Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs and Can Keep Them Away

Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs and Can Keep Them Away.

Is there a guy you really like?   Are you really into each other?  You hooked up and had some fun together and had begun to think he liked you too because he was showing the same feeling. However, suddenly this guy just pulls away, and now you are wondering why?

What happened? What did you do that turned him away?

This whole time you thought you were doing the right thing when you were with him. 

You thought you were making him happy. 

You thought he was enjoying what you were doing for him, but you never thought to ask him if he really liked how you were treating him. 

It never occurred to you that what you were doing for him was in fact turning him away and turning him off.  

Your dedication turned into devastation.   

When you thought everything was going great, he turns away and heads for the nearest exit.

Maybe you were in a relationship over the internet.  He seems to like you and then suddenly disappears for no reason and you never hear from him anymore.

Or, maybe everything seems to be getting pretty sweet and steamy, however he suddenly pulls away.

And here you are now, feeling frustrated because you don’t know or not sure what you have done wrong, but you know there is something wrong.

However, not all men, will just suddenly pull away just because you did something that turns them off.  But knowing what are the general turn offs for men can certainly help you avoid these things in the future.

So I performed the research and found the answers from men surveyed of “Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs and Can Keep Them Away”. Below are the results from QUORA.

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Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs – From Anonymous:

1) Size zero bodies and washboard abs: 

While slim frames are pleasant, men do appreciate curves and some meat on the bones. In fact, you might as well be on the chubbier side of the average than the skinnier side.

Fleshy women with some fat in the right places are not just pleasant to look at but also pleasant to touch. Soft squishy bellies are any day more delightful than hard muscular abs.

So if you’re small-framed, you have a discernible neck without double chins, you don’t have a noticeable pot belly pushing out of your top, then you’re just fine.

No need to slim down to the point of starvation, seeking out thigh gaps, flat fat-free abs, visible shoulder blades and rib cages. 

2) Excessive make-up and grooming:

Being neat and presentable is desirable. Paying some attention to looking pretty is also welcomed. But being dolled up to perfection all the time is not something men expect or even prefer.

It implies trying too hard, superficiality and preoccupation with looks at the cost of other desirable qualities. Moreover, many girls paint their faces with thick layers of makeup which looks artificial at best and comically grotesque at worst. 

3) Humongous breasts and butts, cosmetic surgery:

Men do appreciate sizeable assets. But more than size, shape and proportion are important. A small girl with comically large breasts is not attractive. A girl with obviously fake breasts is also not attractive. 

3) Being extra cutesy and girly:

Some girls try to act extra cutesy and babydoll-ish when talking to guys, presuming guys like such girly behavior. Guys do not. It is easy to tell if a girl is just naturally that way or she’s playacting. In most cases, it would be so overdone that beyond seeming just fake, it would be cringe worthy and annoying.

We know you’re a girl. Even if you’re tomboyish, we can still perceive your femininity and appreciate it all the more. You really don’t have to convince us that you’re being a girl, by instead acting like a retarded child. 

4) Tattoos and piercings:

Again, moderation is key. A small tattoo or two is attractive. Pierced ears, or even nose, is attractive. But beyond that, it gets repulsive. A woman’s body is beautiful in its natural state.

Getting tacky tattoos all over the torso, or worse on or near private parts, is like spray painting giant graffiti dicks and swears on a beautiful monument. Piercings, especially in the nipples or tongue or genitals, are also unpleasant and feel like mutilation and desecration of something beautiful.

5) Thongs and G-strings:

While thongs and G-strings are okay (considering they do expose much of the butt), they’re still terribly overrated. Despite how revealing they may be, they are quite unflattering to the ass. A regular pair of panties or bikini bottoms are way more appealing any day.

6) Lace lingerie (or even fancy lingerie in general):

Again, this falls under the overrated, rather than disliked, category. Of course, there is nothing to dislike about a fine woman in fine underwear. But guys don’t care much about how the underwear looks, as if the guy is at a stage where he sees the girl in lingerie, he’s be less concerned with the lingerie itself and more keen on what’s underneath them.

