If You Want a Healthy Relationship, You Must Avoid These 15 Types of Toxic Men

If You Want a Healthy Relationship, You Must Avoid These 15 Types of Toxic Men

If You Want a Healthy Relationship, You Must Avoid These 15 Types of Toxic Men

Hey ladies, let’s find out what the toxic behaviors of toxic men are so you can be better equipped to protect yourself whenever you encounter one. 

However, keep in mind that these behaviors of toxic men won’t show up in the early stage of dating or early stages of a relationship. 

Sometimes you really only find out someone’s true colors when you are living together under  the same roof. Not always, but in some cases you will find out the real dark and ugly truth of toxic men when you two are under the same roof. 

The brutal reality is toxic men only show their true colors once they know you are emotionally invested in them.  They use this as a tool to manipulate and control you. 

I know it can be hard to control your feelings and emotions when you are really into him, but if you are a smart woman, you will want to protect yourself and not invest too quickly in a man. Take it slow and be patient with the relationship.  You’re not going to learn everything about them in just a few days or even months. 

Protecting yourself is not being selfish. 

It means you are being intelligent and creating a layer of protection for your emotions in order to avoid the possibility of falling into a  toxic relationship.

Once you recognize the signs of the beginnings of a toxic relationship, then you can avoid the pitfalls of that toxic relationship and move on.  You will save yourself the pain and heartache that comes with being in a toxic relationship. 

You may have heard this:  “It’s better to prevent than to cure.”  We can apply this quote to our love life as well, because  it’s better to take the steps to prevent yourself from falling into a toxic  relationship with a man, than to try and find a cure for the toxic relationship you’re in at the time.  There are men out there that just don’t care to change their toxic behavior. You may find yourself searching for a never ending cure. 

So let’s dive in and look out for the clear signs and red flags of these toxic behaviors of toxic men before becoming too close and too involved in a new relationship. 

If You Want a Healthy Relationship, You Must Avoid These 15 Types of Toxic Men

1. The Mamas Boy

If your partner or boyfriend has an out of the ordinary attachment to his mom, meaning if she controls his relationships, the direction of his life, and even his finances, then it’s a major warning sign that he’s a mama’s boy. 

It’s a good quality for a man to love and respect his mother; however, it’s going to be toxic in your relationship if you always have to compete with his mother and if he’s mom is the one who controls his life and interferes with his relationships. He is overly dependent on his controlling mother and he is not doing anything to change it. 

It can be really hard to live with a mama’s boy. They definitely drain relationships by causing the girlfriend/partner/wife to have to live up to a standard set by his mother. 

Here are major toxic signs and behaviors of a mama’s boy to look out for:

  • He is too scared to become independent.
  • Mamas boy only believes his mom.
  • He let his mom control his life and yours too.
  • He thinks your taste is her taste.
  • His mom will always have the final say.
  • You will never be able to be compared to his mom.
  • He doesn’t think it’s weird that he texts his mom more than he texts you.
  • His mom is his entire world, so he calls his mom and talks about every little thing.

2. The F*ck Boy

Fu*kboys are well known for being a playboy, treating girls poorly, playing girls hearts, and being a serial cheater. He is the kind of guy who just wants to get into your pants.  He is an immature young man, who will just break your whole being and your heart to boost his bullsh*t ego.

In general he is wreaking havoc on the dating scene, while using dating sites or dating apps like Tinder for his playground. 

3. The Spender (Keeping up with the Joneses)

Does a spender boy affect and ruin a relationship? Does it make it toxic in a relationship? Absolutely yes, especially if you’re a woman who is the exact opposite. 

The spender is the one who is trying to keep up with the Joneses while in reality he is broke. He doesn’t care to save for the future, only what matters for him is to spend money to make him look good and to keep up with what’s trending. He is living paycheck to paycheck and financially miserable. 

Nothing is wrong with spending, especially when it comes from your own hard work. What’s toxic about it is if the man doesn’t want to save for the future and it’s just become his bad habit to keep spending and acting rich by living paycheck to paycheck.

4. The Narcissist 

He might be a good looking guy, but in his own eyes, he thinks he is the most good looking guy on the entire planet. Narcissist men is obsessed with their looks and he needs more time to get ready than you. 

He loves to talk and brag about himself and doesn’t give you a chance to take part in the conversation. Being with the Narcissist is a struggle and can be quite difficult to express your feelings and views. Your comments or opinions are being ignored, dismissed, or corrected. 

In addition, the Narcissist likes too much attention from social media.  He can’t stop posting his selfies and trying so hard to look good. He will use a wide variety of beauty products to maintain his gutsy appearance, but he will never be satisfied with it. 


