4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises That Will Help You Live a More Peaceful Life

4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises That Will Help You Live a More Peaceful Life

4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises That Will Help You Live a More Peaceful Life

Looking for mindfulness exercises that will inspire and help you live a more peaceful, meaningful, and less stressful life?

After we’ve covered what mindfulness is , we’ll look at various exercises in this entry that you can include in your routine, as well as a few practical tips.


Before we start the exercises, here are a few tips and advice.

Just do it yourself

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to incorporate new habits into our lives. We may have excuses such as lack of time, wanting to be bored or complicated …

I have no time

As I mentioned in the entry “The complete guide to Mindfulness and how it can help you”, we can notice the benefits even with little time. In fact, it’s a way of looking at and experiencing our life and things. Therefore, it is more useful and effective to practice even five minutes a day than one hour once a week.

I have no desire

There are actually some things in life that we don’t feel like doing, but we do them anyway. Are you really not in the mood to switch off from the daily hustle and bustle to feel calmer and more relaxed? Don’t you want to start the day more calmly and relaxed? You are not going to run a marathon or clean the house. On the contrary, you won’t do anything except breathe.

I’m bored

Many people are used to doing something all the time and not just being. Therefore, it can be difficult for us to spend a while with ourselves and to do nothing.

I find it difficult

The difficult thing about mindfulness exercises is not the exercises themselves, but the habit of incorporating and maintaining them in our routine.

On the other hand, it can also be difficult for us to exercise our patience and self-control to keep practicing when our head thinks we have a lot to do that is of no use or whatever excuse. But practice makes perfect and in this case mindful.

I don’t need it

If you read this entry, you will at least be curious. Then I recommend you read about the benefits of mindfulness in the entry .

But maybe you’ve already started mindfulness, and it’s one of the excuses that comes to your mind. You may think that you only need them during the week when you are stressed or unable to concentrate. Perhaps you think that you are relaxed on weekends or on vacation. But the benefit of mindfulness is constancy and making it a habit like sleeping or eating.

Mindfulness Trainings

As I explain in the entry “What is attention and how it can help you” , mindfulness is not a sport but a way of living our lives more consciously. But there are a number of techniques and exercises that remind us of this way of thinking and living. Although there are more exercises, we will look at four in this entry.

4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises That Will Help You Live a More Peaceful Life

1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the basic and first mindfulness exercises.This involves devoting ourselves to contemplation for a while in order to become more aware of the present, our sensations, emotions, thoughts and the environment.

Personally, I recommend incorporating meditation into your morning routine, but after getting up, showering, and getting dressed before breakfast. This way you will be awake enough not to fall asleep during the exercise. You will also start the day with a feeling of balance and set the keynote for the rest of the day.

But if you find it difficult to practice in the morning, choose a different moment. Because you should choose the point in your routine that causes least resistance and indolence until meditation becomes a habit that you appreciate.

How to meditate

Choose a quiet place for meditation and make sure you are not interrupted . Then sit comfortably on a chair, cross-legged on the floor or on your knees with the help of a cushion between your buttocks and feet. Choose the posture that is most convenient for you. If you have knee problems or poor circulation in the legs, I recommend the chair.

In the entry meditation postures of the MBSR Cologne you can find the pictures of the postures.

Now stretch your back, relax your shoulders and place your palms comfortably on your thighs. Then close your eyes and breathe in and out calmly and naturally, without controlling your breathing.

Just focus on the feeling of your breathing in your nose, throat, chest or stomach, for example. Every time your thoughts wander, focus your attention on your breathing again. It’s completely normal, so don’t worry about it. Just focus again on the feeling of your breathing.

Duration of the meditation exercise

I suggest that you start the first few days with five-minute sessions. If you feel comfortable, extend the duration. If you get nervous after a few minutes, try not to respond to the first impulse and stop the exercise. But if it becomes uncomfortable and unbearable, leave it for today.

Tomorrow is a new day. Because it is better not to force it and maybe develop an aversion. But the next day, don’t scourge yourself with the thought that you have no idea about meditating, that you didn’t last two minutes yesterday, or with other negative thoughts. Be open minded and just try again.

Gradually, I recommend that you extend the duration to gradually train your patience and self-control. Choose a duration that you can easily include in your routine without the excuse that you don’t have time.

2. Mindful breathing

Mindful breathing is another useful technique that you can use throughout the day. If you feel tense, overworked or stressed or feel yourself not to work or study focus can, listen to what you’re doing. You can stay where you are or go to a quiet place or go outside.

Now concentrate on your breathing and breathe in normally but not too deeply and let all the air out until you really feel like you have to breathe in again. Repeat the exercise several times for a few minutes until you feel calmer.

If we feel tense or stressed , we can tend to hyperventilate and supply our body with too much oxygen. This exercise will help you normalize the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, thereby calming your breathing and relieving the feeling of stress.

3. Mindful walk

I recommend taking a walk for at least 15 minutes to clear your head. But the mindful walk is more than just walking. This is about walking with a calm and comfortable step while you focus on the feeling of the soles of your feet in contact with the ground.

For this exercise you can use any distance on foot: the way to work or back home when you take a breath of fresh air, on the way to lunch etc. The habit of getting connected to your body and that becomes easier and faster with habit To raise awareness of the present.

4. Body scan

This is another great technique that I personally find very relaxing. For example, the body scan can be a good exercise to switch off from work or study. For this exercise, you can sit on a chair like you would do in meditation, or preferably lie down on a mat.

When you lie down, stretch your legs and arms out slightly on either side. Then close your eyes and breathe in and out calmly. Now it’s about becoming aware of your body feelings by gradually going through every part of your body from the tips of your feet to the top of your head. If you do this exercise calmly and without haste, it will take you about 15 minutes.

Final Thoughts:

Remember to be nice and patient with yourself. Because no master has yet fallen from heaven. Try the different exercises and it is best to gradually include them in your routine. You don’t feel overwhelmed by wanting to remember several new things at once.

For example, start meditation in the first week. The next week you can start to become more aware of situations of stress and tension and use mindful breathing as you continue to meditate.

Apart from these specific mindfulness exercises, everyday life offers us opportunities to incorporate mindfulness into our lifestyle and to deal with everyday things more consciously .

Can you get yourself to practice mindfulness?

Do you want to feel calmer and live more consciously? Then try the different exercises. Do you notice the benefits? Did you find it difficult?

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4 Simple Mindfulness Exercises That Will Help You Live a More Peaceful Life

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