25 Unique and Fun First Date Ideas.

Looking for first date ideas that can be unique, fun, and memorable?

When you are on a first date with someone new, it’s common to dine out at a local restaurant or grab a coffee at your favorite coffee shop.  However, you might be wondering what you can do differently or what different places you can go on for a date that’s totally different from the classic dating scene. 

There are definitely ways you can change up the dating scene and break from the traditional dinner and a movie date.  

Here are 25 great ideas to get your brain jump started so you can think of great ideas for your date.


25 Unique and Fun First Date Ideas

25 Unique and Fun First Date Ideas

1. Go to an old bookstore or library.

Have fun with the charms of old books and talk about the stories that mean the most to you. This is fun, especially if both of you are a book lover. 

2. Go to a drive-in movie cinema.  Yes, these actually still exist!

This can be intimate and romantic, as you will be both in the privacy of your car and no need to wait in line or worry about finding a seat.

3. Go on a day camping trip.

Mini camping first dates can be exciting, because you’re not spending more than a day with him. It’s going to be fun and give you a taste of what a real camping trip with him would be like.

4. Go on a spontaneous day or night trip.

The fact that this is completely unplanned is what is going to make this date exciting.

Tell him, let’s do something spontaneous and unique and just come up with a quick destination, hope in the car, and set out for the open road.

5. Go window shopping together.

Try on outfits for each other. This can be fun as you both will find out what each other’s shopping styles are like. This can be fun to just stroll through shops and look for something interesting for both of you.

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6. Scout for the best food.

If you two are food lovers, pick a particular dish and set out to find the best restaurant. For example, the best place to eat pasta.  Give each other’s judgement and rating about the food and the place.

7. Do a new workout together.

If you are both into fitness, then this is a great first date idea as each of you will have your different fitness routines. You can both try to do a program together and see how much fun it can be.  There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition.

8. Build a bonfire and toast marshmallows. 

Sitting and relaxing around a crackling fire is so peaceful and a perfect moment to get to know each other while having fun.  Not to mention, it’s romantic. 


9. Go for a night time walk.

Simply just go for a night walk around your neighborhood with him or any nice scenic paths near your area. While walking around, you may see something interesting and fun to talk about together. 

10. Go stargazing.

If you two are feeling romantic, then this is the perfect first date idea.

Looking at the stars together might give you both a real calming effect and this can be interesting to get to know each other on a deeper level while looking up at the stars. 

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11. Cook a new meal together.

Challenge each other to cook something new that you haven’t tried before. This can be fun and exciting as you both is challenging to cook something new.

12. Play miniature golf.

This is a leisurely game where you two can talk and get a bit competitive with each other. This is a fun date where you spend the day knowing your dates competitiveness style. But remember not to take it very seriously.

13. Go to a local festival.

Look for something interesting and fun in your local area. You two can mingle with the locals or check out the shops.

14. Visit a farmer’s market.

This is a great first date idea.  The smell of fresh country air along with fresh fruits and vegetables, can be a nice break from the crowded city life, and a lot cheaper on the wallet.

15. Go Bowling.

Bowling can be a great way to break the ice.  Also, if neither of you know how to bowl, then this is a great way to learn something new and have fun at the same time.

16. Go to a concert.

Going to a concert can be fun and memorable and you don’t have to worry about the awkward silences. It can be a great first date idea, especially if you both like the performer.  

17. Go get ice cream.

This first date idea is super easy and grabbing your favorite ice cream is fun while getting to know each other!


18. Go see a sunset or sunrise.

Seeing a sunset or sunrise can be very romantic. These are perfect first date idea, because they are totally free and don’t last too long.

19. Checkout a Museum. 

Find a museum and learn something together. Museums are perfect place to talk because there is so much to see and talk about.

20. Go to a sporting event.

If he loves sports, then this is a great first date idea. If you don’t know much about sports, then this is the perfect way to start a great conversation because you can have him explain about what is going on.

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21. Go to a place that is hosting bingo night.

Don’t like the atmosphere of a loud outdoor sports competition? Try a quieter and less noisy game like bingo. Many towns host games like these. 

22. Volunteer somewhere.

Volunteering is such a memorable act of kindness that you two will surely never forget. This is a perfect first date idea because you are helping others while helping yourself capture your dates heart.

23. Go thrifting.

You may find something amazing that you both can have a great conversation about at thrift stores and it’s just fun to look around. 

24. Drive up to the highest point in your city.

This is super cute and adorable!

Enjoy the night together at the highest point in your city. It would be more adorable if you grab your favorite snack and bring it on your date.

25. Go on a long or short hike.

Hiking trails may take many different turns and it could be interesting if you were to “get lost”, but not in the literal sense. It’s going to be fun because it will allow you both to have plenty of time to get to know each other while figuring out how to get back on the main trail.

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