If He Does These 7 Things, You're Dating a Fuckboy

If He Does These 7 Things, You’re Dating a Fuckboy

If He Does These 7 Things, You're Dating a Fuckboy

What is a fuckboy?

A fuckboy is a young man who sleeps with several women, but with no intention of having a true relationship with them; some do not even accompany you to the door after sleeping. He is a womanizer, but the worst kind.

I have several friends who have suffered by not catching this issue, and has told them for years, and it is super frustrating when you see them fall again. I hope this post helps those poor souls in disgrace.

Disclaimer: this can also be applied to women. I don’t know the exact term, but one can still behave so badly.


7 Clear Signs That You’re Dating a Fuckboy

1. Commitment Phobia

A fuckboy will never say that you are his girlfriend or serious partner. Maybe they treat you exactly like one while they are physically together, or they even kill you like the beast they are when you greet another rooster, and all that confuses you and you think ‘no, no, I know we have something together. But the moment you touch on the theme of the engagement, they will change the subject faster than Jeffree Star changes his eye-shadow.


You: Where is this going?

Fboy: what do you mean? * as if the he did not know perfectly *

You: (still giving him the opportunity to say it) We, what are we …?

Fboy: ahhhh, everyone wants to put labels on today, we’re not schoolchildren. Hey, did you change your hair color?

You: what–

2. Fuckboy The Wasap of Thriller

It takes CENTURIES to answer a message. I know that centuries is a relative term and that there really are psycho people who can’t wait 10 fu*king minutes to get out of the bathroom or a meeting and answer their message.

But it’s 2020 and let’s face it. Almost everyone is stuck to the cellphone. It is super rare to take a wave 10 hours to answer. In desperation, there are people who will even use the free Wi-Fi zones of the building where they live in order to connect.

I have taken hours to answer something and know why? Because they are people I don’t want to answer. There is a clue there.

I am not saying that someone has to be available 24/7 to answer you, but it goes through a matter of respect. If I know that I will be busy studying / working / in a meeting / on a plane, then I give notice to those who care or talk to me often: hey, I will be in such a thing, in case I do not answer!

If someone consistently takes hours to answer, without a legitimate reason (or has one, but didn’t bother explaining to you), it’s that he doesn’t care so much.

What’s more, you may not be the only person to whom you write. Answer when it stains you, or when other people are not paying attention. And so you remain at your mercy. Are you a puppy with an owner? Get over it. Leave him behind the madman, he is serious with him.

3. Fuckboy The Ghost

Ghosting is defined as the act of terminating a social relationship with someone, unilaterally, suddenly cutting off all kinds of communication.

He never answers chats or messages anymore, he doesn’t answer his cellphone, he doesn’t fish anymore and it seems that he swallowed the earth to the poor thing.

Let’s clarify that sometimes it is necessary to do ghosting, when someone represents some danger or discomfort, or is harassing us, or simply behaves like a tremendous sacowea.

But it is rare for a rooster to disappear in action to “test you” or play mind games. I do not say that the subject does not exist, especially now that gender roles are opening as a fan and you can be in touch with sensitivity, but so far it is rare.

I don’t know if they grew up with enough teleseries to understand the move. If a madman makes you ‘ghosting’ and disappears, it is because he is not interested.

Simple. Short. What am I going to do, keep waiting, inventing arguments to excuse him? “Oh, he must be busy,” “he must be his own.”

Girl, if you are important, the crazy person will ALERT YOU if he is busy. Cut the cord, and say bye (unless something really bad happened to him; find out with police or morgue first)

The simple truth is that if you are vaguely important, he will make time, or he will let you know. If it passes away, why do you CHOOSE to give it priority?

Stop making excuses and let the truth set you free. If he disappears, he simply does not have the balls to tell you the truth: that you are not interesting for him anymore as much as it made you believe.

4. You are a secret

It’s brutally painful when this happens to you. I have a friend who was in this situation, and of course the feeling was terrible for her.

She was not 100% secret like that, but she was semi-secret. As the crazy person gave irons to talk about her with their circles. They didn’t have a picture together, he didn’t defend her with his friends either.

Clearly she was a second priority. He even keep the pictures of his ex girlfriend. And few months later of them together, he kicked her and came back with his ex. What a total Ahole!

There is a huge of difference between wanting to have a private life, and keeping you a secret. At least his closest friends should know that you exist and what you mean to him. Only a fuckboy would hide you with shame.

If he really loves you and a priority for him, it will be very clear like summer day, and everyone will find out. Do not allow yourself to be someone’s shame.

If He Does These 7 Things, You're Dating a Fuckboy

5. You are a last minute plan

And I don’t mean the booty call at 3 in the morning. I mean that if you always ask random at the last minute if I wanted to leave, then it is not including you in your plans.

If he always tells you hey, let’s go NOW to eat / drink / dance, he doesn’t plan his life with you. Think a second about how doing that is disrespectful of your time.

He thinks you have nothing better to do.

You are not going to put aside your life just in case it calls you, are you?

Seriously, STOP going all the time every time he calls you, if it’s not a drug. There is a wide difference between being convenient, and wanting to always be with you because he loves you.

Value yourself.

6. Netflix and Chill

Hey, even if it’s to get together and watch Netflix instead of * ahem *, the roosters that just want to get together in the house are essentially fuckboys. Even if it’s a free thing, like going for a walk to the Bicentennial, it shows that he wants to spend time with you OUTSIDE the bedroom.

7. Warm and cold

If you find a stable partner, who will entertain him at 2 in the morning when he is bored? They don’t want you to be their girlfriend, so they keep you at a distance, but they still want you to be there, so they get ‘decent’ when they feel like you’re getting angry.

If he respects you, he will be consistent. Consistency takes effort. The effort only comes out if you’re worth it. If he has you with the fishing rod forward and backward, tell him to turn around.

Ya girls. Remember to take this with a grain of salt, that anyone can behave like a fuckboy, and if he drop the poncho and get offended, maybe you have to review his behavior. 

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If He Does These 7 Things, You're Dating a Fuckboy

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