5. The Fashion Model

The fashion model boy is similar to that of a Narcissist. He is the type of guy who always acts like a fashion model and tries hard to keep himself up on social media to look really handsome and good looking by wearing what the latest trends are. 

Even if he’s almost maxed out his credit cards and barely has any money in the bank, he doesn’t care as long as he can keep up with looking good by buying expensive and branded clothing for himself. That’s what all matters to him. He doesn’t care about you and he only cares about how to make himself look good and appealing to everybody. 

6. The Lazy Boy (the blood sucker)

He is completely lazy and doesn’t have the drive to succeed in life and has no ambition.

And he is only existing in this world and surviving and that’s all that matters to him.

Toxic men doesn’t try to leave their comfort zone and try new things.  He’s not interested in changing, because after all, change requires effort and hardwork. The lazy man doesn’t want to work hard.

Sticking with a lazy man is like having a leach stuck on you all the time.  He will suck all your blood out until you are dry and out of life. It won’t be too long and you will be the one who will pick up his bad habits as well. Remember, you become who you surround yourself with.

7. The Manipulator

He knows exactly your weaknesses and uses them to his own benefit.

He uses his power to manipulate you by exploiting your weaknesses. 

And he knows how to detect your weakness and use its power to control you and manipulate you. 

He will use his manipulative power to gain full control over you.  And he will break you down and shatter your self esteem and confidence.  You will be at the mercy of his manipulative power. 

8. The Alcoholic

You can tell when you’re dating an alcoholic or  in a relationship with one. For one, they are pretty much drunk most of the time.  They can’t drink responsibility or socially and you are always having to pick them up from the bar.  Lastly, alcohol is at the center of all their problems.

Too much alcohol consumption has a profound impact on the brain cells and behavior.  With his continued drinking problem, it’s most likely that he behaves much differently than when he is sober. This may cause him to become more promiscuous or more violent.

He may even engage in risky behaviors such as driving under the influence of alcohol.  Any of these behaviors are completely toxic in a relationship and can lead to total destruction of a relationship. 

If he never wants to change or is not willing to rehabilitate himself from his drinking problem, then it can cause a negative impact on your relationship. 

9. The Compulsive Liar

This is the type of guy who just can’t stop lying.  He lies so much he begins to believe his own lies. The compulsive liar will completely lied about his relationships, career, home, and the type of car he drives. 

He will even imitate someone’s image or someone’s life just to impress you, and after you fall for him, you will completely realize that he is not the type of man you actually fell for. 

10. The ghost

This type of guy will just show up whenever he wants and leave whenever he feels like. It seems like he is practically never around. 

He is the type of guy that cares only about himself and doesn’t care about how you feel. And he pulls away from you and disappears most of the time. He never cares to be present whenever you need him. He will never appreciate you or your commitment to love him.

11. The User

He always complains about stuff being too expensive and always looks for ways and reasons not to pay his share. The user man never even cares enough to buy you flowers. He will use his charm to get what he wants from you and will never return the favor. 

You are the one who pays the bills most of the time. You are the one who’s responsible for everything in your relationship.  He never takes things seriously and never does his part to uphold his end of the relationship. He will use his charm or charisma to get what he needs out of you to better his own life. 

12. The Broken and Commitment-phobe

He likes to date you, walk with you, hang out with you, but he will never commit to having a real relationship with you. Sometimes he will tell how broken he was, how the girl broke his heart, and that made him so miserable. 

It’s always some kind of sob story with this guy. Things may look great with you two, but you will never get the security and love you need from him. 

13. The rebound. 

He just recently broke up with his last girlfriend or partner, and there you are for  him to fill his lonely nights. He is not ready to commit to a new relationship and he still thinks about his ex and even constantly talks about her. 

You are just  a rebound girl and there to be a replacement for him, but he will never commit and take things seriously with you because the truth is, he still loves his ex and still thinks about her most of the time. He is just using you as a rebound so he can have at least someone in his life. 

14. The Emotionally Unavailable 

This type of guy is evasive.  He makes excuses or is just plain inept when you want to talk about relationships and feelings. He may use criticism, anger, or other activities just to create distance. With this type of man, you are most likely to end feeling alone, unimportant, rejected, empty, and depressed. 


15. The Gambler

The gambler is just as bad as an alcoholic or a drug addict. There is a reason why there are Gambler’s Anonymous groups out there. There is nothing wrong with the occasional gambling if a person can control it; however, this type of behavior can be toxic for a relationship. 

His gambling addiction will destroy the relationship. It can cause emotional problems, social problems, psychological, physical, occupational problems, family problems, and of course financial problems. 

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If You Want a Healthy Relationship, You Must Avoid These 15 Types of Toxic Men

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