am loved.
  • I am free and happy.
  • I am rich in love and happiness.
  • I am thankful for my life.

3. Meditation

When we feel anxious or stressed, we have these moments where we are not sure whether to run, scream, or hide from everything. 

Simple meditation is one of the great strategies to deal with your daily stress, anxiety, and life’s pressures.

Meditation is proven to be an effective and simple way to relax your mind, manage your stress, anxiety, and declutter your mind.

Here are 2 simple guided meditations that you can practice whenever you feel anxious.

The 1-minute Relaxation Breathing Technique

Use this one minute deep breathing technique whenever you feel pressured, panicked, or anxious for an immediate intervention.

The 7-minute Mindful Breathing Technique

Use this deep breathing meditation twice a day to help you better focus your attention and achieve a greater sense of clarity.

Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

4. Mindful coloring

This is one of my favorite mindfulness activities. Since I just adore colors and love throwing in a little creativity, I enjoy coloring and painting. Coloring or painting is very relaxing for me. 

It slows down my mind when it’s racing a mile a minute. It does not only release my creativity, but it also gives me a huge calming therapeutic effect. 

Here are 6 more amazing benefits of mindful coloring.

  • It eliminates negative self-talk as you take in positivity.
  • Your brain experiences stress relief by entering a meditative state.
  • Lower or decrease your anxiety.
  • Helps you achieve mindfulness by focusing on the present.
  • Helps you unplug from technology.
  • It’s a fantastic hobby that you can bring with you anywhere.

>>Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving<<

5. Recite anti-anxiety affirmations

Learn to take control of your continuous thoughts, negative self-talk, and anxiety that are plaguing your mind with the power of positive affirmations.

These affirmations are simple and short statements that you repetitively bring in to your subconscious thoughts. With the power of positive affirmations, you take control of your way of thinking.

Here are some of the positive anti-anxiety affirmations I’ve compiled for you.

  • I am living a calm life.
  • I am free of anxiety.
  • Anxiety might make me feel uncomfortable, but I am in charge of my mind and body.
  • I breathe in relaxation; I breathe out tension.
  • I am capable of solving any problems that face me.
  • I am ridding my mind of negative thoughts and filling it with positive ones.
  • I am attracting positive energy into my body.
  • I have the ability to overcome anxiety.
  • The feelings of panic are leaving my body.
  • My mind is clearing and I am in control.

You can take one or two from the examples of the affirmations above or you can make up some of your own and state them to yourself repetitively throughout the day.

You can also check out my anxiety mini card pintables. Print them out and pin them up somewhere that you can always see them throughout the day.

I know it can be very hard to stay positive but with the use of daily positive affirmations it can change your way of thinking dramatically. The more you do it, you will notice it will get easier.


6. Create a daily gratitude journal

17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

Writing a gratitude journal makes us remember how to be thankful despite the many difficulties we face in our lives. It reminds us that there is always something to be grateful about despite the dark times, stress, tension, pressures, and anxieties we are dealing with our daily lives.

If you haven’t started writing a gratitude journal yet, it would be a good idea to start one now.  Simple start with one goal at a time.

Try to write at least three times per week and you will see how much it can make a difference in your life and the impact it will make on your happiness.

Check out my gratitude journal printable that will help you get started on your gratitude journey and help you cultivate happiness by writing down the good things around.


Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

7. Eat mindfully 

Learning to slow down is one of the great ways we can get our body and mind to communicate with what we really need for healthy nutrition.

According to Jessica Jones, R.D, cofounder of online nutrition resource Food Heaven Made Easy.

 “Mindful eating involves being fully present with all of the senses during the process of eating and encourages people to use inner cues, such as hunger and fullness, to guide what to eat and when,” 

Here are 6 ways to practice mindful eating.

  • Make a shopping list. Consider healthy options on your list and shopping cart.
  • Do not come to the table very hungry, instead come to the table with an appetite.
  • Always start with a small portion.
  • Pause for a minute to be thankful about your food and appreciate it.
  • As you chew your food, try to bring all your senses into play.  Taste it, smell it, touch it, and try to identify as many of the ingredients as you can.
  • Taste the food with small bites at a time. 
  • Chewing your food thoroughly until you can taste the essence of your food.
  • Put down your gadgets and eat slowly.

8. Make your bed

Making your bed may sound simple and easy, but sometimes the simple activities can make a huge impact in our lives. 

With this simple action, you may start to notice that you are mindfully orienting yourself towards your whole being. 

Making your bed as soon as you wake up will start your day off right. It might seem like a simple and small accomplishment; however, making your bed sets the tone for your entire day.

I was inspired by the book of Admiral McRaven’s – Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World. 

