7 Major Signs That You're Not His Priority Anymore

Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, thinking, wondering, and in crushing pain because you feel like you’re not his priority anymore? 

Does he constantly take you for granted?

Does he constantly making too many excuses and make broken promises? 

It hurts. I know.

But how do you know for sure that you’re not his priority anymore?

Is it just all in your head?

Are you being unreasonable? Of course not. But it never hurts to look for the signs, so you can finally figure out where you stand, or if it’s time to cut the cord. 

I know. I’ve been there.

There’s absolutely nothing quite upsetting when your brain is sinking with that painful sensation that your boyfriend or partner doesn’t see you as a priority and concern. Especially when you really loved him so much and you wanted to spend your life with him.

Feeling this way can cause a lot of emotional discomfort and feel like your heart is about to explode. 

In situations where all you desire is a happy relationship, getting this impression can make you feel betrayed, and leave you in so much pain.

So if you believe that you’re not his priority anymore, and asking yourself this painful question, then it isn’t really a question of being selfish, rather it’s determining if it’s time to end the relationship by realizing that you aren’t a priority for him anymore.

Identifying where you truly stand can take a little bit of time, but if you watch out for these indicators that you’re not his priority anymore, then you will be able to determine your stance.

Here are 7 major warning signs that you’re not a priority to him anymore.

7 Major Signs That You're Not His Priority Anymore

1. You feel extremely alone.

Among the most noticeable signs you’re not a priority to him is how you really feel. Do you seem like you’re alone a lot more than you are “together” with somebody?  If you frequently find yourself acting like a “married single girl,” chances are that it’s due to the fact that you are.

Do you constantly feel like you are in a relationship with him; however, it doesn’t seem like you’re actually being loved and treated like you truly deserve?

Maybe you are living together, and now he suddenly changes the way he treats you and you find that you are being with yourself most of the time. 

What could be his excuses for most of the time? What could be the reasons? Is he just really busy at work or out with friends? Or is he is just really taking you for granted all the time?

If he does all those things most of the time, then it’s a major indicator that you’re not his priority anymore.

A man who deeply loves his woman, will never make her feel extremely alone no matter how busy he is. 

2. He makes decisions without even consulting you.

If he constantly makes decisions without even talking to you and getting you involved in decision making, you could be already headed for a breakup. 

Does he constantly make major decisions all by himself and you end up surprised with these major changes because you never know what was he really deciding upon? 

A man who loves his woman will share his future plans with her, share his decisions with her, and talk things out with her simply because his relationship with her is a priority for him.

3. He puts other people first before you all the time.

If you find yourself really feeling like you’re in a love triangle most of the time, it could be because you are.  In a healthy relationship, you will certainly be the one he will put first.  

But of course, be reasonable in this case. Don’t just jump to conclusions without a valid reason. For example, there can be some cases like a close relative of his that may have been admitted to the hospital for a life threatening emergency. So it could be a reason that he has to make time for them since it’s a life threatening emergency.

What I mean here is that if MOST OF THE TIME he is putting other people first before you, like for example, he is always putting his friends first by going to a party leaving you hanging high and dry while waiting for him to come home, then you are no longer his priority. 

So if he constantly does these things to you, then it’s a fact and a major sign that you’re not really a priority for him anymore. 

4. He always fails to remember important dates.

I know and I understand that some men are not are not good at remembering special occasions and important dates. However, if he fails every time to remember an important date or he can’t be bothered to make it to a date promptly, or can’t be troubled to keep in mind things that are necessary to you, he either does not care or he is the world’s most absent-minded person.

A man who truly loves his woman will make sure that he can at least remember the important dates to make you her feel special and a priority.

5. He doesn’t make time for you.

No matter how busy he is, if you are really his

priority, he will always find ways to make time for you. We are now living in a 21st century where almost everything is possible, especially by letting our loved ones know how special they are to us.

A simple text message right on your phone is a way of letting our loved ones know that they are still thinking of you no matter how busy they are.

So if he doesn’t even make an effort to at least text you and let you know that he is just too busy at work, then it’s a sign that you’re actually not a priority to him anymore. 

If you are his priority and if he deeply loves you, there could be 3 days or more that he would not at least ask how things are with you and be running home to see you and be with you because he misses you so much.

6. He doesn’t want to change.

You caught him cheating, you ask him to stop, yet he still talks to other women. If a guy doesn’t want to change regardless of seeing you upset, obviously you’re not his priority.  If he is not ready to change, it’s a fact that he doesn’t care enough.

7. He doesn’t care to tell you anything.

A man who opens up to his partner is a man who puts her as his first priority.  If he is regularly deceptive, never intends to share his day, and he doesn’t want to connect with you, then you are not a priority to him. 

If he genuinely loves you, you are his priority and he will share his life with you. 

Final thoughts:

If any of the above signs happen constantly, then maybe you have to wake up from this miserable and toxic relationship with him.

I know you love him very much and you might be thinking you still want to give him a chance and fight for your relationship with him.

Okay, given the fact that you still want to give it a chance, you talk to him, you listen to him, you even give him some space. 

However, despite all those things. He still doesn’t bother to care about you. If that’s the case, then It’s time to cut the cord and set yourself free from a devastating relationship you don’t deserve. 

Always remember. You deserve to be treated with love and care. 

However, if he changed and has proven that he wants to make it up to you, because in the end he realizes how important you are to him and how special you are and you’re one of a kind of woman who truly loves him, then congratulations. Nurture your relationship and love with him. 🙂

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7 Major Signs That You're Not His Priority Anymore

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