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How to Be More Authentic and Shine Bright Like a Diamond

How to Be More Authentic and Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Being authentic is knowing who you are and what makes you unique. You value your own authenticity.

On the contrary, when you are not authentic you are trying to replace the person you already are, putting a mask on others.

If you don’t show yourself as you are, you are hurting yourself, because you are not accepting the beautiful person you already are. Your self-esteem is affected.

You may be afraid of being rejected and not loved … but how can you seek external approval when you internally reject yourself by not being authentic?

Being yourself is connecting with yourself and living from your essence. It is wanting to embark on an inner journey that will take you to discover the power you have to be who you want to be and live the life you want to have.

What is being authentic?

You will have heard the phrase: “Be Yourself”, but what does it really mean?

It is about not pretending to be someone you are not , which does not imply that you cannot improve aspects that you do not like about yourself to become a better version of yourself.

The really important thing is to learn to connect with your inner being , so that from that space you can meet and live according to your essence.  

It implies a deep knowledge about who you are, so that nothing external influences and stops for being who you are to conform to what is established by the family or society.

Oprah Winfrey says:

“I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I’ve become. If I had, I’d have done it a lot earlier.” 

The difference is wealth, because nobody is like you.

Authentic people are consistent between what they are and what they say and do ; that is to say, they show themselves as they are , and they don’t let anything external change them even if others annoy them. And if they want to modify something, they make the decision from their own inner being.

What price are you paying for not being authentic?

There are experiences in life that hurt you and leave you with scars, so you think that the best solution for it not to happen again is to pretend to be someone you are not. But hide under a mask and adopt roles that do not define you, sooner or later the account will pass.

You cannot live in a false appearance because it is unnatural, because your nature is different and by silencing it you are only hurting yourself.

I know very well what I am talking about because for many years I was a very insecure, indecisive person, with low self-esteem and did not love myself. 

And those characteristics that I did not like were forged by the bullying or perhaps school that I lived when I was 12 years old.

That painful experience marked my way of being, especially at an age when you are just getting to know yourself and developing your personality. In addition, acceptance and validation of peers is essential at that age.

As I grew up, especially when I was in college, I began to pretend to be a person who was no longer acting in a certain way to experience new things.

But one day I understood that that was not me and all I was doing was wanting to do different things to experience what it feels like to be otherwise; and I asked myself:

  • If I were more outgoing, more daring and took the initiative, would you love me more?
  • If I said I don’t care and was more carefree, would you accept me?
  • If I smoked and drank more alcohol, would I feel better?
  • If I went out with boys, would I feel loved?
  • If I shut up what I think and what I feel, would I feel stronger?
  • If I were the model daughter who complies with everything established, would I feel happy?

I know how difficult it is to break through barriers, structures and chains that don’t fit who you are and how you want to live.

Like the day I decided – and accepted. It was a painful moment and a part of me died; but when I finished my symbolic death, I allowed my true being to come to light.

I sometimes have fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity … but now I accept that this is part of the transformation process.

I tell you all of this so that you also question everything , because by giving you permission to ask what worries you, you can find your own worth.

If you do not allow yourself to be yourself and live from your authenticity, do not be surprise if tomorrow you feel:

  • Depressed,
  • Distressed,
  • Frustrated,
  • Unhappy,
  • With an inner void,
  • With an existential crisis ,
  • Little loved, not attending to your deepest needs.

All of this is the high price you have decided to pay for not being authentic and for disconnecting from who you really are.

How to Be More Authentic and Shine Bright Like a Diamond

How to Be More Authentic and Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Being authentic means taking a trip to discover yourself and thus knowing what skills or characteristics you already have in you.

At birth you have arrived as a unique and unrepeatable being, and as you grow that can increase or decrease; that is to say, according to the experiences that you live, you will reinforce everything that characterizes you or, on the contrary, you will turn off your light to appear to be someone you are not.

If you prefer to be authentic but you don’t know how to do it, then continue reading.

1. Know yourself to know who you are

It is very important to know each other because that way you will have a definition of you that will make you realize if something or someone is in line with you, or not.

Knowing who you are, you can discern when something external tries to define you in a way that you know is not so.

You can make better decisions about what you want and how you want to live your life.

You can also set limits when you feel that any situation or person is in disagreement with who you are.

Knowing who you are will have a better version of yourself that will make you feel more secure , especially when you have to deal with people or situations that do not make you shine.

