4 Things You Have to Stop Worrying About to Live a Healthy & Happy life.

When we think about it, the problem about worrying is that it doesn’t solve anything. What it does is it creates frustration and then stress us out. It gives us negatives vibes that can strain our life making us feel demotivated.

So instead of letting yourself consume all the unnecessary energy it gives you, here are some things you got to stop worrying about to live a healthy and happy life.



1. Stop Worrying About – The opinion of other people on how you should live your life.

We live in a world where we are so cautious about what others might think or say about us. We are so focused on not disappointing these people that we’re sacrificing our own dreams just to feel accepted and maintain a good relationship with them. However, this is not the proper way to enjoy our life.

Other people’s expectations for us shouldn’t get in the way of what we want for ourselves. We should not let the thoughts of others pressure us into doing something we don’t want or to be someone we’re not. Although their opinions may be helpful at some situation, it should not dictate how we should live our lives.

Our own personal goal is much more important than their unsolicited advises. We live to make our dreams come true and to learn about what we want for ourselves in our own little ways.

2. Stop Worrying AboutThe idea of perfection and how someone should aim for it.

Being perfect is what everyone wants. We always want to be this ideal person incapable of doing something wrong that we live life walking on eggshells. However, the idea of perfection is too unrealistic to begin with that aiming for it will only give us disappointments and frustrations.

A person should embrace life’s imperfection and live a carefree life. We all make mistakes in our journey and we use it to learn.

You will enjoy life more if you manage to adapt through all the imperfections one step at a time.

3. Stop Worrying AboutThe pressure of being one with the crowd.

Every one of us has this desire to feel that we are one with the crowd. The thought of being ostracized or alienated just for being different is too much to accept that we try so hard to just fit in.

Although it’s not bad to blend in and be like others, it is also important to be yourself as well. If you stand-out because you can do something that others can’t, it’s okay.

Sometimes being compliance with the norms can ruin someone’s individuality. Our individuality sets us apart from everyone. It is our strength.

As much as possible, we should avoid ruining it. This is what keeps us special. We should use it to our advantage rather than setting it aside.

4. The thought of being right all the time.

Even though being right is human, it’s also okay to admit that you don’t know everything. Pressuring yourself into being all-knowing is highly over-rated and can definitely put you into a lot of stress.

Avoid thinking that being wrong can make you look bad. We make mistakes and it is inevitable.

Wanting to be right for yourself is acceptable. But the desire to be right all the time just to prove everyone around is wrong must stop.

Sometimes, this can become an addiction that can turn into a bad habit. It is enough to be confident if you know about something.

You don’t always need to try hard and convince everyone that you know it and that you are right about it.

In times that you are craving so hard to be this way, ask yourself would rather be happy or right?

Do you worry too much about many things in life? How do you handle this situation when you find yourself worrying a lot? I’d love to hear from you, let me know in the comment below. Thank you!

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4 Things You Have to Stop Worrying About to Live a Healthy & Happy life

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    Just came across this post in Pinterest- I’m pinning to share. Great post- I still struggle with #1. It’s easy for me to tell others not to care of what others think- but yet I still struggle with that one.

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