“A smart woman face life’s challenges with a high level of fierceness.”
-Rosanna Lundberg

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Do you believe that some people are born gifted and naturally smart?

Depends how you view it.  

There are those that have the ability to learn new material fast and pick up a new skill rather quickly.  Some would say that these people are born intelligent and gifted, while others may say that they are just wired that way.

Intelligence is a powerful skill that requires hard work and discipline. 

Gaining that skill does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience, dedication, motivation, and discipline to mold yourself into an intelligent woman.

To be honest, I don’t think I was born with a gift to be naturally smart. I believe I molded myself into a highly smart woman through hard work and discipline.

This reminded me of the time I was going through nursing school. I noticed one of my classmates rarely took notes or studied, but still managed to get the best grades and remain at the top of the class, while the rest of us had to study constantly and take a lot of notes. 

So what was her secret?  

Was she just born with this gift?  Was it because she had a passion for it? How did she remain so smart while studying in a field that is so difficult?

So what does it take to be an intelligent woman you ask? 

Well, today we are going to take a look at a list of habits that you can use to become that intelligent woman.  The woman that you have always been destined to become. I believe we are all intelligent women, and given the right tools to develop the right habits, we can become that intelligent women we are destined to be.

Today, we are going to take a look at these great habit forming ideas that a highly intelligent woman should begin planting and cultivating in her mind, so she can reap the rewards.   

Most importantly, she will prove to herself that she has been and always was intelligent and wise. She just needed that gently push to get started.

In today’s world, competition is fierce, especially for women.  So if you want to become successful in life, you must cultivate these powerful habits that will make you a smarter woman.

These habits will help you:

·  Make smarter and wiser decisions.

·  Feed your brain cells.

·  Increase your knowledge.

·  Be more informed.

101 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman

1.  Brainstorm new ideas when you feel stuck. 

2.  Discover and accept yourself completely.

3.  Prioritize your health over goals.

4.  Always be selective about things you read or watch.

5.  Value and make use of other people’s knowledge.

6.  Try to always have a few options for everything. 

7.  Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, look for a solution. 

8. Accept the fact that it’s impossible to be 100% smart. 

9.  Listen to podcasts or audiobooks while commuting.

10.  Think well about the things you’re posting on social media.

11. Trust but be cautious at the same time.

12. Regularly have a day when you try to live your life without technology.

13. Do something to improve your mental strength daily.

14. Work on your willpower.

15. Never give up until you have a 100% proof that it’s time to stop trying.

16. Don’t be afraid to give or receive constructive criticism.

17. Invest in yourself.

18. Refresh your basic knowledge in biology, math, chemics and geography.

19. Learn about the way other cultures live and implement what’s best in your own life. 

20. Start saving a little money every month.

21. Go through a first aid course at least once a year (or just make sure you always remember how it’s done).

22. Always focus on one thing.

23. Learn new languages.

24. Memorize core points of your city map.

25. Memorize important numbers.

26. Create and keep a planner to spend your time well.

27. Educate yourself about cosmos, universe and time theories.

28. Always write down everything.

29. If you need to work with a lot of information, always systemize it first.

30. Travel and explore new places whenever you can.

31. Follow NASA news, missions and findings.

32. Watch smart and informative Youtube channels.

33. Soak up knowledge regularly on Quora.

34. Exercise your memory.

35. Be curious about everything.

36. But also be a little sceptical too.

37. Always look for ways to work smarter, not harder.

38. Build up your library or become a member of a local one.

39. Read e-books.

40. Before doing something new, do a good research.

41. When looking for information, choose sources that are trusted or official.

42. Never compare yourself to others.

43. Learn about human psychology and latest findings.

44. Accept the fact that some people are bad – and move on with it every time. 

45. Ask for help when you need it.

46. If you can, teach others about things you know.

47. Spend more time on things you’re good at.

48. Grab a dictionary daily and learn a new word.

49. Practice your writing skills.

101 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman

50. Keep a life binder.

51. Think of new ways to do old things.

52. Listen to an audiobook on your daily commute (P. S. You can get a free 30-day Amazon Audible trial + 2 FREE audiobooks!)

53. Be selective about things you do, eat or use. 

54. Watch less TV.

55. Practice self care daily.

56. Always try to eat intuitively.

57. Read the news every morning.

58. Always notice your emotions and accept them (they are all valid).

59. Stop overthinking by getting back to the present moment.

60. Never skip your breakfast. 

61. Go through online courses.

62. If you’re failing at something, try to learn and improve before giving up.

63. Think of difficult situations as a way to become stronger. 

64. Limit your smartphone use.

65. Look for new hobbies that feed your brain.

66. Read philosophy works.

67. Stop caring about what other people think. 

68. Don’t involve yourself in dangerous things.

69. Educate yourself about the topic before making important decisions.

70. Track your finances.

71. Take proper rest every day.

72. Develop a morning routine.

73. Always listen before you speak.

74. Challenge yourself regularly.

75. Hang out with smart people.

76. Practise mindfulness.

77. Meditate daily.

78. Eat healthy & exercise.

79. Download IQ improvement apps on your phone.

80. Practise to express your opinion without getting offended.

81. Read self improvement blogs.

82. Regularly do new self improvement activities. 

83. Journal daily!

84. Play chess or other strategic games regularly.

85. Always try to think outside the box.

86. Learn about food additives and start reading food labels.

87. Keep an updated survival bag.

88. Do one self improvement act daily.

89. Analyze your mistakes and learn from them.

90.  Keep yourself informed about the things that are going in the world.

91.  Read about politics and your country’s affairs.

92.  Always go to vote.

93.  Recycle your trash.

94.  Create a plan before doing anything.

95. Always focus on the positives.

96.  Participate in interesting discussions.

97.  Always look for something new to learn. 

98.  Read books daily.

99. Practice gratitude.

100. Do little random acts of kindness.

101. Live life in full bloom.

Wow, don’t you feel a little smarter and wiser just by reading this huge list? 🙂

Here’s the challenge:

Take one thing from this list and make it a habit.

Challenge accepted?

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101 Habits That Will Make You a Smarter Woman

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