Finding Happiness: A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

Finding Happiness: A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

Finding Happiness: A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

Finding Happiness. A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

The key to finding happiness is in yourself. You are the only fairy that needs your life. As soon as you recognize this, your life changes by 180 ° and with it the whole world.

We live our normal lives; have to clean up, clean, go to work. Sometimes it’s cold, wet and gray on other days and let’s face it, it’s not always fun. And while we do the washing up, drag ourselves to work or cure the annoying cold, we wish once again that one day the fairy knocks on the door and fulfills our most dear wish: to finally be happy!

But we are grown up and we know that no fairy will come to make our wishes come true. This makes some of us cynical and resigned: “Life is not just a pony farm”. Others double their efforts to be rich, famous or successful one day.


Because we keep making two mistakes :

1. We believe that we have to have certain things in order to be truly happy. We think we should …

  • Be rich to live a “carefree” life
  • Be beautiful so that we are all at your feet
  • Be famous so that everyone can look up to us and worship us
  • Have a partner so that we can be loved
  • Have a respected profession so people respect us
  • Having a house so that the neighbors are impressed by us
  • … and so on.

2. The second mistake we make is believing that being happy is a carefree life . We assume that nothing bad will ever happen to us again, on the contrary everything will happen to us, we will only have positive experiences and run around the area laughing from morning to night.

Both ideas are fundamentally wrong.

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Finding Happiness: A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

Finding Happiness. A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

Finding Happiness: To be happy is the way

The fact that money doesn’t make you happy has actually been heard by everyone and has even been scientifically proven. If you want to hold onto this belief despite everything, you should only take a look at the numerous celebrities who had everything and were adored by the media and people and were still deeply unhappy;

So much so that quite a few of you committed suicide: s. Amy Whinehouse, Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Peaches Geldorf etc.

But the second idea is also wrong. Living a happy life does not mean living a completely carefree, undisturbed and consistently sunny life. Such a life cannot exist and it would probably not be desirable either.

Happy people can also get sick. Happy people can also have accidents. Happy people can also be given notice. They are not immune to all the bad influences in the world.

The difference is how you deal with these events.

A happy person cannot be completely thrown off the railways by giving notice. He gets up again and he continues. He knows that it doesn’t make him a worse person.

He doesn’t have to hate himself or melt in self-pity because something like this happened to him. He knows that the job has not defined him, that he will find a new job and that life goes on.

“There is no way to happiness – being happy is the way” (Buddha)

To be happy is not a goal and not a dazzling cup that you carry with you into the sunset at the end of your journey. To be happy is the journey itself. And you start it with the first step: choose to be happy!

And from there it goes on. A step towards happiness every day. A little more gratitude … a more positive attitude towards life … a spark more self-love … cultivate social relationships here … live more consciously there …. Every day a little more.

Being happy is a question of attitude

The good news is: you don’t need anything or anyone to be happy except yourself.

If you are poor, you can still be happy. If you were born with a crooked nose, you can still be happy. If you’re single, you can still be happy. If you live in Berlin, you can still be happy.

It is your attitude towards yourself, the people around you and the world in which you live, that makes you happy. No more and no less.

The bad news? A happy mindset and an optimistic mindset do not guarantee you a pink-red rainbow life.

Being happy doesn’t change the world around you, it changes you !

Being happy makes you a better, healthier, more creative, more successful person. It gets the best out of you , it lets you strive for goals that you didn’t even know before.

It lets you identify opportunities and accept challenges that you would have avoided before. It makes you more thankful, helpful and life many times more beautiful.

It makes you realize that all of this is a wonderful gift and you will be hard to wait to unpack and play with.

Where you used to backtrack out of fear of failure, you will hardly be able to hold out due to sheer euphoria. Where you saw failures before, you will see opportunities to learn. Where you used to be lost in self-doubt , you now accept your weaknesses with ease.

Where indifference used to haunt you, now you look curiously into the world. Where you used to want to sink into the ground out of sheer shame, you laugh at yourself. Where pessimism used to bring you to your knees, optimism now gives you wings.

The key to happiness is in yourself . You are the only fairy that needs your life. As soon as you recognize this, your life changes by 180 ° and with it the whole world.

PS: If you’re into the science of happiness and positive emotions, check out this book, The Happy Life Formula. It’s all about creating more happiness in our lives so that we can become not only happier, but also healthier and more successful .

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Finding Happiness. A Step Towards Happiness Every Day

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