Is It Possible to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free? Mediums to Consider in 2023 & Beyond

Is It Possible to Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages for Free? Mediums to Consider in 2023 & Beyond

When you saw her for the first time, your heart tugged. You couldn’t wait to make her yours. Although you had to encounter several issues along the way, she agreed to become your girlfriend.

Well, good things come to those who wait, right? However, some months after being all over each other, you notice that your girlfriend’s slowly withdrawing from you. Suddenly, she becomes tired of conversing and no longer beams with a smile when you get home from work. 

At this point, you try to recall what wrong you’ve done to her. After racking your brain for several minutes, you discover that you’ve maintained your loving demeanor.

So, what’s wrong? According to a recent report, 68% of women confessed to cheating at least once during a serious relationship. Statistics like this might make your stomach churn, and rightfully so. If your GF’s cold behavior doesn’t wear off in a week or two, there’s a chance that she’s having an affair. 

Since she’s most likely using her phone to set up dates with her secret lover, there’s good news! You can track her smartphone 24/7 without her knowing. Now’s the time to don the “Sherlock Holmes” attire as the cameras roll!

This article will peek at alternatives you can employ to spy on your girlfriend’s device. The mediums featured in the subsequent lines have a 100% success rate in monitoring related activities. 

Ready, let’s dive in!

Why Do You Need to Check Your Girlfriend’s Text Messages?

You don’t just wake up one morning to Google “how to spy on my girlfriend’s text messages free.” There must be a reason that prompts your search. 

Here, we’ll check out triggers that make your quest to check your girlfriend’s text messages 100% justifiable.

Notable mentions include:

  • Cyberbullying

A recent survey indicates that 41% of American adult Internet users have encountered cyberbullying at least once. Reports like this are unsavory, and to ensure that no one’s bullying your girlfriend unjustly, you may want to check her text messages.

Doing this lets you see if someone’s pushing her to do things she wouldn’t execute of her volition. 

Now, you can contact the relevant legal authorities to get the issue all sorted before it goes haywire.

  • Safety

Do you see your girlfriend as a “carefree” individual? If yes, monitoring her smartphone might be the best way to ensure that she isn’t divulging private information to someone she met some hours ago. 

By hacking her Android or iOS device and snooping on her text messages, you can take control of the situation before something disastrous occurs.

  • Cheating

Cheating is the most common reason why boyfriends go the extra mile to monitor their girlfriend’s devices. If there’s nothing comical playing in the background and she begins to smile “sheepishly,” something’s off. 

Although this might denote several things, it could signify that she’s seeing someone else. To avoid the constant jolts (courtesy of your gut feelings), check her messages to know your place in the relationship. 

NOTE: Spying on someone's device is an activity that might be supported or frowned upon in several regions. Before you get started, we advise having a private talk with a legal practitioner to understand the technicalities of this endeavor.

Is It Possible to Spy on a Person’s Text Messages?

see who my girlfriend is texting app

If you made this query some decades ago, you’d earn a weird stare from people. However, with the advent of technology, the impossible is now possible. 

Currently, you can spy on someone’s text messages. To spy on someone’s messages successfully, you must use spy apps

Although other methods might get unfettered access to your girlfriend’s texts, spyware ranks #1 for efficiency and convenience.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s define “spy apps.” As the naming suggests, spy apps are software that gives you access to someone’s cell phone in real-time. These apps can trawl a target’s texts, call logs, GPS location, and multimedia files. 

How Do They Work?

There are numerous spy applications scattered across the Internet. Although they might have different naming schemes, their mode of operation is similar.

To get started with a spying application, you need to create a unique profile and key into a subscription plan. After you’ve sorted this phase, install the spyware on the device you’d like to monitor 24/7.

Upon installation, log in to your dashboard and see their data without breaking a sweat. These applications will garner data for you as far as the Internet is still up and running.

Notable Features Offered By Spy Apps

If you’re doing Google searches along these lines – how to check my girlfriend’s text messages – you can get that and more with spyware pulling the strings. 

Here’s a feature list to expect on the most variations:

  • GPS location tracking
  • IM app monitoring
  • Call log and history tracking
  • Keylogger
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) recording
  • Internet history tracking
  • Access to multimedia files 
  • GPS tracking and Geofencing
DID YOU KNOW: Installing the top spying applications on a target device will see their thumbnails disappear after the installation process is complete. Well, this isn't rocket science, but instead, a spyware function tagged "Stealth Mode." This add-on lets you access the target device without the user knowing. Mesmeric!

mSpy: The Best App to Spy on My Girlfriend’s Phone

mspy sms tracker

There are tons of spy applications out there. However, if you need an “all-rounder” to monitor your girlfriend’s cell phone seamlessly, consider the mSpy application. 

