Are you waiting to hear those three little words when you are together? Then you are probably wondering if he’s falling in love with you.

15 Subtle Signs He's Falling in Love with You

Do you find yourself asking if he is thinking about you or checking your phone thinking and hoping to receive a call or text from him? 

Are you waiting to hear those three little words when you are together? Then you are probably wondering if he is falling in love with you. 

Many men are raised to be strong and ignore their feelings and emotions.  This can cause them to suppress their true feelings when they are in love with someone.

For some men, falling in love can make them feel uncomfortable.  Even though he is completely comfortable with his emotions, the intense feelings of love can take him by surprise.

When a man experiences the magic of love, it can affect him deeply.  A man who’s truly, deeply and madly in love wants to protect and care for the person he loves and will do his best to make her happy.

Men show their love differently from women. Most men show their feelings and love by actions more than words. Men often have trouble expressing their love; however, they are often good at taking and showing actions. 

But of course, some men are still more comfortable expressing their feelings with words. 

So if you’re asking yourself this question:

“Is he falling in love with me?”

Then take a look at these most common behaviors a man shows when he falls in love. 

Of course you still need to have a real discussion with him to make it all clear and not just assume things. 

But for now, these signs will help you answer the thoughts in your head and help you determine if he is falling in love with you.

15 Subtle Signs He's Falling In Love with You

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15 Subtle Signs He’s Falling in Love with You

15 Subtle Signs He's Falling in Love with You

1. He loves to maintain eye contact.

Pay attention when he gazes into your eyes and maintains eye contact with you. A man who’s in love with you will maintain deep and long lasting eye contact.

Have you noticed in your peripheral vision, that he’s looking at you? Does he quickly look away momentarily when you catch him? 

That sounds intense and romantic, doesn’t it? 

If you notice he is constantly setting his eyes upon you, then this could be a sign that he’s falling in love with you.

2. He makes an effort to make you happy.

If he has been making an effort to bring as much happiness as possible to you, then it’s one of the most common signs that he is falling in love with you. 

If a man tries his best to make you smile, laugh and show a genuine concern about what’s making you happy, then it’s a clear sign he is falling in love with you and you mean the world to him.

3. He makes time for you.

A man who’s in love in love with you, will make time for you no matter how busy his schedule is. 

If he constantly initiates spending more time with you, he definitely has intense feelings for you. 

If you know he is a very busy person, but despite his hectic schedule, he still makes time for you, then you can be assured that he truly cares for you.  You matter to him and he’s falling in love with you.

4. He’s showing that he’s thinking about you.

He may not say the three magic words…but when a man is falling in love, you are constantly in his thoughts.

He may randomly send you a text message asking how’s your day, or just see how you are doing. Or he may even pay a surprise visit at your place. 

5. He is happy to introduce you to his family and friends.

If he’s falling in love with you, he is certainly happy and proud to introduce you to his friends, especially to his family. He is proud to have you around and he is happy to talk about you to his family and friends.

He is smiling and his eyes are laughing when he talks about you. It’s a fact that he can’t deny, because he is falling in love with you. It means you are important to him and he wants to share you with the people closest to him.

6. He shares his future with you.

Whenever he shares his thoughts, visions, dreams, and goals, you are always included.  He not only talks about his goals in life, but also his goals and future with you together. Also, his future includes you too.

He discusses his plans and actions with you. Also, he asks your thoughts and opinions about it, because he values your feedback.  He wants to build a future with you and grow together with you. These are signs he is definitely falling in love with you. 

7. He supports your passion.

When you want to pursue something that you are passionate about, he will always be there to support you because you are important to him and your happiness is his happiness as well.

He is definitely falling in love with you when he shows you support.  He becomes your rock and number one supporter when it comes to pursuing your goals, visions, and passions in life.

He actually enjoys seeing you grow, bloom, and be happy while pursuing your passion and he loves seeing you succeed and grow as a better version of yourself.

8. He respects you.

You can always love someone, but giving respect means a lot more.  So if he is falling in love with you, he will also respect you in the relationship.

