What can you do if the man you’re dating suddenly pulls away and isn’t texting you or calling you back? Here's how to be high value when he pulls away.

How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away

What can you do if the man you’re dating suddenly pulls away and isn’t texting you or calling you back? Here’s how to be high value when he pulls away.

You really like each other.  However, when you called him, he didn’t answer. When you texted him, he didn’t text you back.

Sound familiar? Are you in this situation right now?

You are emotionally invested in a man, and there is nothing worse than getting that feeling that he is losing interest in you.  Maybe he is taking longer to respond to your texts and calls than he used to.

It’s terrible to feel the pain, anger, and disbelief in this situation, but remember you are not alone. You are not the only woman experiencing this.

So what can you do if the man you’re dating suddenly pulls away and isn’t texting you or calling you back? How to be a high value woman when he pulls away? What to do when he doesn’t call or text back for days? How to stay high value when he pulls away?

Don’t panic. There are so many ways you can tackle this situation and keep your high value in this situation.

But first there are things you have to consider as to why he doesn’t text or call you back. Don’t immediately assume that he is pulling away.  The worst thing you can do is jump to conclusions and assume the worst.

He could be stuck in at work. His phone could have run out of battery. There are so many reasons he may not have texted or called you back immediately.

Give him 48 hours before you begin making assumptions.  If the person really likes you, he won’t be able to go 3 days without really contacting you and letting you know what has just happened to him.

If he doesn’t text or call you back in more than 3 days, then you can now assume that he is either pulling away or ghosting you.

Ghosting means when a person ends the relationship with someone without saying anything and stops all the communication without any explanation.

How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away

What can you do if the man you’re dating suddenly pulls away and isn’t texting you or calling you back? Here's how to be high value when he pulls away.

1. How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away: Allow yourself to feel better.

Go somewhere quiet, peaceful and safe where you can feel everything.

Find a safe and peaceful place where you can release all your anger, disappointments, and pain.

While you are in this place look deep into your heart, mind, body and soul.

Allow yourself to feel angry and cry it out.  Don’t be afraid to release all your emotions. It’s perfectly fine to feel that way. 

It’s okay to feel any of these things when a man suddenly pulls away, becomes distant and cold, or ghosts you.

It’s okay to feel devastated, terrified, and angry.  Like your heart is being smashed into pieces.  Lastly, it’s alright to look up at the sky and let out a loud scream.

Do some deep soul searching.   

It’s okay to spend hours, days, or even weeks just to release all these emotions and connect to yourself deeply.  Take the time to unwind and recharge one day at a time.  Easy does it, but do it.  Relax the mind and the soul. Remember, this too shall pass.

A high-value feminine soul is a soul that is balanced, at peace, and re-energized.

Your emotions are your best friend in this situation. Allowing yourself to release all the stress and tension will give you the strength and solid base for building higher value within yourself. 

Empty yourself from all the pain and bad feelings so that you can be free and regain your composure as a high-value woman.

Here are some ideas of a safe place where you can be yourself, relax, and connect to yourself in a deeper state.

  • In the comfort of your own bedroom, block out the light and light some of your favorite scented candles.
  • draw a hot bath, light some relaxing aromatic candles, and listen to relaxing melodies while releasing all your stress and remember it’s okay to let go and have a good cry.
  • If you are able to hike somewhere safe and you reach your destination, let out a good yell.

The goal is to allow yourself to feel better so you can regain your high value feminine energy. 

2. Go back to one of your beautiful memories and hold them close.

Reminisce on one of your fondest memories of when you felt infinitely beautiful. 

It could be anything back in your past that will remind you of how valued and beautiful you were and still are to this day.

Maybe when you were a little girl, you were singing and wearing your beautiful dress and you were the apple of the eye of everybody with your innocent and beautiful little girl aura.  Maybe it was your mom, who would hold you close and remind you how much she loved you and how much you meant the world to her.

Go to that beautiful memory, close your eyes, and visualize it like it’s real again and hold it close.

Allow the beauty and freedom of this beautiful memory to melt into every fiber of your body.  Remind yourself of your real worth and value.

Nurture the memory and find a special place in your heart and beautiful soul. Let it touch and connect the deepest place in your heart. 

You have a lot of radiant feminine energy to give to any man. Withstanding the pain will remind you how much energy you still have left to give.

That beautiful feminine energy is who you truly are.

So every time you feel the tension and fear of “where is he?”  or “why isn’t he texting or calling me back?’’, go right back to that beautiful memory to remind yourself how loved you truly are.

This is called internal resources of your mind, body and soul. 

Why? Because in that deepest place, you are not in desperation. You are not dragged down by the burden of stress and anxiety.