Albeit created with “Parental Control” in view, the mSpy application has all the goodies required to track anyone remotely and stealthily. With 36+ features in its arsenal, mSpy gets the job done to the “T.” 

Famed for its comprehensiveness, it’s no surprise that mSpy has a presence within the borders of 180 countries. Additionally, this spy application has 1.5 million patrons to its name. 

A worldwide reputation? mSpy takes things to the next level!

Using mSpy doesn’t need memorizing steps in a book as bulky as “Engineering Mathematics.” Even if you’re a novice in tech-related proceedings, mSpy helps you get the ball rolling within 5 minutes. 

Is that all? Not quite. Unlike some spy apps that offer inadequate customer care, mSpy takes things to the next level with a 24/7 help desk on display. Come rain, come shine, you’ll get a prompt reply, regardless of your query’s technicalities.

Are you yearning to know how the application works on Android and iOS devices without subscribing? Not to worry. This mSpy has you covered with a Demo mode. Here, you can see how the target’s data will appear on your dedicated Control Panel once you’ve subscribed.

Talk about a teaser before the main action.


see who my girlfriend is texting app

You probably think these features translate to a pricey subscription plan, right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but mSpy has budget-friendly subscriptions available.

Here’s a breakdown:

DID YOU KNOW: According to a recent survey, 40% of people said they'd seen their partner snooping on their devices. However, with a spy application like mSpy in the thick of proceedings, you can track your girlfriend's Android and iOS smartphone remotely and stealthily. 

What Text Messages Can You Read With mSpy?

You can read a lot with mSpy. This spy service doesn’t recline in this aspect. For context, mSpy grants you full access to these messaging categories:

  • SMS Messages

If your girlfriend sends texts to her secret lover through her phone’s default messaging outlet – SMS – you’ll see them (sent and received). mSpy also lets you in on the contact information of those they converse with.

  • Social Media Text Messages

With a report indicating a 20% increase in divorce rates due to social media use, you might want to check your girlfriend’s social media profiles for implicating texts. 

Using mSpy, you have access to her accounts on Kik, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Tinder. This app also gives you an insight into the pictures, GIFs, stickers, and videos they’ve sent during their exchanges. 

With the mSpy app, you can see a cheating girlfriend’s text messages without hassles.

  • Messaging Apps

Besides the major social media channels, do you think your girlfriend is using other IM applications to keep the fire in her affair burning? If so, the mSpy app gives you total access to her sent and received messages. 

Additionally, you’ll see the timestamps on these chats and know the genesis of her escapades. 

  • Deleted Messages
how to intercept my girlfriend’s text messages

The guilty are always scared. If your girlfriend suspects that you’re onto her escapades, she’ll delete every chat considered raunchy on her device, just in case. 

Thankfully, the mSpy service applies the “you can run, but you can’t hide” saying on cheaters. mSpy gives you access to their deleted chats on her Instant Messaging (IM) apps or generic texting app (SMS). 

With this capability featured on mSpy, you can confront your girlfriend with rock-solid facts. 

NOTE: Although mSpy can retrieve deleted messages, it won't be able to sift out forms that were erased before its installation on your girlfriend's device. 
  • Emails

Emails are just for work and transaction receipts, right? Not really. This messaging medium has evolved, and your GF may be using emails to hide her infidelity in “plain sight.”

Thankfully, with mSpy leading the charge, you can see all emails on your girlfriend’s Android or iOS device. 

That’s not all: Besides the content, mSpy gives you insight into the timestamps of these messages and the recipient’s information. 

Since this mSpy feature is all shades of advanced, you must root (Android) or jailbreak (iPhones) the target’s phone device to access their emails.

Other mSpy Features You Would Love

Suppose you’re “Oliver Twisty,” and you want more from the mSpy spy application. Well, this spy app gives you some respite with these add-ons:

  • Phone Calls and Call Logs

What if your girlfriend has gone from texting to calling her secret lover? mSpy gives you a detailed insight into her incoming and outgoing calls. The app also lets you in on the timeline she made these calls and the length of each exchange. 

Do you want to resolve things your way and block numbers? mSpy gives you this opportunity. With mSpy, you can set restrictions on incoming calls. You can set these limitations on your Control Panel.

mSpy is just the complete package!

  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing

“Hi babe, I’m out with my friends,” she says. However, you can hear the voice of a man in the background. 

When this happens, what do you do? Track your girlfriend’s location immediately!

Fortunately, GPS tracking is in mSpy’s résumé. mSpy gives you details about your girlfriend’s whereabouts 24/7. You won’t have issues finding her as mSpy delivers this vital data on a detailed map. 

Additionally, mSpy has a geofencing function to set “danger zones.” If your GF enters a restricted area, mSpy will immediately alert you.

