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What To Do If You’re Not a Priority to Him

So what to do if you're not a priority to him?

You are drawn to him like a magnet and you are unable to explain or understand why, but he doesn’t see you as a priority. What now?

If he doesn’t make you a priority, maybe you should give up on him.

It’s your drug, I know it. I experienced the same thing. It is an addiction. You are drawn to him like a magnet and you are unable to explain or understand why.

In your lonely moments, you realize that it is harmful. You also realize that it hurts you. But as soon as he is there … None of this matters. Its presence transports you to paradise, until hell is unleashed …

Until everything collapses and you end up completely broken, again.

You wonder: why is it so? You wonder why your love (why you) is not enough to make it stay.

Why are you not enough to appease it?

You have offered yourself entirely, you have put each part of you in his hands … And yet, he never stops turning on his heels and turning his back on you.

He tells you that he is not or no longer happy. He tells you that he needs to find himself. That he needs to fill this void in him. That he needs to devote himself to his dreams.

He doesn’t really know what he wants or what to do. 

But, there is one thing for sure: you are not and will never be part of this future in which it projects itself. 

But the door must always remain open … Because he knows that you would never refuse him. Your house key is hung around his neck, alongside all of his other options.

Because if he ever had a difficult time, if his luck ever turned, he could say: “It has always been you, from the start. Give me another chance. ”

And you let it come back into your life. And everything is going wonderfully well. Until this is no longer the case.

I know you have a story. I know that you have been very in love, that you have known one of those loves which fill us with euphoria. I know you were both in seventh heaven, with the impression that you would never come down from it.

So what to do if you're not a priority to him?

You were untouchable and sublime and it was everything for you. Just as there was a time, you were everything to him.

I also know that you know him better than anyone. I know that you have seen him in his worst moments and have gone through his darkest periods with him. He stayed by your side as you faced your demons and shared your secrets.

But let me tell you one thing:

Unfortunately, we don’t necessarily end our lives with those who know us best. 

Because you have also gone through so much without him. You are strong, determined and able to move forward. You have evolved. You have your own life and something to be proud of.

You know very well that, whatever happens, you will manage to find peace and happiness.

You have grown and you are hardened. You have learned to protect your heart and make each of your mistakes a strength. You are far from stupid and everyone knows it. You also know that. You are not the same as you were a few years ago.

And yet, as soon as it reappears, it is as if it made you go back in time. In the days when everything was simpler, when you loved yourself and you didn’t even know what you might feel if it hurt you.

Either way, he always manages to convince you to give him a chance. Just one more. And another. And another and so on…

But you cannot continue to be his spare wheel. You can no longer let him run away, let him run after his dreams, run after women, run after products capable of filling the void in him; and then let him come back to you the minute he feels alone.

Because never will he make the final choice to stay. 

As long as our universe is overflowing with options, choices, experiences and people, it will find a good reason to go and leave you. And he will never hesitate, not for a single second.

But you are worth it and much more. But he’s too busy chasing after everything, after everyone and anyone to notice.

Maybe you should give up on him. 

That is, every time he sends you a message trying to tell you about his problems, you no longer have to respond.

That is, as soon as it bombards your phone with calls to get your attention, you should not react.

That is to say, you must block him from all the social networks on which you are registered, so that you no longer know when it is going through a “bad patch” or having a “great time” without you.

That is to say, you must bury the bonds that unite you. It is out of the question for him to come back to you again.

Because every time he goes away, it’s like he goes away with a part of you. And there will come a time when you will be unable to rebuild yourself.

It is depriving you of all hope and destroying you slowly.

Please don’t open the door for him any more. Go away. Stay away from this house where its ghost haunts you and whose every corner reminds you of him.

Do not let it deprive you of the light that radiates within you.

Because you are truly amazing. I know that as long as you hold on to him, you will not be able to become who you are supposed to be and who you aspire to be.

It just isn’t worth it.

So what to do if you're not a priority to him?


Stop chasing love and learn to love yourself instead.

PS: Learn when to say yes and know how to say no in order to take control of your life starting today.

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So what to do if you're not a priority to him?

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