3. How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away: Rebuild your feminine attraction.

So now that you’ve built back your high-value feminine energy, it’s time to figure out where he’s at emotionally by staying high value.

Now it’s time to contact him again without looking desperate and decreasing your value.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are contacting him again. Remember stay high value.

  • Keep calm.
  • Don’t be pushy.
  • Don’t just say Hi/Hello/Hey.
  • Start with a good question that will catch his attention.

For example:

“Do you know what I love about you?”

He would reply: “What?”

Your reply would be like: “Absolutely nothing!”

And you can start a good thread of conversation after that. You have to do this in a playful way for it to have any effect. 🙂

The goal is you need to see how he responds. 

Don’t overthink it.  Remember, easy does it, but do it.

Just feel and see where he’s at by the way he responds to you.

4. Identify if you are the one and only for him or if you are just one of many.

This is most important in this situation. This is the time you need to identify and not assume but make it certain if you are the one and only or if he is really just playing around with you.

If you are truly his one and only woman, he will hardly be able to go a day without contacting you.  Not able to call, just send a simple text message that you are still in his thoughts no matter how busy he is. He will never let go of days without letting you know how things are going with him.

A man who truly loves his woman, or a man who’s truly interested in you will never ever take you for granted.

So how do you feel right now about him?

Do you feel like you are the one and only or do you feel like you are one of his many women? How is he committed to you emotionally? How does he respond to you? How does he treat you? 

Trust your instincts and find a way to prove it to yourself by staying calm and high value.

Again, this is a hard and painful process. 

If you finally find out that you are just one of his many women or he was just playing around, then it’s time to move on. 

But again as you allow yourself to keep your womanly values high.  Then and only then will you weather the storm, rise above the pain, and live freely as high value woman again. 

Again. Grieve if you need to grieve. Cry if you need to cry.

But then rise above and unleash your feminine energy that will make you a high value woman again.

5. How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away: Focus on yourself.

While giving your partner space, it’s important not just to sit around and wait for them to get in touch with you. If you wait patiently or impatiently for his interest to come back, it may take some time. So, to speed up this process, you need to make sure that you focus on yourself during this time.

Your self-esteem is already ailing because your partner is behaving differently, so you’ll need to take part in some confidence-building activities to remind yourself that you’re the price in this whole situation.

Don’t just sit around at home feeling unwanted and neglected. Instead, remember how fantastic you are and that every man would be grateful to have you in his life. Book a day in the SPA or go hiking. The most important thing is to do something that you really enjoy and that makes you feel happy.

If you can stay happy in all of these situations, your positive energy will radiate outward.

6. How to Be High Value When He Pulls Away: Live your life in full bloom.

So here’s the truth. Either you got him back and he realizes how valuable you are to him or either you found out that you are not really important for him, you are just one of his many women and he is just playing around with you.


If he realized your true worth and value and he’s running back to you and you are the one and only, then congratulations!

Continue to live your life happily, stay high value and live life in full bloom and be amazing when you’re around him.


If you really found out that he is just playing around with you like with many other women then:

Stop right there. Cut the cord immediately. It’s OVER!

Remember you are a high value woman who knows your worth. 

So don’t become desperate and remain with someone who doesn’t know your value. I know this another painful process. 

But at the end of the day, remain true to yourself.  You are a woman with high values and high self-worth.  You know yourself and you deserve to be treated the right way. 

You deserve to be happy.  Continue to love yourself. Take care of yourself. Live happily.

Rise above and keep those values high. You will eventually attract the same high caliber man as you are as a high value woman.

7. Rethink the whole situation

If there are problems in your relationship, you will be so desperate to resolve them that you will no longer have time to find out if he is the right man for you. Your pride causes you to strive to get his attention, but what is it that you really want for you and your life?

Do you want to conquer a guy who is not so interested in you? Do you want to feel confused every day because of his feelings? Do you want to feel unwanted and unloved every time your partner starts losing interest in you? If you answered “no” to these questions, then it is time for you to really do something to think about the whole situation.

You shouldn’t just sit around and wait for him to make a decision about your relationship, but take control of the situation. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and start writing down your feelings. Make a list of the type of relationship you want and a second list of what your current relationship looks like. If the two lists don’t match, then it’s time to leave.

Once you tell him it’s over, he’ll likely try to conquer you again. Then it will be up to you to decide whether you want to give him another chance or keep him in the past forever.

PS: There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door. If he’s shutting you out, here’s what’s missing…


What can you do if the man you’re dating suddenly pulls away and isn’t texting you or calling you back? Here's how to be high value when he pulls away.

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