It was not until I began to know when I realized that there are many things established by society that do not fit the life I want to have. That change of consciousness made me externalize my truth from my own authenticity.

Being authentic sometimes implies breaking with the established and the chains that bind you, but if it is the necessary step to live being yourself. 

2. Ask yourself how you feel

An indicator to know if you are being authentic is to ask yourself how you feel.

If you have been showing your true essence, then you will be calm and at peace; You can even feel happy and empowered. On the other hand, if you are afraid to show your true self and use a character that you have invented, you are disconnecting from yourself and rejecting the being you are.

Being yourself is the most beautiful delivery you can make, because you will be living from your authentic being and from your essence , sharing your gifts and characteristics that make you unique. That will make you feel in connection with yourself and everything around you, perceiving the totality in everything you say and do.

Also, when you are authentic, you elevate your energy vibration , being faithful to who you are and what your heart dictates to you.

Knowing how you feel is the signal you need to become aware if you are living from your authenticity – being yourself – or not.

3. Decide, act and speak, according to what your inner being dictates

To be authentic is to speak, decide and act from your inner jurisdiction, according to your true self , and not by external motivations.

When you are aware of what you need in each moment and what is good for you, you know how to satisfy your internal needs by giving yourself love, understanding and patience.

When you treat yourself well and you are yourself, you are consistent with what you say and do. You also make better decisions because you know what’s in tune with you, and what isn’t.

Learn to listen inside yourself, to calm the mind, and let your true self arise so that you may live from that space; and not according to what others say or what society dictates.

To be yourself is to allow everything you decide, do and speak to be in harmony with your essence , so you will be in fullness, peace and well-being.


4. Love yourself

Being authentic comes naturally and spontaneously when you love yourself, because you know how valuable you are and you are not afraid to show yourself as you are.

Authentic people have their own scale of values ​​and act according to them.

They also become your best friend, because they prioritize and know how important it is to be well with yourself and feel good.

They have an internal dialogue that only contains sweet words of motivation, inspiration, joy, tranquility and love.

When you love yourself you do not allow or accept less than you think you deserve.

You shine from your authenticity because you know that loving yourself can deliver love and love to others.


5. Don’t judge yourself

Judging and commenting on the lives of others has become one of the favorite activities of today’s society, but when you live from your authenticity you are not interested or want to get involved in what others say or do.

To be authentic is to have the look inside and in your life, losing interest in knowing and intervening in the life of the other.

You understand that being yourself is the most important, since according to that you define how you are going to live and what person you want to become.

Authentic people want to follow their own path and set their own rules. They do not waste time judging and reviewing what other people do or stop doing.

Authentic people do not judge themselves because they understand that each decision and each experience is what they needed to live in those moments. They trust and believe that everything has its reason for being.

Do what you want to do and be who you want to be. Be yourself.

6. Phrases for you to connect with your authenticity

Affirmations and phrases can be an injection of motivation for you to decide to be authentic.

Here I share some phrases:

1. “Whoever is authentic assumes responsibility for being what he is and recognizes himself free of being what he is” – Jean Paul Sartre.

2. “He was smart enough to know himself, brave enough to be himself and foolish enough to change himself and, at the same time, continue to remain authentic” – Patrick Rothfuss.

3. “We have to dare to be ourselves, no matter how frightening and strange that this ‘I’ can become” – May Sarton.

4. “Being yourself in a world that constantly tries to transform you into something different is the greatest achievement” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

5. “No one should believe himself perfect, nor worry too much about the fact of not being” -Bertrand Russell.

6. “Be yourself; the other positions are occupied. ”- Oscar Wilde.

Final Thoughts

Taking an inner journey and discovering who you are is an act of love and kindness towards yourself, because you have allowed yourself to know yourself and thus begin to shine from your authenticity.

For you to be yourself it is necessary to be aware that until that moment you were not allowing your true self to surface, although your inner being was shouting for you to let it out to show itself as it is.

Embarking on the path of self-knowledge is a journey without return, in which you will realize that a stranger had always inhabited you, who was just waiting for the perfect moment in which you decided to give the opportunity to the faithful and best company you could have , because your inner being will always be with you, unconditionally, until the day you die.

Let your light be out and shine bright like a diamond, because not only will you be giving yourself love, but you will also be giving the world and people your gifts that make you a unique and unrepeatable being. The world needs you and not doing so would be an act of selfishness.

Love yourself. Be authentic and shine bright like a diamond.

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How to Be More Authentic and Shine Bright Like a Diamond

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