When you start a new relationship, you have to ask yourself many questions, including this one: how do I know if this is the right person/partner for me?

The 4 Secret Ingredients That Make Men Fall In Love

Men fall in love with women who know these “secret ingredients”

Men fall in love with women who know these “secret ingredients”

A man understood is a man conquered

Have you noticed that men are often afraid of not being “up to the job”, which sometimes makes their reactions difficult to understand? This is because they are aware of their weaknesses and therefore often lose self-confidence.

A man who is convinced that his companion loves and accepts him as he is, will be less distrustful, lower his guard, will be less afraid of being judged.

The feeling of not being up to par will gradually dissipate. The feeling of being loved is an essential feeling for it to reveal itself. But the question is obviously how to manage to give him confidence? How to make him feel understood? How to make him fall madly in love with you?

 Men fall in love with women who know these “secret ingredients”


Making him want to confide is the key to making him feel understood, and becoming his best friend is not easy.

Here are Love Intelligence’s tips for being the woman they expect:

– A best friend

What constitutes the spark, the alchemy between two beings, far from being physical attraction, is the feeling that one will need the other.

It is also this precious moment when you realize that the other is doing a little thing that is so important to you and that, little by little, he will accept you as you are.

You have to succeed in taking on the role of friend, even in love. At first glance, a man likes a seductive woman, but in the long term he will want someone to talk to frankly and a best friend.

What really appeals to him, more than your makeup or your clothes, is the impression that with you he can relax, that he can tell you everything.

A man wants to find a woman with whom he can confide, with whom he will feel closer and will not have to play a role.

A friend, more than a lover, is a best friend.

– A natural woman

Many women think that you have to be flirtatious, always attractive to catch the eye of the other. Obviously they are not wrong, the care you take in your appearance plays, but beware because men get tired faster than you think.

What they want above all is that you are yourself. The delicate dosage then consists of showing oneself in their best light without cheating, while remaining natural.


First of all you should know that for a man to trust you, it takes time and patience. He must be sure that you love him and that you accept him with his good and bad sides. Roughly as it is and not as you would like it to be.

If you have very specific expectations in love, and you hope that he will satisfy them no matter what, he may feel it and move away little by little. So you have to accept a man as he is, that you are receptive and ready to listen to him at any time.

The first step, to show him that you are there to listen to him, is to speak to him, to show him the interest that you take in his passions, in his life. Be careful, it’s not about spreading and talking about everything! But ask the right questions at the right time.

– Make him feel understood

Accepting the other as he is, is not trying to make him the object of your ideals, to change him, to transform him into someone he is and never will be.


Most men like women who say what they think. Indeed they will rightly think, that they will be able to communicate with them freely and directly.

A woman is more intriguing because she is not afraid to say in a direct and funny way what she thinks. Be careful, however, to make the difference between making assertive comments and throwing hurtful spikes.


Men do not like to admit that they need to be understood, obviously it is not enough “manly” as a feeling. But be careful and you will see.

A man needs to talk about his work especially when it is not going to the office it is a way for him to manage conflicts. Or an event that marked him to release too strong emotions without fail.

He likes to talk about his sexuality as well as about his friends. What he is looking for is a real partner to overcome all the trials that life has in store for everyone.

A man who feels loved, understood, listened to will trust you more. You now have the keys in hand to conquer a man by giving him confidence in you.

Also note that in most cases you quickly make an impression on the other. So you have a little time to make a good impression.

Be not only a lover but also a true friend that he will want you to be the woman of his life.



When you know how to spark a man’s desire by channelling this obsessive drive, he’ll stop at nothing to make you feel happy, cherished, and truly loved.


 Men fall in love with women who know these “secret ingredients”

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