The girl might as well be wearing cheap discount underwear for all he cares, as taking it off and tossing it away is the only thing he’d be thinking about anyway.

Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs – From Anonymous:

1.Big boobs coming from a fat body, or “curves” of “curvy” women;
nope, men given a real possibility to choose between a “curvy” and a fit woman, will choose the fit one (don’t believe the media brainwash or the fat-fetishist exceptions); “curvy” used to mean hourglass shape, now it means fat; we don’t like really skinny either — there’s a happy normal, healthy fit look.

2. Trying to make a man jealous by flirting with other men will make the man more attracted; on the contrary it is a huge turnoff.

3. Playing hard to get, “The Rules”-book style; big turnoff.

4. Fashion models; their look is dictated mainly by gay men and women working in the fashion industry, for a female audience; men usually don’t find the fashion model type attractive.

5. “Men like the chase”; BS; some men may like to chase game in the woods with real bullets, but that’s pretty much all; only desperate men will “chase”, and the unattractive ones will be called “creepy stalkers” by the same women; we like it also when you hit on us and make it easier for us.

6. Contrary to the case of a man hanging out with a woman, a woman hanging out with a man doesn’t make her more attractive to us, on the contrary it’s a turnoff and will make us less likely to hit on her.

Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs – From Run Ze Cao

1.Really thin women: Someone with a bit of padding is nice. Not obese, but somewhere between the high end of what’s considered “healthy” and the middle of “overweight” is usually a pretty sweet spot for attracting men.

2. Permanent Cosmetic Modifications: A woman who is obsessed enough about appearance to permanently modify her body by say breast or ass implants, or liposuction, or tattoos, are severe risks of instability as she aged or when pregnant.

3. Education: Men LOVE women who can be intellectual companions. But if you think men are actively looking for degrees instead of just intelligence in general…

4. Careerist: This eats into youth a lot, and men are attracted to the closely related points of youth, health, beauty and fertility. Sure, showing you have enough dedication, competence and commitment to have a good career is nice, but when it cuts into the primary things that attract men? Well…

5. (For a large proportion of men) Anal insertions of any type whatsoever: Men from a very young age know how to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and in reality, this is very literally a pretty shitty idea.

6. Marriage: In the west, the laws are bad enough that “Divorce Rape” is a term. And a man who was “Divorce Raped” has a worse health prognosis than women who have been sexually assaulted (BTW this is separated from harassment by physical contact being true for sexual assault, but not for harassment), hence the term.

From Michael Cohn
, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist

Definitely shopping.  I don’t think I know a single man who actually enjoys going shopping, especially for clothes.  Our idea of shopping when we need something is make the list, go get the stuff, pay for it, leave, and waste the least amount of time possible.  

Women are more likely to make this an all-day adventure.  I am still not sure why they seem to like it so much.


As you can see from the men surveyed above, there is one thing in common there.  A woman who is not being herself, trying to copy somebody else’s image is totally a huge turn off.  Additionally, a woman who is very obsessed with her looks and a shopaholic is also a huge turn off.  

In my opinion, if you are not considerate with how men think and feel, then it could damage your relationship.  Being in a relationship requires a certain level of maturity.  Acting like a child who always wants attention and starts a tantrum when they don’t get their way is a huge turnoff.  

For example, you want to go shopping, or travelling, but he can’t afford it or prefers to save money for the future.  You start to make an argument about it, which can lead to a huge turn off for him.  

Even though he may love you, he will eventually get tired of it and turn away from you.

Another huge factor for men that turn them away is a woman who doesn’t care about herself.  It’s different from being obsessed with her looks, but it’s more like a woman who knows how to take care of herself mentally, and physically. Doing these without trying to be so obsessed and getting cosmetic surgery can help prevent from becoming a major turn off for him.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I know you should be yourself and you want to be accepted for who you and loved you for who you are as person. We all want to be loved unconditionally and have someone who will accept us wholeheartedly.

This article is presented to you only to give you an idea of the common things that turns men off about women. At the end of the day, it’s all about who you want to be and who you will choose to share your life with.

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Things Women Think Men Like but are Huge Turn Offs and Can Keep Them Away

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