Admiral McRaven shared: 

 “If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another,” he said. 

>>Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World<<

Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

9. Smell the flowers breathing activity

17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

If you have a garden or if someone gave you some flowers, take a deep breath in and smell the flowers and appreciate them.

With mindful smelling of the flowers, you are using your sense of smell to be more aware of your present moment and environment. 

If you don’t have flowers or a garden, you can also try to use the power of your mind that will trigger your brain to sense your favorite flowers.

For me, I like the smell of Roses, and whenever I want to activate my brain to feel relaxed, I think about Roses and it triggers my memories, the feelings, and smells of roses. I take a deep breath slowly and let it out all the while imagining I’m smelling the roses right in front of me.

10. Listen to relaxing music

Listen to music that nourishes you and moves you rather than depletes your heart and mind. Listen to music that will help your mind relax rather than spending mindless chatter time on your screen.

Here is relaxing and meditation music that you can use to help soothe your anxiety and relax your mind and body.

Or you can always search on YouTube for more relaxing music that you can listen anytime and anywhere. Or even better, if you can download this music on your phone, you can play it without even having to connect to the internet.

Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

11. Shower ritual

Showering is a part of our morning routine and when you add a quick meditation session it can make a huge difference on your day.

A few minutes of focusing on deep thinking and creating positive thoughts can bring a calming effect on you while taking a shower.

Shower meditation is one of the mindfulness activities that are great because it doesn’t require you to try or do something new, it’s a normal and usual part of your daily routine.

All you have to do is to add some positivity into it and a thoughtful and mindful attitude.

12. Do a digital detox (put down your cellphone) 

Limiting your time on your phone will help you feel less stress and allow you to focus on what really matters. With endless chatter on social media, it can add more stress on to our daily lives.

Hmm, I know what you might be thinking.  I’m on my phone right now while reading this!

And that’s perfectly fine.  However, you need to know when it’s time to put down your phone and learn to set yourself free from distractions.

This way you can mindfully focus on yourself and that will help you feel a bit more relaxed and help you manage all those thoughts racing through your head.

13. Declutter your space (work space and home space)

Decluttering your space is a road to healing emotional blocks and inner confusion. As you start to take control of your stuff, you will feel better about yourself and bring more positive energy into your daily life.

It can be such a powerful and life changing mindfulness activity.  By learning to organize and simplify your space for at least ten minutes every day, it will have the same effect on your mind too.

If you adopt and maintain this habit, you can simplify your work space or entire house creating a peaceful and calm environment. 

If you want to learn more on how to declutter your space, check out the fantastic and amazing book of Marie Kondō:

>>The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing<<

Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

14. Mindfully smile in the mirror

This may seem ridiculous, but when you smile at yourself in the mirror, especially the first thing you do in the morning, it can have positive benefits for your wellbeing.

Smiling has been proven to relax our body, and release endorphins to counteract and minimize stress hormones. 

Try what I do too. I smile and make funny faces in front of the mirror. Yes, it sounds silly, but it actually makes me laugh and feel happier. 

15. Write a positivity journal

Practice writing a daily journal that captures the positive aspects of your daily reflections that will give you a purpose in life.

The more you do it, the more you will create an amazing record of your life that will give valuable perspective in your life.

Check out this positivity journal that you can use to start on your Positivity journey. 

16. Read Motivational and inspirational books

Instead of starting your day with chatting and scrolling through your phone on social media, you can switch to reading inspiring, motivating, and uplifting books. 

An essential part of being a mindful person includes challenging your own beliefs and adding information and ideas in order to grow yourself. And that requires reading books that will help you educate yourself and to support your visions, goals, values, and passions in life.

If you don’t know which books you can start reading that will mindfully inspire and motivate you and help you decrease your anxiety, then below are some recommended and helpful books for you.

17. Try a hands-on hobby

Engaging yourself in a hobby like embroidery, knitting, crochet, weaving, origami, beading, mosaic art, soap carving, wirework, quilting, whittling, calligraphy, and bookmaking. 

These can provide a calming therapeutic effect and improve the level of concentration.

With the practice of a hands-on hobby, you will not only unleash your creativity but it will also develop your connection between the sensorial experience and mental focus.

Final thoughts:

There are many simple things you can do to soothe and reduce your anxiety.  These simple and little mindfulness activities can be a great start. Your anxiety doesn’t have to crush your whole being and soul.

Pick one or two or as many as you can from the mindfulness activities mentioned above and make it a good habit.  Integrate these into your daily life and see how it can make a huge impact in your life. 

Have you been practicing mindfulness in your daily life? Have you been practicing any of the mentioned mindfulness activities I’ve given you? What has been working for you? 

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17 Mindfulness Activities When You Feel Anxious

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