  • Media Files Viewing

Imagine scrolling through your girlfriend’s media, and suddenly, she takes it out of your grasp. If she makes the typical “you’re invading my privacy” line, she’s probably cheating on you. 

With mSpy, you can dig into her multimedia files to see those things she was hiding. You’ll see her images and videos, complete with timestamps, on your dashboard. 

  • Installed Applications Viewing

Although there are many educational and exciting apps on the Internet, your girlfriend might download a format with adverse content. If you think it’ll damage her in the long run, you can use mSpy to block the app.

Doing this is easy. Head to your Control Panel and tap the “Installed APPs” area. Now, hit the “Block App” on the app you’d like to restrict. Seamless!

  • Web Browser History Monitoring and Blocking
free apps to spy on your girlfriend

The Internet hosts “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” If your girlfriend is visiting strange sites, you can see how much time she spends on each with the mSpy app. 

Do you feel these visited sites will ruin your relationship with her? mSpy gives you the option to block them. So, the next time she heads one of these blocklisted sites, she’ll be stuck on the “loading page.”

  • Keylogger

Imagine seeing what your GF’s typing in real-time? You don’t have to think about the possibility as mSpy grants you access to her device’s keystrokes with a “Keylogger.”

On mSpy, you can see your girlfriend’s typed in words and phrases 24/7. mSpy also gives you a detailed overview of the apps they appeared in and the exact log time.

Encompassing? mSpy is that and more!

How to Read Your Girlfriend’s Texts With mSpy?

Ranked as one of the extensive “see who my girlfriend is texting apps,” mSpy’s installation on your girlfriend’s iOS or Android device isn’t a challenging activity. 

To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create a New mSpy Account

To get your monitoring activities underway with mSpy, you must create an account. Now that you know this fundamental prerequisite, head to mSpy’s official site and hit the “TRY NOW” button.

On the page that appears, insert your email address and hit the “Privacy Policy” checkbox. Now, click on the “TRY NOW” icon for the next registration phase.

Step 2. Select a Target OS

Now’s the time to select a target OS. Currently, mSpy supports Android and iOS devices. Select the OS form that describes your girlfriend’s device to continue. 

There’s a “Decide Later” icon if you’re undecided about the target device’s OS. 

Step 3. Choose a Subscription Package

mSpy has three subscriptions:

Choose a plan that tallies your finances and make a payment.

Step 4. Start Monitoring the Target Device

When you’ve made payment via your chosen method, install the mSpy application on the target smartphone. Upon installation, you’ll access your girlfriend’s SMS, call logs, GPS location, and multimedia files.

NOTE: mSpy has a decent "refund policy" in place. So, if the app doesn't tally your quest to learn how to know if your girlfriend is cheating over text, you can seek a refund within 14 days of payment. 

Read Cheating Girlfriend Text Messages With eyeZy

eyezy sms tracker

While mSpy ranks “primus inter pares” in the evolving spy market, eyeZy is another option you might want to consider tracking your girlfriend’s messages with 100% accuracy. 

Although eyeZy’s “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet” tagline might earn it some stern looks, a peek at its feature list may see you reconsider your stance. 

Unlike some other spy apps, using eyeZy doesn’t need a Bachelor’s degree in Certified Hacking for operation. Right from the get-go (installation), eyeZy is committed to simplifying things. For context, the application has a dedicated Friendly Installer that guides you through the installation procedure. With this add-on available, you can commence tracking activities within 5 minutes.

To ensure that you have your issues resolved speedily, eyeZy has 24/7 customer support. Now, you can make queries without waiting for long periods. 

There is more: eyeZy also makes security its watchword as it features bank-grade encryption. Thus, you can trawl data easily from your girlfriend’s device, knowing that no third-party entity has access.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, eyeZy goes through the defenses of these operating systems to get you what you want on your GF’s device.


You don’t have to rid yourself of life’s basics to afford eyeZy. This spy application has these affordable plans in place:

NOTE: eyeZy's subscriptions are discounted. Note that eyeZy's pricing will revert to their full price when you're renewing. 

What Can You Track With eyeZy?

As we’ve established, eyeZy is spyware that boasts of decent add-ons that denote one thing – futuristic. 

Here are the top add-ons on eyeZy:

  • Keylogger

Interested in knowing how to intercept your girlfriend’s text messages? eyeZy’s keylogger has you all sorted. 

With this functionality, you can see what your girlfriend types in real-time. 

That’s not all:

You can set forbidden keywords on your girlfriend’s cell phone. If she uses any as she chats, the “Magic Alerts” feature in eyeZy will issue an instant alert, keeping you in the know 24/7.

  • Social Networks 

Do you want some insight into your girlfriend’s social media conversations? eyeZy’s Social Spotlight add-on is available to give you that much-needed perspective.

