How to Train Your Brain to Forget Your Ex Instantly

How to Train Your Brain to Forget Your Ex Instantly

You possibly lived a love break and you want to forget your ex. You feel that many things were left unfinished or perhaps you fear that you can never recover.

“I want to forget my ex”

“I don’t know what else to do to forget my ex”

“I am ready to forget my ex”

These are 3 of the phrases I read most daily of Stories for Women.

Perhaps you have also thought about that idea of ​​wanting to forget your ex.

And if so, then you know well that I will tell you that it is not about forgetting your ex, but about overcoming it.

What is the difference?

How important is it that you think like that?

I will explain it to you below.

“I just want to forget my ex”

If you are reading this, it is because you possibly lived a love break and you want to forget your ex.

You feel the horrible pain of loss and absence. Surely you also feel the frustration about the way it all ended. Perhaps you feel that many things were left unfinished or perhaps you fear that you can never recover.

All this is common after living a separation.

Then, you get to articles like this or others in search of a solution to your discomfort and heartaches. All you want is to find a helping hand to guide you through this difficult time in your life.

What would you answer if I, or anyone else, asked you what you want?

Possibly your answer would be “I want to forget my ex” or any of the statements I mentioned at the beginning.

But I have something important to tell you:

The truth is that it is very difficult for you to forget your ex.

I will explain it to you.

Do you remember maybe the first time a boy ignored you?

Do you remember that time when you fell in the small park?

Do you have in your mind that occasion when you fought with your friend?

All these situations caused a great flow of emotions in you.

Surely some of them at the time you wished they had not happened.

But you still haven’t forgotten them. They are still in your memory and hopefully they will remain there for the next few years.

And, although at the time all that accelerated your heart, those memories today do not hurt you .

Well, the same goes for your ex.

If you write me a message today saying ” I want to forget my ex “, you have to know that the only thing I can help you with is to overcome it.

That is, work on yourself so that, as soon as possible, the memory of your ex stops causing pain, anxiety, frustration or fear in your heart.

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How to Train Your Brain to Forget Your Ex Instantly

“If it’s not forgetting my ex, then how do I get over it?”

Once we understand that it is not about “forgetting” your ex but overcoming it, then we come to the important part.

How to do it

We will start with a very simple exercise.

Let us begin…

What happens when I tell you not to THINK about an elephant?

The image of an elephant automatically comes to your mind, right?

That’s why, if I tell you not to REMEMBER your ex, you automatically think of your ex.

Therefore, now we must make every time the memory of your ex comes to your mind, you guide your thoughts to something different.

And it’s not about remembering everything bad that happened, or the thousands of reasons why you shouldn’t go back to him . But it is about concentrating your thoughts on something that has nothing to do with it.

Let’s go back for a moment to the image of the Elephant (which has just returned to your mind).

Now I want that, every time the image of the elephant comes to your mind, you think of a Yacht. A luxurious and beautiful yacht of the color and size you want.

Imagine what that yacht would be like. Imagine the weather you will feel when you are on that yacht, feel the breeze, imagine the places you are going to navigate.

Maybe you’ll sail along the Caribbean coast, maybe you’ll walk along the coast of Cannes.

Whatever you want.

Close your eyes for a moment and visualize that Yacht.

As you can see, visualizing the yacht (or anything else that has nothing to do with the elephant) will cause you to replace your thoughts towards the elephant with thoughts towards something different.

Try this exercise every time memories or thoughts come to your mind.

Replace them with something different, something POSITIVE that reflects part of the PRESENT reality in which you live.

“I don’t know what to replace the thoughts I have towards my ex”

I fully understand if at the time of pain, anger or frustration you cannot replace the thoughts you have towards your ex.

Or worse yet.

I understand if you feel that your life at this moment has nothing .

You feel that all your dreams vanished with the love break you lived.

Or you feel you have no head at all.

But you can try.

To overcome your ex you must focus on something different from him that is:

  • Positive
  • Of your present life
  • That implies action

Even better if it is something you can share with someone else, but if it is not possible, then at least make sure it has the previous 3 characteristics.

– Think for example about the renovation you want to make of your clothes.

– Think about the new job you will start looking for.

– Plan the next vacation.

– Contact your friends and think about their lives.

– If you have children, then think about the memory that you want your children to keep from you.

Focus on what you have now in your life

(Yes, I assure you, if you have much in your life).

RECOMMENDED BOOK: How to Get Over Your Ex: A Step by Step Guide to Mend a Broken Heart

“I will still suffer for the memories of my ex”

You know,

The pain you feel due to the breakup you experienced is real .

The pain exists and I am sure you have reason to feel that pain, but it is important not to stagnate.

As I told you at the beginning, it is not about forgetting, but about TAKING CONTROL and replacing the memories and thoughts you have towards him with others that are positive for you.

Yes, you MUST DECIDE what is positive for you.

And yes, you will still have memories of your ex and many of them will still cause you pain.

But by following this and other exercises, every day the pain will be less.

Gradually you will regain strength and objectivity.

And that’s how, step by step the situation you lived with your ex WILL LOSE VALUE.

While the rest of the people and aspects in your present life will gain space in your mind.

Start by concentrating on REPLACING instead of FORGET.

“What else to do to overcome this horrible moment”

It all starts by accepting that the relationship is over.

Accept that it is time to focus on you and rebuild your life.

And decide to act to not stagnate or allow that situation to be a shadow for the following years.

And remember, the important thing is to FOCUS ON YOU.

With the separation your life is not over, but if you start a completely new life in which you are the only one who decides how you want it to be.

When you start with Next Chapter, you will change the perspective of your life:

You will stop focusing on your ex and focus on you. You will overcome the pain and the feeling of guilt. You will gain the security you need until you feel powerful, full of life and able to overcome your love break.

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How to Train Your Brain to Forget Your Ex Instantly

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