19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

Are you his priority or just an option to him? 

19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

Relationships are sometimes complicated and confusing. You love the person very much and you want him to see you as that special person in his life.  

You are committed to spending the rest of your life with him.  But does he see it that way too?  Are you his priority or just an option to him?  This can create a feeling of uneasiness, because after all who wants to be just an option? It’s not a great feeling. 

You want to be more than just an option and you want him to see you as that special person in his life.  You want to be his priority. You want him to share his life with you. You want him to commit to you. Lastly, you want him to love you more than anything in this world.

Why would you want all the things mentioned above? 

Because you love this person very much and you want him to feel the same way for you.  We want our loved one to love us the same as how we feel for them.

If the person doesn’t love you the same or doesn’t even see you as a priority, the relationship will eventually turn sour and leave you feeling bitter.

However, if you found that special someone who connects with your soul deeply, loves you unconditionally, and puts you first before anything else, then congratulations, because you have found a keeper and the one true love of your life. 

Here are 19 signs that you’ve finally found the man who sees you as a priority and not just an option:

19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

1. He is faithful.

He doesn’t seek out relationships with other women. He doesn’t hide anything from you.  Even his social media accounts, because he has nothing to worry about. Because for him, you are the only woman. You are his world.

If you have met through online dating and he sees you as a priority, then he will deactivate his account along with any other online dating apps he was using.  He will stop flirting with other women, because he finally found that special woman in his life and that’s YOU.

2. He doesn’t make you wait.

He values time for you and shows up on time. If he commits to meeting you on a specific time, he will surely be there on time or maybe even be there ahead of time waiting for you. 

He believes that you shouldn’t be kept waiting. He values you because you are a priority to him.

If something happens like an emergency situation, he would still find a way to at least let you know what has just happened so you aren’t stuck there waiting for him. 

3. He cares about the things that are important to you.

He cares about what makes you happy and matters the most to you. He is even initiating and starting a conversation to get to know and hear what you have to say on the things that are important to you. 

4. He wants you to be part of his world.

He is proud and happy to take you places, most especially to gatherings where he has to be with family and friends. You mean a lot to him and so he is happy to introduce you to the people that’s important to him.

He wants you to be part of his world and the people he surrounds himself with. He is happy to do that because you are his priority.

5. He would climb the mountain for you.

What I mean here is he would do everything in his power just to be with you, especially at times when you needed him most. If you were oceans apart, he hops on a plane to be there with you in your time of need. 

6. He is enthusiastic about your dates.

He plans for your dates and comes up with ideas. He makes surprises or gets you involved in planning and coming up with ideas. He values your ideas and that makes the date exciting for both of you.


7. He helps you deal with your problems.

If there is anything you are going through, he would go the extra mile just to fix things for you and find a solution to your problems. 

He makes an effort to make you happy when you are sad.  He wants to make you smile when you are depressed and give you a hug to remind you that he is always there on your side when you need him. 

When your computer is broken, he’ll help you get it fixed or assist you in buying a new one.

8. His plans for the future include you.

He shares his future plans with you, because you are part of his future. 

Knowing and hearing your man is talking about the future and your part of that future is something that gives you a tingling sensation on every fiber of your nerves. 

It gives you so much happiness.

I think it’s so sweet and romantic, knowing that your man really sees you as a priority so much that he wants you to be part of his future life. 

9. He does everything he can to avoid hurting your feelings.

Your man would not want to be the cause of your pains and misery. He is the man who protects you, calms you down, and hugs you when things are too much to handle.

He makes you so happy it makes you cry. These are called tears of joy. 😉

This reminds me of my husband.  He makes me so happy that I cry at times. I have tears of joy. 😁

10. He remembers the important things for you.

When your man sees you as a priority, he will make sure that he remembers all the important dates for you, even the smallest details.  And we women know how bad men can be at remembering special dates. 😉

Men can have difficulty remembering special occasions, but if he does this for you, that certainly means you are his priority. 

You have a very special place in his heart if he remembers the important dates and details about you. 

11. He values your opinions.

Your man includes you in his decisions and values what you have to say.  When he has to make important decisions in his life, he shares it with you and he wants you to be part of it. He values your feedback and input. 

Most importantly he listens and values your opinion. Even if he didn’t have to take actions based on your opinions, he would at least still let you know how he values you and makes you part of it.

Your man not only sees you as a priority, but as a team partner he can count on.

12. He doesn’t ignore your call or text.

If you are his priority and no matter how busy he is, he will never make you feel like an option. We are living in the 21st century.  We have access to so much information and multiple ways of communicating with others. 

So if he truly sees you as a priority, he will make use of the technology the 21st century has to offer. As soon as he gets the chance to reply to you, he will be excited and respond to your text as quickly as possible.

13. He doesn’t make you feel alone.

He doesn’t take you for granted. Like I said, no matter how busy he is, he will never make you feel alone. Whenever he gets a chance, he will make sure that he spends time with you. He will never make you feel lonely, because he loves you dearly and you are incredibly important to him.

14. He puts your needs above his own.

In a healthy relationship a man, who truly loves and prioritizes his woman, will make sure that your needs come first.

Of course your man needs to spend time with his friends and family, but if he is always putting his needs first and neglecting yours, then this can be a sign that you are not a priority to him.

15. He isn’t selfish.

Your man has all the willingness to adjust his schedules and plans for you when it’s necessary. He adapts to your situation. 

He knows that he wants you to be part of his life, so he is going to learn to compromise things in his life for you.

16. He treats you with respect.

We can always love a person, but respecting them as well makes a world of difference in maintaining a healthy relationship. If the man not only loves you but respects you with all his heart, then he certainly sees you as a priority. 

17. He is always honest with you.

Your man wants to earn your trust, so he doesn’t lie to you. He shows you that he will never betray whatever trust you give him and he values this trust. Trust is very important for him.

He knows that a healthy relationship requires trust from both partners. He always makes sure that he is very clear with anything you want to know about him.

18. He doesn’t make broken promises. 

When he commits to something for you, he will make sure that he can do it for you. If a situation arises where he is unable to fulfill the promise by time he said he would, he provides an explanation as to why, but still finds a way to fulfill the promise he made to you.

He always does his best to be the man that sticks by his word and the man who takes actions. 

19. He apologizes when he knows he is wrong.

He apologizes when he knows he has failed to meet the expectations he promised you. He doesn’t have a problem swallowing his pride for the sake of a healthy relationship.

He doesn’t let his ego overpower him, because he knows it will be a recipe for a doomed relationship. If your man does this, then you are certainly his priority and he loves you dearly.

Final Thoughts:

It is important to note that a relationship requires an effort from both couples. You can’t expect someone to make you their priority if you yourself don’t even know how to prioritize someone in a relationship.

Relationships require a certain level of maturity if you want it to be stronger and healthier. 

You get out what you put in to it.  It’s not enough that you are just passionate and in love with your partner. If you really want a lasting, healthy, and happy relationship, you seriously need to know how to prioritize. 

Commitment and making time for your relationship are necessary.  If you take your relationship for granted, then you may regret it in the future.  We never really know what we have until it’s gone. 

If you are truly serious about your relationship and you know that he sees you as a priority, then again Congratulations. This kind of man’s love is authentic and not to be taken for granted.

If this is you, then You two are on the road to a happier and stronger relationship. Keep nurturing the loving relationship you have with him. 

Let the love grow like a watered flower that blooms with full of life, love and happiness. 

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19 Signs You Are His Priority and Not Just an Option

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