15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas.

Hello gorgeous! Winter is coming, and this is one of my favorite seasons to have a stay at home date night with my hubby. The cold season is the perfect time to stay home and get a little cozy with your loved one. 

When it’s cold out you may feel like staying at home, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo date night!  Below, are great date night ideas you can have right in the comfort of your home on those cold winter nights.

These exciting winter date night ideas can be done completely at home. So let’s dive in, get the home fires burning, and grab your favorite cozy blanket and tell your honey that it’s time for date night!

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

1. Have a romantic candlelight dinner.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Candlelight is the most romantic date for any couples in love.  Spend these romantic moments with your sweetie in the quaint solitude of your home. 

Here are some fun ideas to set and prepare a memorable candle light dinner for the two of you.

  • Surprise your partner with scented and romantic candles with flower petals at the entrance to welcome him.
  • Prepare the menu for the dinner, and keep it simple with both of your favorite appetizers and desserts.
  • Don’t feel like preparing a meal?  Simply find a nice restaurant that delivers and have them bring the meals to you.
  • Create a romantic setting on your dinner table with a beautiful tablecloth, candles, and flowers.
  • Dim the lights for a romantic feel. 
  • Light aromatic candles.
  • Prepare some romantic movies to watch them later after dinner.

2. Play your favorite board games.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Board games are a fun way to learn more about each other. You will learn how your partner plays and how you both work together as a couple.  Also I’ve found a list of romantic board games for couples who wants to take their board games to the next romantic level.

8 fun board games that will make your bond stronger:

5 Romantic Board Games that will bring enjoyment and romance into your date night:

3. Watch a movie together.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

After you have your romantic candle light dinner, you and your partner may be in the mood for a  romantic movie. 

I’ve taken the hassle out of all that searching and compiled this list of 50 ultimate and best romantic date night movies for you.  You can approach this list any way you choose. 

You can start with number 1 and go in order, or you can make it a game and print out the list, cut them into 50 separate strips, drop them in a bag, and pick one.  My husband and I do this, because we like the unexpected.

4. Give each other massages.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Create a romantic bedroom experience for you and your partner with a sensual and aromatic massage. Who doesn’t love a great massage? This will create a more exciting and intimate moment in your date night.  There’s nothing like a sensual massage to get him in the mood 😉

5. Have an art night and draw or paint together.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

If you and your partner both enjoy the arts, then this is the perfect time for you to have some fun by learning to paint together. Bring a new twist on date night with him and get creative by painting great memories together. 

6. Do a crossword puzzle together.

Doing a crossword puzzle together is therapeutic for both of you. Pick one that you both can finish in a night. 

7. Watch a concert on YouTube.

Watching YouTube videos is fun and it is even more fun when you turn it into a date night with your sweetie.  Plus, you can watch a concert videos without the hassle of going to concert theater.

8. Create an at-home spa night.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

A stay-at-home spa date night will surely give you both a relaxing and nice pampering you both deserve. A relaxing home spa will give you both time to focus on each other, relax, and rejuvenate.

9. Q&A Date Night.

There is always so much to learn from each other. This is the best time to learn more about your partner. Spend the time with each other and listen to your partner’s heart and soul.

Here is a list of 238 questions to ask your partner on date nights. 

10. Read books together.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

This is a great idea if you both like reading books. Reading books together will surely spark more conversation and intimacy. Reading is a fun bonding experience. After all, the couple that reads together stays together.

Here are 5 of the romantic novels you can read together if you are in the mood for romantic books:

11. Do a puzzle.

Puzzles are fun and creative for date night,  You both will stay connected and have so much fun together.

12.  Read old love letters, notes, and cards you’ve given each other.

Reintroduce that spark the love you have for each other by reading your old love letters, love notes, and cards you have given to each other. This will surely bring back the sweet and romantic memories you had for each other. 

13. Learn how to dance by watching instructional videos on YouTube.

Learning something new can add more fun into your date night, and you and your partner may want to try to learn to dance together. There are plenty of free instructional videos on YouTube you can watch.

14. Watch a documentary.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Spend date night with your sweetie by watching some of these positive and heartwarming documentaries. 

Here are some of the Netflix documentaries you and your partner might enjoy watching.

  • The Punk Singer
  • Mortified Nation
  • Brooklyn Castle
  • Advanced Style
  • The Imposter

15. Write out your love story together.

15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

Writing your love story together will surely add a deeper connection into your date night. You will both reminisce about how you both have been through and stuck together through good and bad times. 

So, there you have it! I’ve given you 15 Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas.  I hope this will inspire you to create and plan a fantastic yet simple and cozy date night with your sweetie!

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15 Wonderful Stay-at-Home Winter Date Night Ideas

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