If You've Done These 15 Things Together, You’ve Finally Found Your BFF (Best Friend)

If You’ve Done These 15 Things Together, You’ve Finally Found Your BFF (Best Friend)

If You've Done These 15 Things Together, You’ve Finally Found Your BFF (Best Friend)

When you find a best friend, you look for the qualities you love.

Whether it’s humor, compassion, a way of thinking similar to yours, or the occasional opportunity to tell you “we hate the same people”.

You know what you want and what you enjoy. So, here are the qualities that prove that you have found a best friend for life.

1. When something terribly happens to you, they are the first one you turn to.

We all know moments when the only thing we want is to complain about our colleagues, our teachers or our companion …

Or you may end up in depression and end up really needing help!

She is the first one we contact because we know that she will give up all activity to chat with us and save our skin.

2. It makes you laugh, even when crying is the only thing you want

We all know days when we want to cry all the tears in our bodies, but our best friend helps us to keep smiling and reminds us that every bad day has an end.

Who would have thought that one person could help us so much?

3. They are your partners in crime forever!

We know that we have found a real best friend when it is to her that we submit any important and questionable decision made in our life.

Hey, you are young and you have the right to be a little mischievous from time to time! Especially with your partner in crime.

4. “I love you” have meaning

Anyone who says “I love you” to their best friend knows exactly what is going on.

These are not just mandatory words to say when you hang up your phone or when you say goodbye.

And for all the men who say they don’t do the same thing – “I love you buddy” count too!

5. “Oh my God, I hate (insert a person’s name or a word)”

This is probably a phrase or a conversation that you OFTEN had with your best friend.

This usually ends in shared laughter and then over a meal or coffee. And who could complain?

6. You can stay for days without talking to them, without having to doubt your friendship

You both know that the other has a life and you know that you don’t need to talk to yourself every day.

You also understand that if you spend a week without speaking to you, nothing will have changed during your next meeting. And that’s all that matters.

7. They are your greatest support

It’s always there when you need it. Whether to support you during important events in which you participate or in the difficult decisions you have to make.

You know you can always count on his presence to cheer you up.

It is great to always have someone you can count on and who can also always count on you.

8. They defends you no matter what

Some friends are just friends and if someone says something nasty about you, they probably won’t flinch and just say, “This is my best friend you’re talking about, so avoid that kind of talk when I’m around . “

But that’s why they are only friends and not your BEST friends!

9. They makes you laugh the most and for the longest time

Whether you’ve done something ridiculous or hilarious, you’ll always find a way to laugh at it.

It is said that laughter is the food of the soul and if you have a real best friend, you can only agree.

10. “Staying Quiet Before Netflix” Really Means “Staying Quiet Before Netflix”

You and your friend were upset to find that people often tried to make this sentence inappropriate.

Because you made it fun long before some guy or any other girl tried to make it something else …

11. The disgusting Snapchats have a meaning…

Are you really best friends if you haven’t already sent yourself horrible Snapchats, which could almost be used to blackmail each other? I do not believe!

12. They understands you and your moods

Some days, it’s just not your day, but it will never hold you against it.

She is always the first to want to cheer you up with your favorite treat and help you change your mind.

13. They are part of your family

Your parents surely consider her to be another girl and she is always invited to dinner.

Having a brother or sister that you really “chose” is the coolest thing in the world!

14. You take your “toilet breaks” together

No matter where you are, if you are together, it usually means that you will be taking your “bathroom breaks” together.

And neither of you needs to think about it twice.

15. They loves everything from you, the good and the less good

It is wonderful to know that someone else (besides our parents) has unconditional love for us!

Thank you my best friend for being my other half and the one on love and interest that I can always count on!

I could never live without you.

With love,

your best friend 🙂


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If You've Done These 15 Things Together, You’ve Finally Found Your BFF Best Friend

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