This function is extensive as it covers popular channels like WhatsApp, Kik, Skype, Instagram, and Facebook. With the eyeZy app, you can see what your girlfriend’s discussions center around and know if she’s cheating or not. 

  • Screen Recorder

Albeit on a virtual front, you can know what your GF is up to with eyeZy’s “Screen Recorder” functionality. As she uses her device, this add-on will take screenshots, giving you a glimpse of her mobile activities 24/7. 

This feature proves helpful, especially when she erases all raunchy texts from her smartphone. With eyeZy, you have proof of her cheating without breaking a sweat. 

  • Text Messages

You can see your girlfriend’s sent and received texts on the eyeZy application. Also, you see the exact timeline of these exchanges. So, if you want to know when she began the affair, this eyeZy feature comes in handy. 

eyeZy also gives you accurate information about those she’s texting, including their mobile numbers. Now, you can confront her secret lover on your terms. 

  • GPS Location
cheating girlfriend text messages

Here, eyeZy’s Pinpoint add-on takes precedence. So, if your GF tells you that she’s off for a party and you think she’s lying, you can track her location with eyeZy. This feature lives up to its naming as it shows you the exact spot your girlfriend is on the easy-to-read map.

  • Browser History

Can you connect the dots of their web trails with eyeZy at the thick of things? Yes! 

The Web Magnifier feature lets you see what sites your girlfriend visits. If you don’t want her to view select platforms, you can block their links through your eyeZy dashboard. 

As long as she’s doing it online, eyeZy lets you know!

DID YOU KNOW: You can see if a target's smartphone is compatible with eyeZy at the "Compatibility Checker" segment (tail end of the site's homepage). 

Spy on Your Girlfriend’s Phone (eyeZy Installation)

Getting started with the eyeZy app doesn’t require a lot of tech-savviness. To garner data from your girlfriend’s cell phone without her knowing, follow these steps:

Step 1. Create an Account and Pick a Membership

Head to the eyeZy website and click on the “TRY” icon. Now, insert your email address and choose the target OS you want to monitor 24/7. 

After you’ve selected, choose the subscription that suits your finances and monitoring needs.

Step 2. Install eyeZy on the Target Device

Once you’ve made a payment, get your girlfriend’s phone and install the eyeZy app on it. With a Friendly Installer and 24/7 customer support available, you should get past this process swiftly. 

Step 3. Commence Spying!

After installation, sign in to your eyeZy dashboard and get information on your girlfriend’s smartphone. Now, you can know where the relationship’s headed.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Free Apps to Track Text Messages?

how can I see who my girlfriend is texting for free

If you don’t have a foundation of spy apps, the urge to do Google searches along the lines of “how can I see who my girlfriend is texting for free” ranks high. Albeit a viable option, most free applications can put you and the target device in harm’s way. 

Why? Most free apps feature malware to get your private and financial information without consent. Also, these applications have an unbalanced structure. 

The lack of cohesion can cause the target device to throttle. Therefore, your girlfriend may get wind of your monitoring activities.

So, consider paid alternatives rather than Googling “who is she texting free” and wasting your hard-earned funds on free apps to spy on your girlfriend. 

Although there are tons of mediums, we can authoritatively recommend mSpy and eyeZy.

spy on girlfriend's text messages for free

Read Text Messages for Free Without Installing Software

Without software in the picture, you can still check your girlfriend’s messages for free. 

How? By using the “Backup Files” method.

So, what does this alternative entail? Let’s get context. 

For starters, this alternative only works on Android cell phones. If your girlfriend loves texting, there’s a chance that she might be using a backup tool to retrieve these messages when needed.

By gaining access to this tool, you can see all her sent, received, and deleted messages. 

However, there’s a process. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch MS Excel and choose XML Files in the drop-down for File Type. Now, grant all required permissions.
  2. Since you can’t read dates embedded here, insert – =([@date]/86400000)+25569 in a new column. Now, copy this value and paste it into all other rows.
  3. On the just created column, change the formatting to “date.” Please note that editing in the MS Excel software might make exporting to XML impossible.
NOTE: Tracking texts for free without software, albeit possible, isn't easy. To use this method, you must be proficient in MS Excel usage. 

Final Thoughts

Is your girlfriend acting strangely for no reason, and you want to know the reason behind her recent demeanor? If yes, you might want to look towards spy apps as free alternatives are either fraudulent or tedious to operate.

With so many applications on the market, consider top options like mSpy and eyeZy. These apps feature tons of spying features and are 100% efficient for trawling texts from your girlfriend’s smartphone. 

Getting wind of your girlfriend’s cheating activities will get you upset. Nevertheless, knowing where you stand in a relationship is preferable to living a lie.

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