Here are some signs that he respects you:

  • He respects your privacy and space when you needed it.
  • He will listen to your feelings and not be judgmental with your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs
  • He kisses your forehead or hands (a guy who will kiss your forehead or hands with you shows that he wants to be deeply connected with you and that’s respect)
  • He shows respect not only to you but to your family as well.
  • He does not immediately want to jump in bed with you without making sure that you want it too.

If he shows the above signs of respect, then he is definitely falling in love with you.

9. He makes you feel that you are the most special person in this world.

Again, I know some men are not very expressive with their feelings. However, if he is falling in love with you, he will make the effort to make you feel that you are a special person in his life.

A man may be not expressive, but he can at least make an effort to show you how much he likes you and how important you are to him.

For example, a man who’s falling in love will make an effort to send you some flowers or any simple gift once in a while, even if it is not a special occasion like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day if you’re a mom, just as a reminder of how much he cares for you. 

10. He likes to spoil you.

Now you might be thinking this refers to things like various gifts, shopping, or travelling, but that’s not what I mean. There are men who like to spoil their girl with all those stuff I just mentioned.  

If he is that guy, then be grateful and be appreciative, don’t take him for granted. However, don’t use this as your only factor to know if he is falling in love with you. 

Don’t just settle and consider that material things are the only factor and definition of love. Because it’s more than that.

What I truly mean for “spoiling” here is that if he is falling in love with you, he will make every effort to show how much he likes you and how important you are to him without giving any material things.

An example of this spoiling are:

  • Giving you a sweet and gentle massage when he knows you are tired and just had a bad day.
  • No matter how impatient he is, he has so much patience for you. He knows your flaws and moods and carries all of this, because he simply just loves you.
  • When you are in pain, he shows how much he cares for you.

11. He will not change you for who you are.

If you think this man is trying to change you for who you are, or always insisting to change your dress style, or change your physical appearance to fit his taste and desires, then it’s a danger sign that he wants you to be somebody else.

A man who really loves his woman and is falling deeply in love with you will wholeheartedly accepted you for who you are and what you are. He is happy just to have you in his life with no conditions.

Also, he is happy to have your around and not being conscious of how people will talk about you being together.

He doesn’t care about what others think, because what matters to him is you being happy with him.

12. He will never cheat on you.

A man who’s deeply and madly in love with his woman will never cheat. If there’s an issue between the two of you, he will make every attempt to fix the issue instead of looking for someone else he can talk to and possibly end up cheating on you.

He has a conscience and never cheats on you even in the hardest times of your relationship together. He values the importance of COMMUNICATION when issues arise. If he does this for you, you can be certain that he is deeply falling in love with you.

13. He Fights for You.

If he truly loves you then he will make every effort to fight for your honour.  Have you heard these things before “I will climb a mountain for you”, or “I will reach the stars for you?” Despite what happens, he will always be by your side.

He will get in touch with his feelings for you.

Even if there are hindrances and obstacles along the way, he will do everything he can to fight to keep the relationship strong for the both of you.  When he makes a promise to you he will keep it.

Here are signs that a man is falling in love with you when he is willing to fight for you.

  • Long distance is not an excuse for you to meet him personally and most importantly to meet your family.
  • He will do everything he can to win your love and the love of your family.

14. He makes you feel safe with him.

He makes sure that when you are together, being with him is the safest place on earth. Whenever you are together, you feel a deep connection when he holds you in his arms and look into your eyes. 

If he makes you feel this powerful presence, he will most probably choose a life with you and that can be his “HOME” with you.

15. He listens to you.

He listens to you with all his heart. He pays attention to what you have to say. He listens to you without judgement. He lets you speak and express your feelings without hesitation because he is willing to listen and understand your feelings. 

His willingness and wholeheartedness to listen to you is a strong indicator that he is deeply in love and connected with you.

Final Thoughts:

If things are really going well with your boyfriend or partner, then you might want to avoid over analyzing or over thinking if he is in love with you.

You might be sabotaging your relationship with him if you start to overthink it.  Thinking things like “you are not doing this or that so that means you don’t love me” can be a way of over thinking. Avoid falling into this emotional trap. 

If he is truly falling in love with you, everything will go great between you two and let his love grow with you like a watered flower that blooms everyday with full of love and happiness.

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15 Subtle Signs He's Falling In Love with You

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