How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come

How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come

How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come?

How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come – Guest Post by Travis H

Taking Charge of Our Moment.

Why Take Charge of this Very Moment.

Tough question right off the bat here. Do you enjoy your life?

And here is another tough question. If you don’t enjoy your life who’s fault do you think it is that you don’t enjoy your life?

Okay now last question!

How important do you believe taking charge of your life wherever you are at this very moment is to enjoying your life?

For all the years I struggled being an addict without recovery I understand the repercussions of not being in charge of my own life.

The many obsessive thoughts, emotions and habits that had led me down a path of self-destruction had complete control over my next destinations.

Addiction is serious business and the life threatening version of it is not a part of everyone’s story. But addict or not we all have thoughts, emotions and habits that keep us from becoming our best selves. They shoot us in the feet when it comes to meeting our goals and they can decimate our self-esteem.

So what do we do?

Just accept our current state as the way things are destined to be? As absurd as the question seems to be many of us accept this very thing every single day. Sad isn’t it?

Taking Charge Will Improve Our Situation.

I am not entirely sure how to change all the places I feel stuck at in life. And I am not sure of the specifics on how to change yours either. But the one thing I am certain of is that there is a path out of our current situation and into a better one.

There is nothing more sad to me then a perfectly healthy human being convinced of the hopelessness of their current situation. I have stood in front of many capable individuals recovering from addiction letting them know that their path to a healthy life is right here in front of them.

And many of times I have been looked at me with a dumbfounded look, wondering how I could be so stupid. Surely the only destination for them was more suffering, humiliation and beating their heads on the wall.

It would confuse me more if I haven’t come from the very same place. But thankfully my wife and me found our ways out of that mess.

An individual doesn’t need to be an addict to feel stuck and hopeless though. Many otherwise capable individuals feel hopeless when they think about the future of their finances, career, children’s well-being and the list goes on.

And I agree, I see many troublesome things when I look at the future of these as well. But I know there is a way into something better so I will bypass the complaining.

Taking charge of this moment WILL set us up for something better.

So let’s talk about how we can do so!

How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come

How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come

1. Keep Thoughts in the Moment.

The first and main step in taking charge of the moment is to actually be connected to it. When not staying mindful of what is real this very moment, we are lost from the very start.

The truth in this moment is not that we are incapable of changing, that is a lie from the depths of hell. No the truth in this moment is that we are all intelligent beings that are much more capable than we could ever understand fully.

There is a way through the stickiness of the moment and it is probably right in front of our eyes. Just waiting for us to surrender our limiting beliefs so we can see the solution the moment has waiting for us.


2. Feel the Fear or Whatever Emotion that is Holding Us Back.

Painful emotions that stem from past unfinished business can be pretty convincing when it comes to holding us back. They come up when it is time to follow the solution into new territory.

When they talk to us they tell us what they know to be true. Maybe they aren’t lying to us, just scared and wanting to stay safe.

These emotions need to be felt. When taking the next right step, listen to them but don’t believe them. When the pain arises keep moving, stop and cry if need be.

Scream out the window of a moving vehicle.

But whatever you do be good to yourself, the emotions, and any of the faces that come up that are connected to memories of pain.


3. Throw Away the Excuses.

I have a hundred excuses for every right move that I should be making. They seem to come up naturally, without any effort of my own. It is just those emotions talking again.

Tell the emotion that you love it but that it is time to move on from the excuse.

It is time to believe a new narrative.

One in which we have some belief in the creative nature of our brains and all this energy flowing through our bodies.

When the excuse shows up, make the move anyway. We are way smarter and capable than we believe.

4. Own Responsibility for Faults.

It can be easy to blame others for where we are at in life. And don’t get me wrong, I am sympathetic to the world of pain people feel in this world that stems from traumatic experiences in the past. But this is the present moment, that past event isn’t here anymore.

It is time to move on!

5. Take a Step Toward a Goals Completion.

Take the next step. Just take it. Hopefully some healthy people in your life have helped you accept the next step you need to take. Now take the damn thing.

There is a whole new world that exists when we take the next step towards a goal. It probably won’t feel comfortable, or hell maybe it will feel right the moment you take it.

Thank you so much for stopping in to read this article today. We hope you decide to take the next step on an aspect of life you have been fearing. We know it can be a difficult thing to do. But in the end leads us into lives that may surprise us in amazing ways.

Peace and Love,

Travis H from

About The Author:

Travis and Casey Hagen are the writers and owners of My Life Experiment. As recovering individuals, they are no longer strangers to leaving behind dysfunctional ways of living. Over the years they have become adept at managing their intense mental and emotional worlds to find healing from the past, peace in the present and new ways to bring about success for their futures. They have plenty of experiences, advice, inspiration and motivation to share with you about finding better ways to live.

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How Can We Take Charge of This Moment and Set Ourselves Up Better for Moments to Come

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