The 5 Types of Single Women

The 5 Types of Single Women

The 5 Types of Single Women

The 5 Types of Single Women

Today we will discover some types of single women with whom you may or may not feel identified . The reasons why they are in this situation are diverse and varied. Each one has her own experiences that have led her to decide to be single.

We tend to analyze relationships, but what happens when we become single? Singleness also defines us, talks about us, how we are , how we perceive the world and, how could it be otherwise, how we see relationships .

There are people who decide to be in a relationship, others single. But, the latter are always believed to be single because nobody wants them.

The reasons why a person is single can be several . Perhaps you have had a bad time in your relationships and you are much better alone or, perhaps, want to be single of your own free will. Let’s not forget that there are many people who still see singleness as an unnatural, and strange. However, not everyone agrees on this.

Today we will discover some types of single women with whom you may or may not feel identified . The reasons why they are in this situation are diverse and varied. Each one has her own experiences that have led her to decide to be single.


The 5 Types of Single Women

1. Single due to bad experiences

In this first type are all those people who due to their bad experiences in love have decided to leave “being in a relationship” aside and move on to focus on themselves. Thinking about having a partner again causes them rejection, even stress .

Normally, these people have gone through very difficult experiences. Perhaps, your partner has been unfaithful, has maintained a double life, chose to disappear overnight, became a batterer.

We cannot deny that these situations impact and leave a mark on the person who suffers them. Occasionally, it reaches such an extreme that it develops into philophobia , a phobia whose greatest fear is to fall in love with another person.

2. Single people due to lack of self-esteem

There are single women who have a deep lack of self-esteem, and this leads them to be devalued in all aspects of their lives, including sentimental ones. They believe they are not worthy of being loved , that the person next to them will be wasting time with someone who is not worth it.

On many occasions, they consider that they are not attractive enough to please anyone, so they choose not to take care of themselves and hide from others. In this way, they are shy and even reject possible suitors.

With these attitudes they do nothing but stop what they want so much in their internal jurisdiction. This form of singleness could be considered the worst, since it is not your decision, but is a consequence of what you think about yourself.


3. Single for the desire for independence

Single women who love their independence flee from any link  that can bind them to another person. They love to have their own space that includes house, car, hours alone, not being accountable to anyone, not having obligations to the relationship.

But, within single women of this type you can find two subtypes that have a lot to do and that are a consequence of this need for independence:

  • Single women by self-sufficiency: these types of women believe that they are self-sufficient and do not need anyone else to contribute anything different, so having a partner is something that they find quite indifferent. These women usually spend a lot of time alone , but because they want to. Their habits are so lonely that they contradict the very fact of being in a relationship.
  • Single women by isolation: they could be framed in the previous sub-type, but in this case loneliness is not to their liking. This type of singles wants to break with this dynamic, although they find it tremendously complicated. They have been so isolated from others for so long that they have lost the social skills necessary to interact.

4. Single due to faithful to their ideologies

They are single women who defend certain ideologies and this keeps them single. It has a lot to do with the vision we have about the world and relationships, in general. All this will condition our relationships.

For example,  religion is a very strong bond and sometimes can invite people to stay single until they find appropriate. A somewhat difficult search, since your partner must share the same vision you have about relationships.

In the event that there are differences, you will suffer great pressure from your ideology and from what you really want or want . Anxiety, worry and stress will emerge, without any doubt, in people who are in this type of singleness.

5. Pessimistic single women

There is a last type of single, pessimistic singles, who see the world of relationships as somewhat murky and dark . This does not mean that they do not enjoy being in a relationship, but they do think that, in reality, being in a relationship does not contribute anything.

All the pleasure they feel and all that it brings to them they consider to be mere beliefs that they build on the relationship itself. But, seeing it in a more frivolous way, with greater distance, they believe relationships are “meaningless.”

Pessimistic singles can also be those who believe they will never find that person who truly complements them . While the previous pessimistic singles are colder, they live with the terrible weight that there is no hope for them regarding relationships.

How to Be Single and Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for a Soul Mate


Singleness should never be synonymous with “being sad” or “loneliness” and much less “nobody loves you”

Being single: a choice

In short, what we wanted to highlight is that our experiences, where we were born, what they have instilled in us and how we see the world greatly influence our relationships. Of course, being single is nothing negative , as long as you are not within the type of singles with lack of self-esteem.

Being single is a totally valid choice. 

Moreover, many people should learn to be single to avoid having to depend on others. In this way, you learn to be with yourself, to know yourself, to not need anyone but you.

PS: If you’re looking for more ways and empowering tips on how to be happier while single, then this is the book for you: How to Be Single and Happy. This is an empowering book for all singles, with compassionate guide to stop overanalyzing romantic encounters, get over regrets or guilt about past relationships, and identify what you want and need in a partner. But this isn’t just another dating book.

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The 5 Types of Single Women

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