How to Drastically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

How to Drastically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

How to Drastically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

The power of gratitude; We understand gratitude as  an act of gratitude or appreciation for what we have.

This powerful habit can dramatically change your life, help you be happier and attract abundance in your life. According to psychological studies, expressing your gratitude remarkably increases your happiness up to 90% , being the least happy people who benefit most from this technique.

In this article we analyze why this happens and where the enormous power of gratitude lies. If you want to know how it works  and learn to cultivate more experiences to be grateful for, I invite you to continue reading.

Gratitude, why does it work?

Gratitude makes you happier . It is a proven fact that this attitude transforms your brain creating a more positive and happy state of mind. A grateful person tends to feel more satisfied with his life.

This happens due to a series of factors that influence how we feel when we express gratitude, getting us to be happier, whatever the circumstances of our lives.

How to Dramatically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

1. Raise your vibration.

When we are feeling grateful, this takes us away from a state of fear, since gratitude constitutes one of the highest emotions we can experience.

An example of this is the experiment conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who demonstrated that our thoughts, words and feelings impact the water molecules, the earth, and our personal health.

Emoto analyzed the patterns that the water particles formed after being exposed to different vibrations, of music thoughts or words. He discovered that the water from clear springs and the water that had been exposed to words of thanks showed more symmetrical, harmonic, multifaceted and colorful forms

Imagine the impact that being grateful can have on our bodies that are made up of more than 70% water.

2. Change your focus and make you more present.

When you’re grateful, your focus changes and you start seeing things differently. Your brain focuses on what you pay attention to, seeing more of that around you. If you feel grateful for the positive in your life, it will give you more reasons to be.

In addition, this attitude forces you to place yourself in the present moment reminding you that now is the only moment that exists . Practicing gratitude will make it easier for you to be fully present.

3. Boost your confidence.

Being grateful makes you more confident in yourself: when you focus on what you have instead of your shortcomings, your confidence is increased.

This contributes to accepting yourself and your lifestyle, as well as preventing you from comparing yourself to others and focusing on your own path instead of what others do.

4. Decrease your worries.

Feeling grateful helps you dispel worries and reduce your anxiety. When you appreciate what you have and feel satisfied with it, your mind relaxes. In addition, if you are happy with what you have this will prevent you from adding unnecessary things to your life while also avoiding the stress they cause.

5. Improve your health and relationships.

Showing your gratitude strengthens your relationships with your family and friends. We often take our family and friends for granted and what they do for us. Your loved ones including family and closest friends will surely provide support when no one else does, be grateful for it.

On the other hand, those who are more grateful tend to enjoy a better state of health in general : gratitude favors sleep and lowers levels of stress and depression.

How to Develop Good Habits to be more grateful in your life

How to Drastically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

Practicing these daily habits will not only make you feel more grateful but also increase your level of happiness, mood and overall health.

1. Create a gratitude journal.

A very effective technique is to create a gratitude journal. This proposal consists in carrying out a daily list of those positive things that occur during the day or for which you are grateful.

To begin, you can propose to write in your gratitude journal three things for which you feel grateful every day. Keep in mind that, they don’t have to be great things, because even the smallest detail is worthy of being appreciated.

A kind gesture from someone, a delicious meal or a cup of hot tea may be enough to keep you focused on a positive mindset for the rest of your day.


2. Change the way you think.

Being aware of your thinking habits and learning to look at things from another perspective will help you be more grateful. Think that, people who are grateful do not necessarily have lives better than yours.

Those who practice gratitude are usually people who face extremely difficult situations, but they do so because they understand that the situation itself is not the problem, but their attitude about it.

Often when something negative happens in our life, we adopt the role of victim and complain. It is important to learn to let go of that mental habit and have the level of consciousness enough to surprise ourselves in those moments.

In a frustrating situation such as a traffic jam, we can focus, for example, on how fortunate we are to be able to drive safely in our city. Or for example, instead of complaining about having to cook dinner, we can be grateful for the fact that we can afford to buy food daily.

3. Being grateful for the small details of your life is important.

It is not necessary that something extraordinary happen to show us gratitude, because small things make a difference drastically. Details such as having weekends free, having air conditioning at home, or the fact that we do not need to expose ourselves to weather conditions or threatening our daily security is a privilege that many other parts of the world do not have.

4. Develop a healthy lifestyle.

Being grateful will help you stay mentally healthy as well as influence your physical health. However, you can also increase your level of gratitude by developing a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself.

Some habits for this are: go to sleep early and get enough sleep, drinking and eating in a way that seeks your well-being, exercising daily, listening to yourself etc.


5. Help others.

Helping others and doing acts that show charity and compassion not only towards your loved ones but towards strangers can help you feel more grateful, because you will be offering selfless retribution to the people around you.

6. Just say thanks.

Saying this word out loud can help you consolidate the feeling of gratitude in your life . Not only that, but it allows others to know that you are grateful for the things they did for you. You can use the word “thank you” as a form of prayer or mantra to thank specific things or simply by repeating the words to yourself.

Final Thoughts:

Being grateful does not mean being conformist.

Gratitude is a very simple but powerful habit , which can have a great impact on our daily life and perspective from which we see things. I recommend you include these habits daily and watch your circumstances change.

However, it is important to remember that being grateful and being conformist is not the same. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and wanting to go beyond where we are, but we must understand that if we do not start appreciating what we have in the present moment we will never be happy .

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How to Drastically Change Your Life by Practicing the Power of Daily Gratitude

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