Do you want to make him instantly fall in love with you? 

There is a hidden key to get a man melt for you, adore you, and fall madly in love with you. It is a lot easier than you might imagine, and you are about to discover this hidden key today my dear. 

They key is the intention behind what phrases you say to him. 

We women love being appreciated, but if we focus on only ourselves all the time, then we can up damaging our relationship with the man we have in our life.

This is one of the biggest mistakes women make with men; however, it is also the easiest to fix. 

This is not about complimenting on his looks. Of course, they like these types of compliments, but what I’m about to tell you today is how you can nourish his ego by saying these phrases that deepen his love and admiration for you. 

Men love compliments just as much as we women do. They know it, they probably just don’t want to admit it. And if you know the right way to speak to him, then you’ll have him obsessing over you before you know it.

Even if you have been together for a while, these phrases are the magic formula to make him fall in love with you all over again.

Below are 10 simple, but powerful phrases every man wants to hear.

1. “I’m Proud of You”

Every man has something he does that he is secretly proud of, yet we women do not seem to be aware of it. Know your partner on a deeper level. Sit with him and listen wholeheartedly about his thoughts, feelings, dreams, and visions.  

I believe you will find out what he is proud of the most. Maybe you found out he is good at a particular sport like football and he had a day where he scored multiple touchdowns in a single game. Simply let him know that you are proud of his performance on the football field.  Maybe he overcame an obstacle at work.  

For example, he had trouble with his co-worker, who’s annoying him terribly and made him really upset, but instead of making a fight, he chose to man up and talk to him in private and fix the issues like a real man. Let him know that you are proud of him for not fighting, and coming up with a peaceful resolution.  Let him know that you are proud of him for being a man.

Your uniqueness in realizing that special trait in him that others don’t, will mean a lot to him and will continue to melt his heart and make him fall in love with you all over again.

2. “I’m Very Fortunate to Have You”

Let him know that you feel very fortunate to have him in your life. This will make him feel appreciated and remind him that he is the hero in your life. Let him know how much you feel fortunate you found each other. Let him know that of all the men in this world, he is the one you chose to be with. Let him know that you feel happy and wonderful to have him in your life.

If you have been together for a while, it can be easy to get complacent and forget why we are with the person we are with. So to rekindle the fire in your relationship, let him know how fortunate you are to have him.

3. “You’re a Great Man”

Every guy likes to hear that he is a good man. Let him know that he is not only a good person, but a great man. Let him know that you appreciate all the sacrifices he has made for you and for the family.

This will remind him that he truly is a strong man, a wonderful man, and a great man.  This will strengthen his desire to push forward through adversity and create a stronger bond with you. This will definitely make him happy that you appreciate him and notice that he is a great man.  Love him for all that he does for you and for the relationship.

4. “You Look Handsome”

If you notice that he’s wearing nice jeans or shirt that makes him look good, let him know. This is the kind of compliment every guy wants to hear, rather they admit it or not.

Guys want to look good for their loved ones. When you appreciate his choices, he will feel validated on just about every level of his well being. Something as simple as letting him know he looks handsome, can unlock more doors in his house of confidence.

5. “I Love You”

This is a phrase that should be told to your man daily.  Let him know how you really feel. Let him know that you love him and he means the world to you. Guys love to hear that from their woman. Sometimes men just want to hear how great he makes you feel.  

Neglecting to say “I love You” to your partner can cause disconnection in your relationship.  It may seem like it’s not important to a man, but it can make a huge impact in your relationship. 

No matter how busy you are, make an effort to say or text these 3 simple words. In this digital age, there is no reason you cannot let him know. You can send him these simple yet powerful words that can make him smile and happy all day. Or for a change, try what past generations did.  Write him a letter telling him how much you love him and mail to him;)

Letting your partner know that you love them is a proven strategy to strengthen the relationship. 

6. “Thank You”

Even though your man may do a lot because he feels like that’s what he is supposed to do, a simple “Thank you” can do wonders for his heart. Below are some ways to thank him.

·         Thank you for taking care of me (the family)

·         Thank you for being responsible and strong.

·         Thank you for fixing things for me.

·         Thank you for making me feel safe.

Simply thank him for everything he does for you and for the relationship. This will melt his heart knowing that you appreciate him.

This will trigger his primal hero instincts of being the hero, who knows he can take care of and protect his woman. A man likes to hear that he is a strong and manly. Letting him know how you really appreciate what he does will do wonders for his psyche. This can help rekindle the passion in the bedroom too.

7. “I’m On Your Side”

Let him know that no matter what happens to him, you will stand by his side and face the problem together. Let him know that you two are a team and you both will work whatever life throws at the both of you.  

Letting him know that you are on his side will make him feel better in the relationship and remind him he doesn’t have to face his battles alone. 

Relationships are a partnership where two people work things out together. Support him when he is in a difficult situation and let him know that you got his back.  Let him know that he is part of an all-star team.  

8. “I Need You”

These 3 words can be very powerful. Men want to feel and be needed. It’s who they are and who they will always be. It’s not just a feeling solely for a woman.     

Feeling needed is important to his manhood.  Reminding him how much he is needed can lead to increased satisfaction and happiness in him. Especially, sexual satisfaction. 

Remind him how important he satisfies you sexually and that he is still that sexy and virile tiger you first met. Sexual satisfaction is important to a man’s ego and manhood.

9. “You’re The Best for Me”

This is a great phrase you can tell that will further melt his heart for you and remind him why he fell madly in love with you in the first place. By simply expressing your appreciation and gratitude, this will activate his strong desire and emotions that remind him why he is committed to you forever. 

Appreciation is one of the most powerful sources of love a man can experience from a woman. It will build a strong bond in your relationship like nothing else.

10. Dose of little words of affirmations

Affirmations can bring positivity and happiness. It can encourage, motivate, and inspire the person. Saying words of affirmation to him will give him the driving force to turn his negative thoughts into positive ones.

Give him daily dose of affirmations. These will help empower him and give him the daily boost of confidence he needs to tackle life’s challenges.

Here are some words of affirmations you can tell him.

·         You mean the world to me.

·         I’m so blessed to have you.

·         You are my rock.

·         You are my power.

·          You’re awesome.

·         I’m proud you’re my man!

If you are looking for more ways to empower him with daily doses of affirmations, I compiled a list of 160 words of affirmations.

Here are 160 words of affirmations every man wants to hear.

So, there you have it my dear! I’ve given you these powerful phrases you can tell him to make him fall madly in love with you and increase your irresistibility to him. 

If you are looking for more ways to trigger his attraction, desire, and obsession to you then click on this FREE video presentation. 

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